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But, when her obsession grows to great lengths, are they able to free her from its grasp.
Entry for the Equestrian Writer's Guild "Random Fanfic Contest"

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Random!:rainbowderp: Ull get back to it when I can.

:rainbowlaugh: Just....just......instant upvote. All the yes.

6075402 Well thanks! Glad you like it! :pinkiehappy:

6075383 Yes, it is very random. Let me know what you think when you do get to it!

Since no-one did it yet...

Oh Yeah!

6075551 You sir, just made my night!

6075562 It's ma'am, and your welcome!

SciTwi and/or EG Sparkle's face when they get up in the morning after their parallel universe version of the "first encounter with Kool-Aid" event.

Seriously never expected to use an image of Gasai Yuno on this site. Especially not in a non-Mirai Nikki related story/blog.

6075817 Too perfect. I love it! :rainbowlaugh:

6075822 Just a note: That's NOT Kool-Aid in the image. It's some of the remains of the last person that threatened Amano Yukkiteru, or was it the last girl that looked at him wrong...

6075838 I figured something like that.

Hmmm, a little too random for my tastes...


Twilight screamed out, jumping up and running passed her friends,


6075936 Thank you for pointing that out.

As bizarre as it is it actually happened to my father with a bunch of chocolate peanut brittle

There was so much yes!:rainbowkiss:
I have a little ways to go on your cover art. I'm having a lot of fun with Twilight
I love your story. I hope you win, because you deserve it!

fluffle puff automatically earns you an upvote

Okay, the part that was really funny was when Twilight went 'all psycho crazy' over the Kool-Aid. I think I almost woke my sister up because I was laughing so hard. :rainbowlaugh:

Premise was fun, though there was no grape drank and that makes my swarthiness sad.

Could use work. For one, and this is an annoying thing people do, never type out the awkward chuckles or giggles. Make a note of it next to the dialogue, not part of it. I don't need to read "he-he" or "huehue" or "ahahe". "Oh Spike, you're so silly, why would I steal Kool-Aid?" Twilight tittered nervously. I mean, something like that works.

6076595 Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

6076884 That was actually a last minute decision when I got to that part. I think it worked out. Glad you liked it!

6077094 I had a lot of fun writing that part Happy you enjoyed it!

6077403 That's actually a slight problem I've been having when I write, so you giving me that advice helps out a lot. Thanks!

I like the Horse M.D. reference.

6078068 Finally someone got it!

6077546 You're welcome!:twilightsmile:

For some reason I was expecting the cool aid man to show up when they caught her and back her up. Or maybe her just running them gh the wall screaming "oh yeah!" When they started chasing her.

lol to funny but next time just try my sour kool-aid that will make any one but me pass out and then barf

6091774 Lol. I'll keep that in mind.

6091782 lol u do that. it helps to keep people and ponies under control from kool-aid rushes like twilight had

One of the reasons why she'll never get a boyfriend.

Well, Good Luck in your contest (which I'm a judge of) and I loved your story! I'll PM you later, and I will for sure give it to the other judges to read! They're going to love it!

6117236 Okay thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

TLR: Well... this happened...
Ulysses: I know right? Confirms the fandoms belief that if she were human she'd be black.
TLR: Ulysses! What the hell man?!
Ulysses: What? Just sayin...
TLR: No dude, that's fucked up... really is...

Go home Twilight; you're drunk. On Kool-Aid. This gave me a good laugh.

6156309 Glad you enjoyed it!

6156319 It was a fun read.

I am so obsessed with Cool Aid and other water flavoring packs i eat them from the packs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2:

6157318 XD. Well hello Twilight.


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