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The Students from St. Everfree - Morex25

Can Canterlot High survive when six of the most infamous troublemakers in St. Everfree history are transferred to their school?

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Chapter 30 – Free Dizzy

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If one were to describe the inside of the police precinct in one word, it would be: buzzing. All around, police officers and detectives were walking from one side to the other bringing in detainees or important files. On the desks, the sound of typing keys and phones ringing every few minutes were par for the course alongside the numerous conversations of on-going investigations, bookings, statements been taken or just general chit-chat between co-workers, all of it going on at the same time.

Yet within this loud and somewhat chaotic environment, one could tune out all of that noise and be in complete silence if they concentrated in their own thoughts. The same way a young redhead girl was doing in that exact moment.

Sunset Shimmer sat within the busiest parts of the precinct in a chair next to a detective’s desk waiting for him to return after taking her statement and despite the noise around her the only thing she heard were the sound of her own thoughts.

Sunset wrote to Princess Twilight about what happened starting from the events from yesterday to the arrest incident of today and the crux of the moral dilemma she was facing. Of course, some of the details were altered as to not unnecessarily worry Princess Twilight. She explained that because of the bad reputation of his previous school, she had misjudged a new transferred student and because of it she got into trouble, but then despite what she initially thought of him, he helped her from a bad situation making her look at him under a new light. And now that same boy who helped her was now in trouble with the local authorities.

Sunset then took a brief moment to describe to Twilight some of the differences between the Police forces from both worlds and explain why this person was in trouble with them despite helping her. Then she went on and on about the predicament she was in. If she declared in his favor there was a the possibility of the Police doing a background check on her and how,if they dug deep enough, they could find out she wasn’t exactly a legal citizen and the kind of trouble she could get in if that came to light.

Princess Twilight response was very kind and true to her, showing joy that Sunset was learning so much about friendship, and the lesson of beginning a friendship with someone you initially distrust because of preconceived notions is a very difficult yet gratifying one to learn; but also Twilight showed her concern for Sunset and her dilemma. Since she wasn’t familiar with the other world’s laws and judicial system there wasn’t much she could offer as a solution towards that end of the problem. Still, Twilight offered her own words of wisdom to inspire and embolden Sunset.

«Look deep within your heart and you will find your answer.»

It was awfully cliché, but it did reassure her in the end. Otherwise she wouldn’t have come to the police precinct in the first place. Despite having no real obligation to do so or the potential danger he had come and saved her, so why shouldn’t she do the same for him? Why, maybe things would be just fine and nobody would care to look deep into her past and the fact that until a couple of years she officially did not exist.

Sunset eye’s couldn’t help but roam the place, looking at the windows and the emergency exit signs.

"What is taking so long?" Sunset rubbed her arms anxiously. She came to the police precinct and asked in the front desk if she could visit or talk with someone about a friend that just got under custody; she was shown inside into a waiting area where a detective asked about her friend. When she mentioned the name Discord, the detective told her to wait next to his desk and that he would come back soon.

It had been thirty minutes and she was still waiting.

It wasn’t any sort of long stretch of time, but every minute that passed felt longer and longer and her doubts started to bubble surface. She gave her name when the detective asked for it, could it be that they decided to investigate her already? Maybe the reason they were taking so long was that they already found out something didn’t add up about her and they were already looking deep into it. And any second now a detective would come and ask her to come along inside to interrogate her.

"Oh god, this was a terrible idea."

"Funny. I remember a criminal saying the same thing earlier today." A deep voice said making Sunset look up from where she was seated to the man suddenly next to her. If his sudden arrival wasn’t shocking enough, his dark uniform with lots of badges, and star insignia that symbolized the man’s high ranking position.

After a couple of seconds of staring at the seated girl and her deer caught in headlights expression, the man smiled to try and ease down the girl from her frightened look. "I’m joking. I’m joking. " He said fighting off from chuckling at the girl’s reaction at the same time he was removing his hat to appear more casual. "I was told you were asking about a current detainee, is that right?"

"Y-y-yes s-sir." Sunset answered shaking like a leaf. Though she wasn’t an expert regarding this world’s criminal justice system and police ranking, the pony turned human had watched enough television and police dramas to recognize that the man towering over her was a high-ranking official. Which begged the question: why he was the one talking to her regarding Discord detention instead of maybe a sergeant?

