The Tales of Friendship

by xoxPinkiePiexox

Episode 2: Equestrian Penmanship

Fluttershy sat in the music room staring in her pink music notebook with a puzzled face. "What's up Fluttershy?" Sunset Shimmer greeted as she entered the room.
"I was going through my notebook to find some lyrics I wrote for a new song when I found this," Fluttershy said while presenting a page in her notebook to Sunset Shimmer.
The page had doodles of the Dazzling's pendants, Twilight singing, Adagio's face with a caption under it that read "evil" and random words. "I don't remember writing this," Fluttershy said.
Sunset Shimmer stared at the doodle of Twilight singing. "I think Twilight wrote this."
"Is this why Twilight had no lyrics for the counter spell?" Fluttershy asked.
"That may be true," Sunset Shimmer said nervously.
"Do you guys write back in Equestria?"
"Usually I use my magic. I don't have much practice when it comes to writing either," Sunset Shimmer pulled out a notebook from her backpack and flipped through the pages. She showed Fluttershy a page full of scribbles and doodles. "This is how I used to write." Sunset Shimmer flipped through the pages to some more recent notes. "This is how I write now."
Fluttershy stared at the page covered in sloppy hand-writting. The sentences were scrambled throughout the page and managed to not stay in the lines. "I don't see that much progress."

"Sunset Shimmer, can I borrow your notes from science class," Rainbow Dash asked.
"Sure," Sunset Shimmer said as she handed Rainbow Dash a blue journal.
Rainbow Dash skimmed the pages searching for the notes from the day's class. She began to snicker as she read the notes. "On second thought, I will just ask Rarity," she said as she handed Sunset Shimmer her journal back, "I can't really read your hand-writing."
"I tried my best to catch up but the teacher writes too fast," Sunset Shimmer pouted.
"Don't fret. Just try to keep the words on the line next time, they're there for a reason."