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"Big" Jim Cooley: the stallion that everypony in Buck City looks up to, both in fear and awing respect. His skill out on the plains is matched only by his madly inflated ego.

Applejack, set out west to seek fortune as a cattle wrangler, gets pulled into an adventure that she can't possibly turn down. But when she finds out this "typical" cattle run is a suicide mission that goes right across Buck City's desolate and savage-ridden plains, will she ditch a chance at the opportunity of a lifetime?

Based roughly on the song Ballad of Big by Genesis

First Published
26th Jun 2012
Last Modified
13th Dec 2013

This fic tickles my jimmies.

Best Western ever? You decide!

This was actually an enjoyable read. There's not many Westerns in the fandom, and this is a worthy addition to the genre. I'll be interested in seeing what you do with the character of Big, and how you'll use our Miss Applejack as it continues.:ajsmug:

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Oh snap :ajbemused:

An adventure fic with Applejack in the lead role?

Yep, I'm reading. :ajsmug:

Another awesome Western type fic involving the best pony? I'm hooked!

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>Sabre gets featured


#9 · 170w, 6d ago · · · From Dust ·

OH! I thought is was based on the Jim Croce's "You Don't Mess Around with Jim" until I read what it was really about.

Comment posted by MarineMarksman deleted at 5:44am on the 13th of December, 2013
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>>3620186 I fucking love this gif.


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