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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 23 - True Lies.

“So you are saying you aren’t going to move from that position, no matter what?” Discord leered mischievously at the still unmoving Sombra.

“I perceive the twisted thoughts and machination already forming in that hectic mind of yours. And if you dare act upon these wild aspirations I shall retaliate by lodging my shoe deep into your rear end.” Sombra could see the mischief crystal clear on Discord’s face despite the dark glasses the fool was wearing.

“Somby, there are times when I don’t get anything that comes out of your mouth.” In said occasions he had to form a response based on the intonation of the guy’s words rather than their meaning. “And when I do understand you, I still believe you purposely use big words because you trust them to make you look smart. Hate to break it to you buddy but it doesn’t, it makes you look like a …”

“I care not for the opinions of a jester.”

“I know that you take your whole ‘regal’ shtick very seriously, but a simple ‘Shut up’ would’ve been more effective.” Discord pointed out.

“And yet you would not have shut up if I did, so I don’t see your point.” Sombra rebutted and honestly he had a point there.

“Touché.” Discord conceded a point to Somby’s favor this time, but next time he wouldn’t go so easy on the guy. “So? Are you really just going to ‘talk’ with Chrysalis once she shows up?”

“That’s my intent.” Sombra nodded, internally relieved that Discord didn’t try to ‘prank’ him or anything of that nature. “I’m going to, as they say; give her a piece of my mind.”

“That’s all? Are you sure?” Discord had known Sombra for some time and ‘just talking’ wasn’t something the self proclaimed royal ever did. The guy loved solving disputes with what once was his ever present sword, after a very tiring monologue of course.

“Despite my displeasure for the imposed rules against physical confrontations of this institute, I am bound to follow them.” At least until he was ready to ‘bend’ the rules to his favor. “Being discharged from this school would be unfavorable for me as it would be for you.”

“Hmm…” Discord rubbed his chin. Sombra was right once more; both wouldn’t risk doing something that would result in expulsion.

“Even so, an attack against my person is not to be ignored.” Sombra lifted and slammed the cane unto the floor, “I believe she needs to be made accountable for this transgression.” Then he narrowed his eyes and gave a once over to Discord. “Were you not also ambuscaded by her lowly minions?” The coat covered the body well, but he noticed a distinct lacked of signs in the boy’s body language to indicate he was hurt.

“Would you believe me that they didn’t even get a chance to do so?” The trench coat wearing boy took off his trilby hat for a bit and scratched the back of his head. “I sort of got mixed with something else. But I did notice that Chrysalis goons were carrying special gear specifically to counter my style.”

“Counter your style…?” Thought he had several reservations about calling whatever Discord did a ‘fighting style’, he was far more interested in finding out more about the attack. “Did you manage to retrieve any more information?”

“Like I said, they didn’t even get the change to attack me. So I didn’t talk to any of them or get anything from them.” Discord said turning his gaze away from Sombra to the horizon and the city. “All I know is that some wannabe gang from Canter Creek came to his district looking to ‘expand’ after hearing of the fate of St. Everfree. And I bet they will not be the only ones.”

“I see…” Sombra was honestly surprised by the composure and serious tone the jester had used to tell him this, so he ended up taking the words as seriously. “What fate fell upon the members of this visiting gang?”

“I kicked their asses back to where they came from.” Discord flashed a cocky smirk before he remembered something, “And by asses I mean ‘rear ends’ and not beasts of burden.” He clarified not wanting to hear Somby’s little “jest”. Was it a joke? He honestly couldn’t tell sometimes.

“Hn.” Was the only response Discord got and after twenty seconds gad passed, Sombra spoke again. “Order will return soon. Everfree is gone but not their greatest fighters.”

“I know that.” Discord said, his gaze still focused on the city. “When words get around we are still here, the other gangs will go back to fighting each other for the privilege of taking a shot against us.” That was the regular business; with Pride and Reputation always on the forefront, dictating everything over reason. But why was it that he couldn’t shake off the feeling something might go wrong and things were about to change, and not for the better?

“Let them come! And I’ll show them their proper place; underneath the sole of my shoes.” Sombra declared grandiosely making Discord chuckle a bit.