Noticing how nervous the girl was looking at him, the man then moved the chair from the detective’s desk and used it to sit and come down to the girl’s eye level, in an attempt to come off as less intimidating after his attempt at humor apparently failed. "No need to be so nervous. It’s not like you are being questioned." He tried to break the tension with another “joke”, but it also backfired when the girl visually tensed up again.

"O-Of course, s-sir." Then girl’s voice still trembled a bit and for the first time in many years the police commissioner cursed his natural talent to intimidate suspects and make them spill the beans. He just wanted to ask her a few questions, not terrify her.

"I…Sorry if that came off wrong. " He apologized. "I guess I’m not good at liven up the mood as when I was a detective."

"No, I should be the one apologizing." Sunset said a little less distressed, "It´s just that I´m a bit nervous. This is the first time I´ve ever come to a police station, sir."

"I guess that´s normal." Or so he thought, he wasn’t exactly expert on teenagers of today if his failings as a father were any indication. "Also, you don’t have to keep calling me “sir” every other sentence. My name is Maxwell by the way. Nice meeting you." He introduced himself, hoping to ease off the tension so they could move on with their talk.

"Nice meeting you too, si…Mr. Maxwell." She caught herself before introducing herself "My name is Sunset Shimmer."

"My suspicions have just been confirmed." Maxwell said with a smile, confusing Sunset as to what he was referring to. "I knew that a pretty girl like you would have a pretty name too, Miss Shimmer."

Said pretty girl just turn a little bit red for the compliment. "T-thanks." Now, Sunset wasn't a stranger to compliments but having and one come from a older, and yet quite handsome, man had been unexpected but not unwelcome. "Just Sunset is fine." She allowed since he had allowed her to call him by his first name too. It wasn't because of his compliment or because he was sort of charming; definitively that wasn't the reason.

"Very well, Sunset." Maxwell continued before turning a bit more serious. "I just wanted to ask you about your reason for being here."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I was just curious as of why you were asking to speak to us about a detainee that we haven’t even finished questioning or even before we located and informed a family member about it."

Sunset audibly gulped, trying her earnest to say something despite the sudden frog in her throat. "I…I… I came here because I want to speak in his defense." She managed to say despite her initial nervousness.

"Speak in his defense…?" He repeated with raised eyebrows. Of all the things he expected to hear, this was definitely not one of them. Now it was his turn to ask "What do you mean?"

"I mean…Dizz…Discord isn't a bad person." She caught herself once more as to not use that silly nickname of his. "I may not condone his… “methods” but I know he didn't do it out of malice."

Maxwell remained silent as the girl continued to talk on Discord´s behalf as if she was a character witness in trial. 'Is she talking about the same Discord?' He knew his son wasn’t an irredeemable criminal but he wasn't a role model youth either; but having this girl fervently defending his son was sort of eye opening.

"I think I've heard enough." Maxwell put up his open palm to signal the girl to stop.


"Don't worry, I´m not dismissing the validity of your claims." In fact he was inclined to believe her, since through her whole speech he had gauge the honesty in her words trying to find a hint that this could be just an elaborated show planned beforehand by his son. And unless she was the best darn actress in the whole world, he honestly could say he didn't find and signs of this being deception. Yet, despite of her glowing words about his son, that didn't excuse him from the felony he had committed and confessed to "Though I may believe in the honesty of your words, Discord…"

"Uh…sorry to interrupt, sir." Sergeant Falcon walked up to commissioner clearly uncomfortable for disrupting the conversation of the boss of the boss of the boss of his boss. "Sir, we have another 'situation'." And before Maxwell could question him about it, said situation appeared from behind the imposing frame of the Sergeant. This new “situation” was another girl around Sunset's age, a blue-ish white girl with arctic blue hair tied in a single long ponytail. And as soon as she appeared, she was quickly identified by the other teenager.

"Sonata?!" Sunset said surprised, "What are you doing here?" Of all the people she could run into at the police station, the blue siren was one she would've least expected, especially without her other two sisters hanging around.

«Meep!» Sonata instantly hid behind the Sarge, startled by the loud calling of her name. "I-I c-could ask you the same!" She too was surprised by the presence of the other girl. After the Battle of the Bands, she didn't want to be near another member of the Rainbooms.

For his part, Maxwell , who was unaware of the history this two girls shared, could see that they at least knew one and other. "So, are two girls friends?"

"Well…" Sunset rubbed the back of her head feeling awkward. She wanted to just say that the “relation” between the two of them was “complicated”. I mean, how could you even begin explain what has happened without sounding like a crazy person? Luckily, she didn't have to say anything because Sonata answered for the both of them.

