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This autistic brony is a fan of the works of Harry Turtledove. Particularly the "Darkness" hexalogy. Anypony know if there is a group for Turtledove fans?


This is inspired by Bad Seed 72's fanfiction "What Hath Joined Together". But the events in the story are not canon to the story's universe.
The story shows Captain Iron Hoof, the Captain of the Royal Guard, dreaming of his wedding to Princess Twilight Sparkle a little way in to the future of "W.H.J.T."'s timeline.
Meanwhile, Twilight and Flash decide to take a detour while flying home from Pinkie Pie's latest party.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 7 )

Nice to see this up, Baxter! A great character piece and take on the story. :twilightsmile:

I really like what you did with the juxtaposition between dreaming and reality. Good story, too. I'd advise either changing the perspective in Ironhoof's dream, or separating or italicizing the section, because the third person omniscient switching to first person and back again with no warning is somewhat off putting.

Ironhoof's dream was actually quite beautiful. Until he started acting like the prick he is.

After the original fic was cancelled, I am glad for this.

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