“Whatever you say, your Majesty.” Discord turned back to look at Sombra and waived his hand in front of him, before he went back to the previous topic. “As for Chrysalis, I guess I shall join you on your waiting.” He then walked towards the statue and rested his back onto it. “It’s something I cannot miss out.” It would be funny to see how Somby would manage resort to ‘only talking’.

“If you must.” As much as Sombra disliked Discord, he couldn’t deny him the right for reprisal, even if when he claims he never confronted Chrysalis’ minions, he was still targeted by the Dark Queen.

“Do you think Tirek will join us?” Discord asked him, wondering about the Red Giant. “I assume he was also attacked.”

“I share your thoughts regarding the attacks, but I cannot say for sure if he would join us.” Sombra doubted the Red Ogre would let the attack pass, but doubted even more the possibility of him wanting to part of any group.

“Last time we did, the whole school ended up in shambles.” Discord recalled.

“That it did.”


Tirek regretted not trouncing school for the day because each step felt like hundreds of tiny were being piercing the entirety of his legs; and with his size, those were a LOT of needles. And his upper body wasn’t fairing much better. Though the burning sensation of his muscles had diminished a little, but now he felt as if there were an ant colony crawling underneath his skin.

He knew there was gonna be pain when he threw BLUE out of the window of his room yesterday. He expected it. He was accustomed to pain, but these ‘aftereffects’ were completely different. His entire body ached in varying different ways at the same time, as if the symptoms were dog-piling one over the other. Not to mention the slight trembling and involuntary body spasms; which only served to remind him how much it hurt to move.

Despite all of this, Tirek marched on with a cold and indifferent face to mask his suffering state.

As he approached the school yard Tirek noticed a formed crowd of students somewhat surrounding the school statue. It didn’t take him long to figure out that this occurrence was caused most likely by any of his current classmates. And lo and behold, who were standing in front of the Canterlot Statue but Discord and Sombra?

‘Just what are these two imbeciles doing now?’

It didn’t took long for the duo to spot him and directed their attention to him, which in turn made the crowd take notice of Tirek’s presence.

“Yo! Tirek what’s up?” Discord was the first one to greet him, while Sombra just nodded to his direction. “Somby and I were wondering if…”

“Grr.” It was Tirek’s response as he walked passed them ignoring whatever nonsense they had prepared. He was too tired and too hurting to waste his time with these two idiots.

“Wow, noncommittal growling! He really stepped out of the wrong side of bed today.” Discord remarked sounding not the least bit disappointed at being ignored by Tirek. “He’s so considerate to let us know!”

Meanwhile, Sombra remained silent while he watched Tirek walk up to the school’s entrance doors. Thought not noticeable at first glance, there was something odd about the Red Ogre of Everfree.

“Discord, did you noticed a change in the Red Ogre?”

“Of course. He had a nice change of wardrobe.” Ever since Discord had known the guy, Tirek always used sleeveless shirts, with the only exception being winter time. Which made today’s choice of shirt quite strange. A long sleeved black shirt wasn’t something he would’ve worn outside of winter.

“Not that!” Although Sombra had to admit Discord was right in that regard as well. “Didn’t you notice? He’s slower.”

“How so?”

“I barely took notice, but his stride is slower. As if he was putting extra care to each and every step he is taking.” Sombra reflected upon what he had seen, and the only explanation he could come up with was that the Red Ogre had sustained some damage from yesterday’s attack. “He could be hurt.”

“That’s strange…” It was difficult to recall a time when Tirek ever show signs of being hurt or injured the next day after a fight. “I always thought nothing could bring the guy down.” But it would make sense if Tirek was attacked by a group of thugs specialized to combat and counter his strength and fighting prowess. “He probably was hurt more than he had been ever before.” Even before getting recognized and earning the title of Everfree Strongest.

“And yet he came to school.” Sombra couldn’t presume he knew the exact reason why Tirek had done it, but as he was put in the same boat as Tirek, he couldn't criticize that decision.

“He won’t be joining us then.” Discord just shrugged off the whole scene. “I guess we won’t be demolishing a second school this month.”

“A shame.”


“Thank you for giving me a ride to school, Flash. That’s so nice of you.” Starlight Glimmer complimented Flash Sentry as the both of them hopped down Flash’s car.