"No!" The siren answered resoundingly. Sunset and the other members of the Rainbooms already took away her singing voice, one of the very few things she loved even from before her banishment to this world, so she was at them and terrified of having something else she loved being taken away.

"O…kay," So there was animosity between the two girls, if only one sided. That meant that this whole situation was far more awkward than Maxwell initially believed. "So, to what do we owe you your visit to the police precinct today, Miss Sonata?" He asked despite having an idea as to what that reason might be thanks to Sergeant Falcon's choice of words.

Having being reminded of the reason why he was at the station in the first place, Sonata quickly turned towards Maxwell and asked earnestly. “Excuse me; are you the person in charge?”

Maxwell didn't mind people been forward with him, he much preferred it than talking in a roundabout manner. Even so, nothing could’ve prepared him for the bluntness of the girl's question. "Huh…yes, you could say that currently I am the highest ranking officer present at this time." Although in actuality the one who's responsible for the station was the appointed Captain. "Police Commissioner Maxwell Entropy at your service."

"Great!" Sonata said awfully chirpy as she took out a small, yet fat, manila envelope and handed it to Maxwell. "Please take this."

Now, having a suspicious package been handed over so vigorously to the POLICE COMISSIONER, would've rung a few alarms in people´s heads regarding the true nature of said package. Yet, Maxwell was smart enough as to not raise an alarm and panic everyone around for what was just an eccentric girl committing a faux pas.

Without an ounce of worry, Maxwell opened the envelope only to find a stack of small denomination dollars. "Not to be rude, Miss. But why are you giving me this?" Really, this was getting weird, but since it involved his son he should’ve seen the strangeness coming

"Huh? So that Discord goes free, of course!" She answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. This caused both Sunset and Sergeant Falcon to gape in shock. And who could blame them? It wasn't everyday that you see that the Police commissioner was being offered a bribe in the middle of the police precinct in broad daylight.

Even Maxwell couldn't believe what he was hearing, so in an effort to backpedal to the moment when things made sense, he asked, "Come again?"

"Isn't this how it is?" Sonata asked tilting her head to the side with a confused look on her face. "When people are arrested someone pays money to the police so that they go free, isn’t it? Bail him out of jail?" As soon as she said this, a look of realization fell upon the other three.

"Um, Miss? I think there has been a misunderstanding." Sergeant Falcon said both relieved and a little embarrassed for the girl's mistake. "Bailing someone out doesn't work that way."

"But in the movies…" Sonata tried to say, but a sudden sense of embarrassment washed over her turning her slightly red. "I mean…"

"You can't take what you see on TV or in the movies as a fact." Sunset admonished despite she herself not knowing how bailing worked either other than what she had seen on TV before.

"A bail, is a payment that an arrested person gives to the court to insure that he or she shows up for future court appearances." Falcon began explaining. "Not to mention that the one who determines the severity of a bail is a judge. So in order to be a bail to pay the detainee must be conclusively be charged with a crime and then processed before the case can be sent to the judge."

"But he confessed to be guilty, right?" Sonata recalled what Discord said back at their classroom. "Shouldn't the case be over and a bail already be posted?" She asked quite an intelligent question.

"Well, you see…" If this was any other case, things would’ve followed standard protocol. But when it involved the son of the Police Commissioner, things didn’t always followed procedures as intended.

"Discord didn't do anything wrong!" Her sudden declaration caught everyone off guard. "Or at least he didn’t do it because he’s a bad person!" This caught Maxwell’s attention. Here was another girl coming to the precinct in defense of his son, and by the looks of it, it didn't sound as this was planned either. "He’s the best friend I have."

"Best…friend…?" Maxwell repeated almost incredulously. He liked to think he knew his son very well, and Discord wasn’t exactly the type to make “friends”.

"He is nice to me and my sisters, when nobody else at school does." Sonata continued with a crestfallen look causing Sunset to wince. The redhead recalled several times when the trio would be treated like outcasts by the rest of the student population; having experienced the same type of treatment after her own fall from grace, she would never wish it on anyone, not even the sirens. However whenever she or her friends tried to approach them, the trio would just sneered at them and brush them off. Despite their situation, the sisters held on to their grudge caused by their broken pride.

Nevertheless, hearing Sonata admit her friendship with the dishevel boy, showed that she and her sisters were slowly opening up to other people. If the times Sunset had seen Discord meet Adagio at that cafe or seeing them on the school hallway were any indication.

