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I think this might be the first time I've seen a competent examination of the mirror pool's true horror.

6143336 this may well explain how background ponies end up everywhere

6144264 Mirror pool resettling bureau? :derpytongue2:

6144266 do you know how many stories could be written on this premise?!

> Twilight does a thing.
> She doesn't get it exactly right.
> Contains: Sex. Tentacle sex. Ponies being eaten by monsters. Sex with monsters. Murder. Sex with murdered ponies.
:twilightoops: She sure doesn't!

Twilight turned to look at me, and sniffed. “And why do you smell like dragon semen?”

And how did she know what the smell was?

Nooooo Twilight what does the mirror pool have to do with ending a transformation spell? /o_o\

Icy sex eeeee!

At least Lyra is into kinky stuff. c_c

Yay, Lyra isn't bored any more!

Pretty sure boredom is her worst possible state, all things considered ....

And doing nothing would be BORING, which is the worst thing.

Twilight, making a copy of the pony you imprisoned for eternity is not the same as fixing your mistake. FYI.

Lyra-clone, this isn't helping. /o_o\

Lyra 2.0 is definitely not an improvement over Lyra 1.0 in the creepiness department, Twilight.

And if you had been eaten by a manticore, you'd've enjoyed it!

The plant-venom one sounds more fun than most of the ways to die, here.

So why did the herd stick around to be fed to dragons? That wasn't a magical project, or ethical!

Lyra 2.0 is worst pony.

6150513 Must be one of those magical reagents Twilight needs for spells. *nods*

Lyra 2.0, you are STILL worst pony.

6151908 Because they didn't want to be the first one to move and get picked as the next volunteer. And the dragons didn't look like they could eat that many ponies...

I was basing their general passivity on Too Many Pinkie Pies and the wall of paint.

6151914 That, or occasionally having to do (or at least smell) a teenaged Spike's laundry.

did number two died from the manticore ? she's not mentioned after the attack but it's not explitly said she died. I'm a little confused.

6155591 She ran off. You do see her a few chapters later.

It's a good thing you're not dead, because you still have to stop evil Lyra 2.0!

And this is how we don't know if anything Lyra says is true! At least until she demonstrates having Cloud Kicker's talent.

damnit, I hate when clopfics have a bunch of tags I like, and a bunch of tags I hate, and no indication as to what happens in what chapter.

6159642 Most of the clop stuff is in the 'finer points' chapters. They are labelled.

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