“You’re welcome.” Flash rubbed the back of his head. “It was nothing really.”

“But it is something.” Starlight insisted as she walked up to him. “Not only did you save me yesterday, you are looking out for me still. Many would’ve just turn away from me after hearing my plight, but you… you are brave.” She said as she put a hand delicately on his shoulder for just the right amount of time, as to not come off as clingy. The she slide her had down his arm. “You are someone very special Flash.”

“W-Why th-thanks, Starlight!” Flash said as his cheeks redden a little bit. “You are quite special and admirable yourself.”

“Me? I’m no more special than anyone else. But thanks for your kind words.” Starlight gave him a coy smile while closing her eyes, something that the rocker boy found very cute.
But the sentiment turn sour when he noticed something about the girl’s face. “Starlight are you…?” He lifted his hand and barely grazed her face and this caused Starlight to flinch away from his touch. “Starlight!”

“It’s n-nothing really.” She said after a small whimper. “Just forget about it.” She then covered the side of her face with her hand.

“It’s not nothing if you are hurting!”

As to respond to his worries, Starlight then dropped her hand away from her face to show him a slight smear on it. “It’s from yesterday.”

“Yesterday…?” Then he suddenly realized what it meant. “That’s a bruise!” She had been covering it with make-up.

“Yes…” She lowered her face in a display of ‘shame’. “I got it when one of those thugs…” She trailed off into a very convincing sob. And this enough to ignite a fire of righteous anger in Flash.

“Those bastards…” He wanted nothing more than to teach them a lesson to those lowlifes.

“Flash, don’t.” Starlight said as she placed on of her hands on his chest to calm him down. “Remember… we have to be cautious.” She had explained him before that in order to “keep the school safe” they would have to get students on their side and convince them into joining them against the other transfer students. But in order to succeed they have to be act as discreet as possible. “We cannot confront them or even bring attention to ourselves…otherwise they’ll find out what we are planning.”

“It’s just…I hate that they are getting away with attacking you.” The angered boy clenched his fist.

“For know. But if we follow the plan then they will answer for their horrible actions.” Starlight said. Although she hated that she had to work at this so slowly, she reminded herself that she was in it for the long game so patience was of the outmost importance.


“What in tarnation is going on?” Applejack asked what was in everyone’s minds when they notice that a crowd had formed on the front yard of the school for the second day in a row.

“Ooh! Is there going to be an outdoors activity?” Pinkie jumped up and down in place, excited by her own idea.

“I doubt it Pinkie.” The cowgirl shot down the Pinkette’s idea. “If that was the case, they would’ve informed us yesterday.”

“Maybe it came up at the last minute.” Pinkie said trying to justify her own unlikely proposal.

“Ugh. It is obvious that it is those Transfer Students!” Rainbow groaned frustrated.

“I think Rainbow Dash is right.” Rarity looked into the distance and noticed one very handsome and sharply dressed student.

“Of course I’m right!” The athletic girl wanted to add that she was rarely wrong but decided against it for now, since there were pressing matters at hand. “I just know they are up to something bad.”

“You can’t possibly know that.” Rarity pointed out but it her words were dismissed by Rainbow.

“Whatever it is, I’m putting a stop to it!” Dash was about to run straight up to them with no second thought or plan whatsoever, however she was stopped by AJ who grabbed her by the back of the shirt.

“Whoa! Hold it right there Rainbow!” Applejack tried to placate the struggling girl. “You can’t just waltz up to them and start a fight!” Really, just what the hay was up with her today?

“I wasn’t gonna start a fight.” She was gonna be the one to end it.

“I don’t think that would be necessary.” Pinkie suddenly said, causing her friends to look at her questioningly. “Look it’s about to start.” She pointed towards a new appearing figure stepping out of a bus. It was the imposing figure of the dark beauty that also transferred from Everfree which, unlike yesterday, was dressed in a less provocative and sensual clothing, but still too eye catching for the male gaze.

Rarity was the first to speak up. “What do you mean it’s about to…”


“Forget I just asked that.”



Of all the things the Dark Queen of Everfree expected to happen when she arrived, none compared to the deafening scream of that nutcase Sombra. Heck even the audience that was keeping their distance, weren't expecting it. Apart from that, At least now she knew Sombra was pissed about the whole thing of yesterday, just as she had predicted when Morpho’s idiotic plan failed miserably.

