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It's a crossover with...

Jesus Christ.

I feel like I'm the only person who really loves these, so thank you for continuing to write them.

I find your version of Lyra oddly compelling. Thanks for writing!

This... Might be one of the strangest stories I've ever read on this site. And I've read a lot of weird stories. And most of them aren't usually this internally consistent. I enjoyed it, and it was well-done, just... Very very strange.

You are planning to write more, yes? Although a fresh start might be better, as odd as that might sound, since this Lyra... Well, once you've been the literal Messiah for a couple civilizations, normal life might seem a bit pointless. And I'd love nothing more than to read more with the Lyra before the mirror pool thing (she is such a fascinating character and nobody else writes characters with that playfully socio/masochistic personality in fiction, ever, which is a shame because it is weirdly endearing and hot) in more stories about her just... I don't even know, doing stuff. Slice of Life, adventure, pretty much anything, I'd be absolutely ecstatic to read more like this. But perhaps on a smaller scale, heh.

8103736 This story pretty much killed the series, and not just because she was the messiah in an astral spirit quest.

Basically, no one read it, so I can't make any more sequels.

I was thinking of having another episode of Guards and Monsters, maybe. But I've got a couple other stories I'm working on first (and I'm not really writing very quickly lately).

Aww. Well, you know when you do write more, I'm gonna read it!

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