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Six individuals are unwilling victims to the dreadful psychological disorders that loom over us all. Their painful experiences show Twilight that, through these Six Degrees, one can only overcome mental anguish through compassion and understanding.

A careful weaving of a story through lyrics, and a tribute to a beautiful album. Based off of the songs in the album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 36 )

What's this? Someone is adapting one of my all time favorite albums into a fanfic? Interesting, very interesting. And an excellent job so far as well. I look forward to seeing where this fic goes, it has high potential. I like the use of Twilight as an outside observer of each of the six characters. I noticed that unlike the first two, the third chapter seems to be almost entirely a rewrite of the original lyrics with only a few added parts or details. Do you plan to alternate between Twilight's original story and chapters dedicated to rewrites of the lyrics?

406418 You've got a keen eye, and to an extent that will be true, but the true details will remain a surprise for you all! But I'm certain you will enjoy the story... I know that I'm having an insane amount of fun writing it!

Get it? Insane? :pinkiehappy:


Why do I even bother... :trixieshiftright:

P.S. Extra brohoof to you, my good friend, for knowing what good music is.

This definitely caught my eye. Dream Theater + ponies = win.

Don't have time to read much now, but I would like to say you have won EVERYTHING. Seriously.

*see Dream Theater album name*
*insta fav, insta thumbs up*

406438 Good music? GOOD MUSIC!? This is Epic music. It's maybe not my favorite album ever (which is SFaM) but I sure know this whole album by heart; lyrics and Drum.



Actuaaally...I've been recently doing 'SFAM: MLP Style' on my account ^^;;.

I was actually thinking of doing a fan fic like this(I originally had a story planned with my 5 friends including myself),but looks like you beat me xD!

It looks good so far,Please keep it up!

408310 The plot line in that album confuses the heck outta me :rainbowhuh: I still have yet to really delve into the whimsical mastery that is SFaM


Oh,can I explain the concept to you if you want too ^^!I have been doing the story,but I've been stuck recently on 'Fatal Tragedy'.

409316 If you'd like, I'd love to preread/read your story for you sometime


You can ^^!I'll send you a message about the Plot line and all.

so what chapter do you plan on bringing twilight in as a major part of their lives or is she just going to wath them from afar

Curious to see if anyone gets the DT reference I threw in there near the end... :pinkiehappy:

i might know wha tyour talking about but i dont know what dt stands for so seea:twilightsheepish:

415646 Dream Theater, of course

I see what you did there in the end :moustache:

The whole story was a great read, I was especially amazed how you adapted lyrics into conversations without the feel of being out of place, or odd. I could literally hear some of the songs in my head as I was reading, I found the 'The test that stumped them all' chapter particularly well written.

Expected a more bitter or darker closure to Twilight's journey, but nothing that I am disappointed with. :twilightsmile:

that's the end?


I know this is a bit behind the released date, but heres my comment.

Coming from a person who has had a "shut in" life and has never heard of these songs you base your story off, this sounds like poetry to me. It's suprisingly deep and dark for something I thought would be reletivly plain, like other stories based off music. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and thank you for creating a story that made me see people in a different light, no matter how they seem by first impression.

Unfortunately so, my friend, but I'm glad to see you are reluctant to finish reading! :twilightsmile: Were you not happy with the ending? Anything I should know?

Thank you a thousand times over for the positive support. How did you come across the story, considering it's not featured, or listed recently, if I may ask? I'm very curious to find out!

>> Sabre
Although id like to say it caught my eye while i was surfing the archives, i was tracking you from the start. I recently had an internet breakdown and was stuck using an "ancient" mobile phone as my reading source. I had a source to read from, but no way to reply to any comments or opinions. Just got my net back up and the first thing i did was voice my opinions, regardless of how old they would be. This was the one that came across to me as the most important :pinkiehappy:

This is a very moving story. Even though i haven't heard the album (which is about to change very quicky i assure u), i can tell u cafted each chapter to each of the songs masterfully. Looking forward to reading all your other stories.:twilightsmile:

This is one of the greatest albums I've ever heard. I can't wait to be able to read this. :pinkiehappy:

I got your note on DA, and I will most definitely be reading this starting later tonight. This is one of my favorite albums, and Dream Theater is tied with Pantera and Judas Priest for my all-time favorite band.


The story has been re-written! