The Tales of Friendship

by xoxPinkiePiexox

Episode 1: Slacker Dash

"And don't forget to cross multiply," Ms. Cheerilee said while writing on a black chalkboard.
Rainbow Dash began to doze off as Ms. Cheerilee continued to talk. Her loud snoring interrupted Ms. Cheerilee's lecture. Ms. Cheerilee grabbed a stack of three textbooks from her desk and walked to where Rainbow Dash was sitting. "No sleeping in my class!" She exclaimed as he dropped the stack of textbooks on Rainbow Dash's desk.
Rainbow Dash jumped from her seat in shock. "Not the cider!"
"Had a nightmare Rainbow Dash?" Ms. Cheerilee asked.
"You wouldn't believe! Sweet Apple Acres had an infestation and there was no cider for the season!"
"How sad," Ms. Cheerilee said sarcastically, "but does cider have anything to do with dividing fractions?"
The room fell in silence while Rainbow Dash stared at Ms. Cheerilee thinking. "Can you tell me how to divide a fraction?" Ms. Cheerilee asked.
The room fell in silence again while Rainbow Dash stared at the floor thinking. "That's what I thought, I don't want to see you sleeping in my class again or the desk won't be the only thing the textbooks hit."

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Sunset Shimmer were sitting in the courtyard of the school by a statue of a horse. "I really wish Twilight was back," Rainbow Dash sighed.
"Yeah, but it would be nice if she came when the fate of the school wasn't at risk," Applejack said.
"But where is the fun in that?" Pinkie Pie asked.
Rainbow Dash opened her math notebook and stared at the page with dried drool "I don't mean for fun! I still don't know how to divide fractions!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed.
"Why don't you just ask us for help?" Rarity asked.
"Because Twilight is the smartest."
"I would have offered to help, but I changed my mind," Applejack said.