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Lyra has a secret. She can't wait to tell Bon Bon! 

Bon Bon has a secret. Bon Bon has many secrets, actually. She'd like it if all her secrets remained hidden in the past.

But secrets have a nasty way of coming back when you least expect them.

After an unknown stallion visits the sweetshop, Bon Bon’s secrets come flooding back, and Lyra is swept along for the ride. She's in for the adventure of her life!

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 18 )

So basically an adaptation of Lyra & Bon Bon and the Mares From S.M.I.L.E. right?

I haven’t read that book, so hopefully there’s plenty of differences! :scootangel:

What a strong first chapter! You've definitely got my attention; can't wait to see where you take this!

Well, that got dark in a hurry.

“Alright, Sweetie Drops,” he spat. “We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

A moment later, he was clucking like a chicken.
Bon Bon blinked, her mind still worrying at half-formed contingency plans. "I... What?"
"I did graduate from Celestia's School," said Lyra. "So, you were serious about Sweetie Drops?"

“Bon Bon, that kills ponies,” Lyra whispered.

That is easily the darkest reference to that video that I've ever seen.

Definitely starting out strong. I look forward to more.

“Bon Bon, that kills ponies,”

You would know, Lyra. :twistnerd:

Unless you're secretly some kind of cragodile hunter?”

So, Scootaloo's dad then? :scootangel:

A targeted assassination of the old gang? Well I guess now it's a question of which old foe had an ax to grind and the money to put out a hit? :twilightoops:

...you haven’t read ahead, have you? :trixieshiftright:

Well, when it's a tale of murder and subterfuge, it makes sense that Las Pegasus is going to err on the dark side as well.

I see what you did with that passphrase. Nice touch.

Lyra leaned down to Bon Bon’s ear. “Bon Bon, you have very strange friends,” she whispered.

"You are one of my friends, Lyra."
"Yeah, and I went to school with Twilight Sparkle and lived to tell the tale. Your other friends? At least that strange."

In any case, we have our cast and a deadly mystery for them to solve. This should be all kinds of fascinating.

As I've been saying, CSGU graduate from the same class as Twilight. Do not underestimate the mintpone.

Mind you, it'll take a lot more than a well-timed ceiling collapse to get out of this.

This is shaping up to be a great little action spy narrative. I'm curious to see where you'll take this.

Information on how to survive torture? That's going to come in handy, I just know it. :twistnerd:

“She’s dead,” Bon Bon said flatly. “Along with all the ponies that went down there.”

They're only dead if you see the bodies, otherwise it could be anyone's guess what happened. Secret agents have ways of faking their own deaths.

He cut off the nearest mercenary’s attempted explanation. “I don’t want apologies; I want results!”

"Sir, I was just trying to answer the question."
"I don't want answers; I want results!"
"Then why did you—"
"Backtalk isn't a result, Cannon Fodder."
"Mom never did forgive me for pressing against her bladder so much..."

In any case, with our duo flying blind, I wonder if Bon Bon will consider calling her local princess. Probably not, but the options there... once they make it back to Ponyville.

It was the equivalent of four simultaneous small nukes. I think they're dead.

Granted, undeath is a possibility. They did mention vamponies earlier...

Interesting. I wonder what Lyra has been wanting to tell Bon Bon this whole time, and if seeing the mare she used to be in action will change that.

I've got to wonder why Bon Bon took Lyra with her in the first place. With how she's depicted as thoroughly practical in matters of survival, I'd think she would want to keep Lyra out of this whole mess if she could; given that nopony alive knew Lyra had stumbled upon the initial scene, it would have been reasonable to just tell her to "stay in Ponyville and pretend you haven't seen me today". The only reason Lyra is on the hit list now is because Bon Bon took her along.

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