The Tales of Friendship

by xoxPinkiePiexox

Episode 3: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

Pinkie Pie and Rarity were standing in front of Sugar Cube Corner. The sound of car horns and police whistles could be heard throughout the block. "What is taking Rainbow Dash so long?" Rarity asked.
"If she doesn't hurry, I'm going to go inside without her, the free milkshake sale is almost over," Pinkie Pie said.
"Wait! I made it," Rainbow Dash said out of breath.
"Rainbow Dash! What are you wearing?" Rarity asked.
Rainbow Dash looked down at herself and noticed she was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts, "You mean this isn't a dream?"
"I'm pretty sure it isn't. Wait! Maybe it is," Pinkie Pie examined her clothes and chewed on her hair, "No it's not. If it was my hair would taste like candy. But then again, it could taste like candy in real life too."
The three went inside and walked up to the counter. "Welcome to Sugar Cube Corner, how may I help-" Mrs. Cake started.
"One chocolate milkshake," Rainbow Dash said.
"I'm sorry ma'am, but you need to be wearing appropriate attire to order."
"Don't worry Rainbow Dash, I can get you one," Rarity said.
"I'm sorry but the sale is limited to one per customer," Mrs. Cake said.
As Rainbow Dash headed towards the door three textbooks fell on her head. "I'm up!" Rainbow Dash yelled in shock.
The class began to snicker. "Missing your clothes Ms. Dash?" Cheerilee asked sarcastically.
"How did you know?" Rainbow Dash asked.
"You were talking in your sleep this time."
The snickers in the class began to get louder. "Why did you drop textbooks on my head?" Rainbow Dash asked.
"I warned you not to sleep in my class again."