"He is also really funny and makes me laugh a lot!" Sonata continued with a more chipper tone than before. "And today, he bought lunch for me and my sisters, which was great because it was Taco Tuesday and I could eat as many as I wanted without having to go hungry all day worrying about how we have to pay the rent!"

Now, that came as a revelation for Sunset Shimmer. Sure, she had hear the Siren’s complain about having to get jobs now that they couldn’t use their magic to get what they wanted, but she never suspected that their situation was that bad. Cafeteria food wasn’t all that expensive, but hearing that they starved during lunch just so they could save up a few dollars to pay for a place to live was hard to hear, because it was because of her and her friends who put them in that situation.

"He also gave us a ride to school." She confessed, which depending in the circumstances of her involvement, could turn her into an accessory to the theft. "And that made me happy because our home is far away from school and we cannot afford to take the bus either. And thanks to him, we didn’t arrive late and get yelled at by the Vice Principal." If the revelation from before wasn’t enough, this last one was another punch in the gut for Sunset. They starved and can’t afford the bus fare either? Their situation was worse than she could’ve imagined.

"Please forgive him." Sonata then pointed at the envelope with money in it, still in Maxwell’s hand. "I know it is not much, but that money is all I got after asking at my work for this month’s salary in advance." It had taken a lot to convince her bosses to help her with the money and she had made a lot of promises she now had to fulfill. "So please take the money and forgive Discord."

"Sorry, but I cannot accept this." Maxwell said after a few seconds of silence. Although he had to admit, this was the nicest attempt at “bribery” he had ever been offered, even if it was accidental.

"But…but…" Sonata was clearly distraught by the commissioner’s answer. "Discord can’t go to jail. That place it’s the worst." If before she lost her singing voice, she thought this world was the worst, and after she lost it, it became worse than the worst; then prison, as she had seen on movies and TV, it was the worst of the worst. And she had to let them know. "They will use him as currency!"

"C-Currency…?" Sunset couldn’t help but repeat such weird statement.

"He won’t survive there. Especially with all the soap dropping, cellmates called Bubba and whatever is it that a “P*rtuguese Breakfast” actually means!" That last one was apparently so nasty that they have told her to never look that up on the internet.

"Miss, I think you watch too much Television." Especially regarding that last one she mentioned. That was just something that really didn't happen in real life, or at least inside of prison.

"Anyway…" Maxwell fake coughed on his hand to try and get back to the matter at hand. "I think you misunderstood my words, Miss Sonata." He said earning a look of confusion from the girl. "What I meant to say was that I cannot accept your money because it is unnecessary."

"Huh?" Was the instant reaction of the other three.

"It appears that the accuser has decided to drop the charges." He informed them with a softer tone.

"S-Sir, you mean…" The Sergeant was the most surprised of the three since he knew that the accuser was the Commissioner himself.

"It was all a misunderstanding and Discord will be allowed to go free." As soon as he said this, he could see how Sonata´s face light up in cheer.

"For realsies?!"

"Yes… for realisies." Maxwell couldn't help but hold back laughter as he handed the girl her money back. It seemed that the girl's enthusiasm was infectious.

"Can we see him now?" Sonata asked almost jumping in excitement. Behind her, Sunset also looked quite interested by the prospect.

"Well, first we need to talk with his legal guardians." He explained. Though not technically a lie, since he really needed to talk with his son. "It might take a while so…"

"I'll wait for him!" Sonata declared firmly. Her mind already been made.

"Me too." Sunset also joined in. Although it seemed that her whole trip (and worry) had been for naught, she decided to stay not only for Discord but also because she wanted to talk with Sonata. This looked like it was the right time to approach the girl and offer the Olive Branch to put the past grudges to rest.

"Well, if you insist…" Maxwell said trying to not sound so surprised. “Sergeant Falcon, why don't you show these two young ladies to the break room and offer something to drink while they wait.”

"Yes, sir." Falcon saluted and then escorted Sunset and Sonata, leaving the Commissioner with his own thoughts.

Well, who would have thought? My son does have a soft side in him.’ He mentally chuckle. ‘No wonder why he got two cute girls running to his defense.’ The boy was apparently a ladies’ man, just like his old man before he settled down with Eris. ‘Chip off the old block, that boy.’ He only hoped that for the boy´s own sake he doesn't end up with a girl exactly like this mother.