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The Cakes big order - Passions Star

This is a story about the Cakes preparing an Order for the Grand Galloping Gala

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The Trip to Canterlot

It was towards the late afternoon when the last of the confections came out of the ovens that Mr. Cake began shutting the the big ovens off.

Big Macintosh was arriving with his wagon the wagon he had chosen was one of their larger wooden jobs with leaf springs to ease any shock This wagon was only for hauling large loads that required careful handling and was designed to haul glass goods like bottles of Apple Cider. Emblazoned on the sides of the wagon in big red letters were the words "Sweet Apple Acres".

Big Macintosh Knocked on their front door to let the Cakes know he had arrived.

Mrs. Cake answered the door. "Ah, Big Macintosh, thank you for coming to help your help is most welcome".

Big Macintosh in his usual quiet way replied "Eeyup".

Mr. and Mrs Cake, with the help of Big Macintosh then began to load the wagon for the trip to the Train Station. Cakes and Eclairs, and confections of all kinds were loaded with great care in special protective crates.

Mrs. Cake then asked Big Macintosh, "This load will not be to heavy for you will it?" To Which, Big Macintosh chuckled and said simply "Nope".

Mr. Cake, ever the nervous sort when it came to their baked goods then said to Big Mac, "Please be careful when hauling this load".
Big Mac, as talkative as ever said simply, "Eeyup".

Pinkie Pie would stay behind to take care of Pound and Pumpkin Cake. The Cakes promised to hurry back as Big Macintosh had chores to do at Sweet Apple Acres, and Pinkie Pie needed to get ready for the Grand Galloping Gala to attend as one of the Mane Six with their friend and newly made Princess Twilight Sparkle.

As the three Mr. and Mrs. Cake and Big Macintosh left, Pinkie Pie locked up behind them.

The Cakes and Big Macintosh now made their way to the station as the worst part of the journey had begun.

Getting to the destination with everything in one piece and poor Me. Carrot Cake was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Arriving at the station Big Macintosh simply pulled the whole cart over the ramp and into the box car that waited it would not be a comfortable ride for the three of them but this would be the only way it would work as they had to ride in the boxcar with their goods to protect.

Of course during the whole process Mr. Cake was hovering over the baked goods like a mother hen about to lay an egg until everything was finally secured.

The train began to move with a jerk which had Mr. Cake nearly fainting.

"I do hope we can get all this there in one piece", said Mr. Cake worriedly.

"We will dear", replied Mrs. Cake.

The train ride almost made Mr. Cake a nervous wreck with every bump on the track.

For as a general rule trains are not known to be quiet as they travelled with that constant Clickety-clack, clickety clack as the steel wheels traveled on steel track.

Though the trip was uneventful and everything got to its destination in one piece.

Soon Big Macintosh was hauling the load to the great hall under the watchful gaze of Mr. Cake where the Grand Galloping Gala would be held.

They stopped at the guard station to show their credentials to the Royal Guards.

"We are the Cakes with an order for the Grand Galloping Gala", Mr. and Mrs. cake said.

The Royal Guards examined the credentials with those stern steely looks they were so famous for and finally stated three words, "You may pass".

The Cakes were shown to the tables set up for their goods and they began to unload; soon Princess Celestia appeared to oversee preparations.

The Cakes and Big Mac, all bowed to the Princess in unison, "Highness", they all said.

Princess Celestia replied, "Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, and Big Macintosh please go about your business".

Cakes and Eclairs and Pastries of all kinds began to appear on the tables the guests tonight would have plenty to enjoy along with all the other dishes bakers had provided.

There were Canapés and delicacies of all kinds finally everything was set out.

Princess Celestia then spoke, "Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, here is what I owe you for the work you have done."

Princess Celestia then paid the Cakes from the Royal coffers.

"Thank you Highness, we are happy to have done our part for the Grand Galloping Gala".

The Cakes and Big Mac all bowed to the Princess then they set out for home with Big Macintosh.

When The Cakes arrived home they turned to Big Macintosh. "Thank you for your help, and here is what we owe you for your services", then they paid Big Macintosh, for his efforts of hauling the goods.

Big Macintosh then said, "you do not have to pay me for my service, I do this as a friend".

"We will hear none of it", Replied Mr. and Mrs Cake, "you have done us a service we could not do alone, and we took valuable time from you out of your day to come help us, we owe you, and Sweet Apple Acres for what you have done for us and we wish to pay you for your work".

Big Macintosh then set out for home with his empty wagon rattling along behind him and looking forward to a home cooked meal before he would finish his chores around Sweet Apple Acres.

The Cakes then entered Sugar Cube corner and checked on Pinkie Pie Pound Cake and Pumpkin cake finding everything to be well.

Mr. Cake then spoke to Pinkie Pie, "Thank you for taking care of the twins today, you have been very helpful, here is what we owe you for sitting the twins while we worked, now, you better scoot and get ready for the Gala, your friends will be expecting you".

Pinkie Pie now made a mad dash to her room to bathe herself and get dressed, putting on the lovely dress made for her by the Famous Rarity for the Gala. After getting ready she then started on her way to the train Station to catch the train to Canterlot where she would meet up with her friends.

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I don't think Spike has ever play with the Cake Twins.

Overall, this story is cute. Simple, yet pretty cute and neat. :raritywink:

Getting to the destination with everything in one piece and poor Me. Carrot Cake was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

That's an error I think...other then that, this is an adorable story I loved it!

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

This was a very cute story, shows how hard work and determination can pay off. And how honesty can also be its own reward.

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