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Lemon Zest is known as the adrenaline junkie of Crystal Prep. She's got a love for rock music and next to no consistency. That doesn't stop her from enjoying pretty much everything she can though.

So when the Friendship Games come around it's only natural for her to want to compete though. But she doesn't. Why? Because she's being pressured into it. If she were doing it off her own back then it'd be fine. Principle Cinch, however, has other ideas and forces her to play with her recently acquired scholarship to Appaloosa University hanging in the balance.

So instead of losing the one thing that might guarantee her a moment in the spotlight, she's gonna ride it out. And if that involves completely crushing CHS then so be it.

Who knows? It might be fun!

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Actually, if the Shadowbolts are expelled for backing up Twilight and the Wondercolts at the end of Friendship Games, I could see them coming to that last meeting with Cinch wearing as abnormal an interpretation of the uniform as possible, just to see the woman's forehead-veins go 'pop'.

... that may or may not have been my plan ...

Jk. I just had a moment of inspiration and added it in thinking it was a good idea. Apparently it was seeing as you've commented on it.

Oh. This is the part where Cinch promises to make all of Lemon's dreams come true... at the price of her soul. If this is pre-FG, then she might even take up that offer, only to find herself hanging over the event horizon of a freakin' inter-dimensional wormhole, trying to stop three people falling several hundred feet to their deaths on the surface of an alien planet occupied by freakin' sentient ponies!

It is, of course, from there that things start getting really interesting!

I did like how you characterise Lemon. She's nowhere near as dumb or as oblivious as she looks. She's just a lot like Rainbow Dash - she has specific interests and feels no particular need to feign interest in anything else. That said (like Pinkie and Rainbow), she's got an editic memory and is more than smart enough to pass important tests when it is necessary, no matter how little interest she has in the subject.

Oh, and a school head teacher is 'Principal', not 'principle'.

Saving Rocks and Rolls

SAVE HOLDER'S BOULDER! SAVE THE FRESHLY BAKED BREAD ROLLS! :raritydespair::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Lemon did seem to be the only Shadowbolt who was vaguely nice to Twilight Sparkle in the film, so this plot idea isn't unlikely. I'm hoping, really hoping this story includes a description of the event at the welcoming party; in the full end credits we briefly see a picture of Lemon Zest dancing with a boy from Crystal Prep. Her boyfriend, maybe?


Interesting 1: Lemon is a tech-head on top of everything else!

Interesting 2: Lemon could not see the magical energy being leeched away by Twilight's device. Once again, odd and it suggests that only those touched by magic can see it.

I'm guessing that everyone in the Shadow 5 got blackmailed. I wonder what Cinch blackmailed Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet and that other one with?

6661466 My whole idea was that all of the competitors from CPA got blackmailed cos, like, anyone who wanted to could compete from CHS but the absolute best from CPA got in. Now, that either means that a) people from CPA know that they're all absolute crap and let the ones with the best grades go for it (something I think we can all agree is very unlikely, what with the perceived arrogance of CPA students) or b) Cinch blackmailed the best students to go for it and made sure they got through.


Wow. How did I only stumbled into this now...

These corridors were really long. If she wanted she could probably sing a song about how she wanted to be somewhere else like a typical Disney princess. She could probably drag it out to about 2:43 minutes if she took a leisurely stroll and looked longing through all the doors. Maybe she could include an ironic comment or two hinting to something else in the future! 

I see what you did there...:rainbowlaugh:

Now I really want to hear a Lemon Zest parody of "What More is Out There"!!! :pinkiehappy:

Please don't leave us hanging like this!

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