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After many attempts at enlisting himself into The Royal Night Guard, Eclispe is approached by Princess Luna and is asked a very important question that would change his life forever

Edited and preread by Key Tapper and Starlitomega.
Cover art - soon to be up - is by Midnight Strike.

Not a clop (Sex tag for mentions/talks, but no actual sex)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 3 )

While I like these kind of stories, somehow, I find it hard for me to emerge into this story. I can't really explain why.:applejackunsure:
Although it is hard for me to merge into the story, I give it a like because it features my favorite kind of ponies, and because it has an interesting beginning.

I wish you good luck with this story!:moustache:

Sorry to hear it doesn't appeal to you.:applejackunsure:
Thanks for the encouragement!:twilightsmile:

So far this sounds pretty good, waiting to see how it goes.

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