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I am sort of an amateur writer but I love creative writing. Especially about topics that I love.


Scootaloo wants Rainbow Dash to take her under her wing. She thinks she is the most awesome pony and will do anything to bond with her. But when Scootaloo tries to hard, will it start to push Rainbow Dash away?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 5 )

Great story!:twilightsmile:

Just a tad rushed. My opinion though.

Short and sweet, if not a little sad. But we all need a good dose of sad. :raritywink: Plus...that line

raining Scootaloos, that's what

:coolphoto: Gets an upvote from me

Oh, by the way, might I ask why this has a romance tag?

It was there for sisterly love but lately I had writer's block for this one so I might remove it. Thanks for reminding me. :twilightsmile:

5929828 Gotta love that sisterly love. :twilightsmile: While I admit I find it weird for sister love to qualify as 'romance', I searched the word and the definition was 'a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love', so I stand corrected.

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