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Spike goes for a walk at mignight and Derpy, who cannot sleep, wants to know why. Derpy follows him and finds out the little dragon wrote a novel.

This is my first attempt at writing fiction in english (also with ponies). I am sorry for my bad english, it is actually not my mother language but I did my best.

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You say this fic is an Alternate Universe. What's the diff. from the cannon universe ? :twilightoops:

I'm sorry, but I have to say you should take punctuation lessons. English does not have the upside down question mark at the start of sentences, you use " for speech and not -, and don't put a comma before or after the dashes in a dash-embedded clause.


I say it is an alternative universe because the 'novel' written by Spike is not the canon universe. I am sorry if it confused you.


thanks, I'm going to fix that. Thank you for your comment, it helped me. I'm gonna edit it right now.

Oh and by the way, you forgot to put their names on a lot of the text. I knew who was speaking, but it is still confusing.


Oh thanks a bunch. I've changed it, is it better now?

653243 That's much better. Thanks for taking my criticism into account.

Shall there be a :derpytongue2::heart::moustache: ship?


Thanks to you for helping me ^3^

I don't know, at least for now there is no ship in my head hehe but I cannot say it will never happen, everything's possible



You say it's a romance who will it be ??

You're writing it in novel form but have script format dialogue? That's kinda odd and distracting, but you write it how you want, I guess.
It's still missing some quotation marks though.

If the pairing wasn't going to be for Derpy and Spike (which I totally want to see now, if only because it's so odd) then who was the romance tag intended for?

now I am taking seriously doing a :derpytongue2::heart::moustache: ship but at first it wasn't on my mind.

the pairings went for :fluttershysad::heart::rainbowderp: and :raritywink::heart::twilightsmile: (twilight and rainbow dash being males)


Derpy X Spike ?? :derpyderp1: :rainbowderp:

So let me get this straight. Rainbow Blitz X Fluttershy and Dusk Shine X Rarity ??

I'm okay with that, a hetero inter universal pairing . At least it's not FlutterDash or TwiRarity. :trixieshiftleft:

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