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Simultaneously able to type 94 wpm and still take three years to finish a story. If you're feeling generous, throw a ko-fi at me.


Galvin is a griffon with a problem. He's enamored with the sea and all it entails. This doesn't go very well with his parents, who don't seem to understand his fascination.

But that's not about to stop him from trying. Some day, he will accomplish his goal and sail beyond the horizon.

Originally written for the "Distant Shores" writeoff.

Chapters (3)
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Come over to the right pane of this post; I feel this extraordinary story is lacking in juice; I just gave it juice by putting the story in 4 groups today!

Thank you! I'm terrible at groups… :unsuresweetie:

A simple but fun story, I liked it. The characters came across well and I enjoyed what we saw of their lives. Good stuff for an afternoon read. Have another Like, this story certainly deserves more.

It's my own personal headcanon that griffons would make far better sailors than ponies. Between claws and talons they'd have far more grip on wet decks and for climbing ropes than ponies could ever hope for. Being omnivores they could supplement their diets with caught fish and their own stores would more compact than the grains and vegetables that ponies need. I also see them as largely cats in terms of internal anatomy and able to subsist for a good long while on salt water or at least brackish water.

I figure an amazing story could be written about a pegasus shanghaied by a group of griffon pirates to be their weather pony. Were that I knew more about the pirate genera in general I might give it a crack myself, heh.

Oh, and if you want another group to add it to, may I suggest The Griffon kingdom and World-Building Alliance, Griffon subsection.

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