Next to the Walking Mental Case was another grating pain in the neck, the self appointed class clown Discord. Dressed in a less dishevel manner than yesterday, but still looking like a creep.

“Dear mother of… you could’ve at least warned me!” Discord clutched his ears after such vociferous scream. “You’ve been practicing the Chords of Steel or something?!”

Besides the “ear-bleeding” Discord, Sombra stood there ignoring his companion’s complaints and focused his stare towards Chrysalis.

“Chrysalis, I have a few words for you!” The sharp dressed boy declared menacingly, trying his best to look imposing and grander than life.

“You guys said something?!” Of course, Sombra’s efforts were for naught with Discord acting like a complete moron besides him.

“Discord, stop acting like the fool you are and be serious!” Sombra gritted his teeth. He should’ve known Discord would’ve ruined the mood of the moment.

“Ha, ha! Very funny Somby.” Discord said clearly unamused. “Keep moving your lips without…” then when he realized how he couldn’t really hear himself he put a finger in his ear. “Muh! Mah! Mwah!” Nope, still nothing. “Excuse me just a sec!” He said before walking a few feet away still making strange sounds to himself.

‘Well, that happened.’ Chrysalis and Sombra thought at the same time before focusing back to the matters at hand.

“Chrysalis! I need to speak with you.”

“Funny, I have nothing to say to you.” Whatever was it that Sombra and Discord had planned for her, she didn’t care one bit. They were a pair of idiots; strong and very difficult to get rid of, but idiots at the end of the day. Tirek on the other hand…

“I want answers!” Sombra demanded as he striked thw ground with the cane once more. “And depending on those answers I might give you a lesser sentence.”

‘Sentence? As if…’ she doubted Sombra was good for any of his ‘threats’ seeing as he currently needed the aid of a walking stick. “I don’t want to waste my time with you. Take your stupid little questions and shove them right up your…”

“Assistance! I need assistance!” Discord called out-loud with a finger still inside his ear.

Ignoring him once more, Sombra responded. “You and I aren’t going anywhere until we settle this.”

“Why, how are you going to stop me from leaving? As far I can see, I’m not the one who’s lame around here.”

“You forget I have Discord on my side.”

“Discord?” She almost laughed out-loud. “That idiot is your ace up your sleeve? Ha! He’s as unreliable and useless as a limb…”

“Penicillin for the ear is a thing?” Discord shouted to himself as he was looking at his phone, most likely searching for a remedy for his deafness online.

“Answer me! What was your plan?” Sombra continued still ignoring Discord antics. “Why sent your squads to attack us yesterday? What would you gain out of it?”

‘Other than getting you out of my way?’ She wanted to respond so badly, but instead Chrysalis went for another tactic. “Plan? Attack? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t feign ignorance Chrysalis! You know exactly what I’m talking about!” Sombra growled, angered by her obvious ploy.

“I cannot be held accountable for the actions of individuals that, despite being associated with me, they committed on their own accord.” Possible deniability was such a wonderful thing. “Especially when I was unaware of their plans.” Which wasn’t a lie. She was only informed after Morpho had already planned and ordered the attacks.

“Stop it! Sombra knows you are lying!” Sombra demanded, anger very apparent in his voice and use of third person speech. “You’re soldiers confessed their orders betraying your words.”

“Mere hearsay! Inadmissible in any court of law.” Chrysalis grinned as she crossed her arms in front of her. “Unless you have any evidence that proves they weren’t lying.”

“Grr…” Sombra wanted to say something, anything really to prove her wrong but nothing came to mind. Discord said he never even came into contact with his assailants, Tirek was here to support or deny anything, and Sombra had no idea if Starlight was even a target or not.

“So? Can you prove anything?” Chrysalis said excluding unparallel sense of superiority for pulling the legs off his arguments leaving it nothing to stand on.

“How can you prove you weren’t aware of…?”

“The burden of proof falls upon the accuser not the accused.” The dark queen put another nail on the coffin of Sombra’s argument. “So? Does Sombra have any evidence?” she mocked him once more.

“Silence, you self-righteous quim!” Sombra was fuming.

