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I am sort of an amateur writer but I love creative writing. Especially about topics that I love.


Just because Twilight Sparkle left the human world, doesn't mean crazy things don't still happen in Canterlot High.

Collection of short comedic stories in the form of a "Lucky Star" parody.

Chapters (4)
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Her loud snoring interrupted Ms. Cheerilee's lecture. Ms. Cheerilee grabbed a stack of three textbooks from her desk and walked to where Rainbow Dash was sitting.

extra space

"I really wish Twilight was back?" Rainbow Dash sighed

period, not question mark

"I would have offered to help, but I changed my mind," Applejack said."

Take off quote mark at end.

I don't have much practice when is comes to writing either

it, not is

"Wait! I made it," Rainbow Dash said out of breathe.


I think that AJ deserves to have the last word in this short!

I wonder if Sunset had tried using a mouth-pen like Twilight did. I'd really love to see her trying that in class! :rainbowlaugh:

What does Rainbow do that means she's so tired in class? Up until the small, dark hours writing Daring Do fanfic?

This is a cute series of short stories so far! :pinkiesmile: Poor Dash has been the butt of every joke, though...I have a feeling the next one will have some sort of misfortune in store for her :rainbowderp:

Lol Rainbow Dash... I know the answer.
But you won't get any cupcakes if you asked me:rainbowwild:

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