• Published 13th Aug 2015
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One afternoon in Ponyville - azularmz06

This is a little story that decribes how Cheese Sandwich got his cutiemark

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The filly and the colt

It was a peaceful morning in Manehattan, and most of fillies and colts were playing, screaming and laughing. But there was one little colt, with curly puffy mane, still in his classroom, sat lonely in his place. His teacher went closer to him and said:

"Hey... you... sorry, what is your name again?" The little colt wasn't bothered whit that, the fact is that he was so shy, nopony knew his name.

"Cheese Sandwich" He managed to say, and his teacher went on. "Yes, sorry Cheese, but, why aren't you playing with the other ponies? It's a beautiful day."

Cheese lowered his head, and a few tears rushed down through his cheeks. "Sorry, miss Sparks, I'll go right now" He said with a sad voice, and walked to the door and crossed it.

Once he was out there, he walked to a corner and saw some fillies coming right in front of him. He gathered forces and waved his hoof, but the fillies didn't noticed, and continued with their walking. He sat down right in the same spot and started thinking in loud voice, not worrying if anypony hear him. "Nopony likes me, it would be better for them if i didn't exist... I bet my parents wouldn't even notice... They are Peanut and Jelly Sandwich, the most important ponies in executive business in all of Manehattan..."

A few minutes later, he decided to leave Manehattan, and look for a new home so he could be happy. He started his way out of the school, and, as he expected, nopony noticed, not even the pony watching the door. Once he was out there, he continued walking and soon reached Manhattan's frontier, now it was no way back. He stared a few seconds his school, the building where his home was, and another building, where his parents were working.

He continued walking, and soon he found himself alone, in the dessert, hungry and tired, he had already passed like some five villages, but he didn't knew what he was looking for. But soon, he found it. It was a party, a beautiful and colorful party. Cheer was filling up the place, and he saw that everypony had a smile upon their face.The events after that, happened almost in the same second, or that was how Cheese felt it. He fell down in a bunch of party hats, then a mare gave him a hat a little bigger than his head, while other filly gave him a grilled cheese sandwich. And some other mares took him up from the ground, holding him with their two front hooves. They threw him to the air and when he reached the ground once again, a rubber chicken hit his face. He decided to keep that chicken, and he divided the sandwich in two pieces and ate it. Then his hat moved and covered his eyes, and as he took the hat apart so he could see, he saw the most beautiful filly he had ever seen. She was up in a ball, balancing herself with only one hoof, while she juggled rubber chickens that looked exactly like Cheese's one.

He was enjoying the party, playing with other fillies and colts, while a stallion teach them how to play acordeon, and suddenly, the same pink filly, with curly puffy mane that looked like cotton candy, walked behind Cheese and told him:

"Hey buddy, who are you?, I don't know your name, and that's a problem, 'cause I know everypony's name" She smiled friendly. Cheese shocked for a second and then said. "Uh-I'm Cheese Sandwich, nice to meet you" She smiled once again (she was always smiling) and said "Oh, I'm Pinkie Pie, by the way" saying that, she sat down next to Cheese.

"Nice cutie mark, Pinkie" he said staring at her flank. She giggled and said. "Thanks, yours is nice too" Cheese immediately said "oh no, I have no cutie..." He cuts himself, and turns around to see a cheese sandwich picture replacing his blank flank that he was so used to see. "Pinkie, would you believe in me if i said that I didn't have this before, and that there's a possibility that I just got my cutie mark today?" Pinkie's smile grow bigger and finally said, almost screaming of happiness "SWEET CELESTIA, CHEESE, THIS IS AWESOME, MAYBE YOUR SPECIAL TALENT IS PARTYING, LIKE ME!!"

She hugged him, and he gave the hug back, when they pulled back, both knew a new bond was made, and their friendship was sealed. They spent the rest of the afternoon talking, playing and dancing. At the sun set, Cheese felt how he must leave, like if he wanted to travel. Maybe he didn't need a place and a home to be happy, he noticed that he wanted to travel. He asumed his destiny, and said. "Pïnkie, it's time to go for me to go, thank you for offering me your friendship, and getting me a cutie mark, I'll never forget this day." He turned arround and started his jurney again, but Pinkie stoped him holding his hoof. "Wait Cheese, I want to give you something before you go" He turned back and said "Sorry, Pinkie, but I can't take it, whatever it is, you already gave me a lot, and I have this rubber chicken"

But Pinkie didn't listen, and she pushed her muzzle next to his cheek and said "Maybe this is not as cool as a rubber chicken, but I want you to have it" and kissed him in the cheek. After that, she let him go, and he started walking again, trying to hide his apparent blush.

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Comments ( 6 )

I don't see how this is a comedy. It's more sad than funny. It was an okay read to me so I'm not going to leave a vote.

thanks for your opinion, I'll change the tag right now, and thanks for the reading :pinkiehappy:

I cried omg this is so beautiful great job :heart::raritystarry:

6807890 Thank you so much! you don't know how happy you make me be! :pinkiehappy:

**Fangirl squeals**


**Squeals again**


6816224 Finally someone somepony that understands how cheesepie makes me fangirl :trollestia:
Thanks for the comment, I love seeing other's oppinions :heart:

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