“Words of a poet.” She laughed once more enjoying this far more than she should have.

“You…!” The angered boy was about to jump at her and unleash his fury upon her, but a strong grip upon his shoulder prevented him from doing so.

“Hold it, right there Champ.” Discord said as he held the guy in place. “If you attack her, you risk being expelled, remember.” That reminder was enough to placate Sombra’s fury to a more manageable level. But he was still pissed though.

“Why would you care?” If he attacked Chrysalis and she retaliated, then both of them would be expelled. What would Discord get out of stopping that?

“If you get expelled then we will never be able to finish our collaborative Hip-Hop Christmas album.”


“No wait, that is with Tirek.” Discord recalled while rubbing his chin. “You are my partner for our giant harmonica act while wearing the same overalls on the revival of the Gong Show.”


“No wait that’s another guy. You and I are suppose to break the world record for Biggest hoagie.”

“What are you …?”

“Just saying nonsense on top of my head in an attempt to calm you down by confusing the heck out of you. Is it working?”

“I don’t…”

“Yes, it’s working.” Discord said as he released his hold on Sombra, who was still perplexed by his antics.

“Are you two idiots done with your failed comedy act yet?” Chrysalis butted in, exasperated by this whole failed attempt of an ambush.

“Chrysalis.” Discord then turned towards her with a very serious tone on his face. “We may not be able to prove you were directly involved with yesterday’s events, but not even you can’t deny that this will have lasting consequences.” Whatever those might be were still undetermined either for better or for worse. “Do not think for a second the restrictions of this school that prevent us from doing our usual bit, mean anything once we are back under the shadows casted by the city. Remember that you aren’t the only one who can use Probable Deniability and Burden of Proof on their favor.”

This made Chrysalis go very silent.

And as if that was a cue, Sombra added in. “Note that we are not blind to your predicament; for we know that what once was a reflection of your perceived future, now lays a conflict between your destiny and your reality.”

“Yeah, what he said.” Discord agreed despite having no idea what just came out of Sombra’s mouth meant. “Not to mention Tirek is also angry.” And nobody likes it when he gets really angry.

“You’ve been warned!” Sombra said and then he turned and left his spot from where he had been standing for an entire hour. The conversation may have not gone the way he envisioned; he had prepared a speech which he was certain would crush Chrysalis attempt at a verbal conflict, but the damned woman decided to play fool, ruining the battle. But at least he had gotten the last word.

“See you inside Chrisy!” Discord said, ruining once more the dramatic effect Sombra had planned for and then followed the guy.

Chrysalis stood there still silent.

Thought the “ambush” of those two morons was unexpected, things went almost as she had foreseen. Thought she played dumb about the whole thing, they still blamed her entirely for the whole fiasco from yesterday, even though she never ordered the attack on the first place. Luckily in the absence of concrete evidence they couldn’t go and tell on her to the principal.

“Who the hell do they think they are?” Telling her to watch her back, as if their threats were actually scary. Hell, they even resorted to Tirek’s name to try and scare her. “Just because none of my followers are here with me means that I’m trapped here with you.” Oh, it was far opposite of that. “You are the ones trapped here with me.”

And with that, Chrysalis also left the statue and walked towards the school entrance.

After a few minutes of gossip and hushed speculation the crowd of students who barely heard bits and pieces of the new transfer student’s conversation, began dispersing and followed inside since classes were about to start soon.

“What was that all about?” Rainbow asked mostly to herself. Her suspicions about those students being up to something continued unaffected.

“I don’t know, Sugarcube. But we better haul inside.” Whatever the whole spectacle in front of the statue was, it was over and no longer something to worry about.

“Do you think a crowd forming in the front yard will happen every day?” Pinkie couldn’t help but wonder.

“Oh I hope not.” Fluttershy dreaded the idea.

“Agreed.” Rarity concurred with a nod. “By the way, does anyone know where Sunset is?”

“Maybe she’s already inside; where we also should be by now.” AJ reminded them, not wanting to be tardy and get reprimanded by their teachers. “Come on y’all.”


Half an hour after everyone made their way inside; a lone read headed girl came running full speed. “I’m late! SO, SO LATE!”

Even after taking the precaution of setting up several alarms the night before, Sunset Shimmer managed to sleep in.


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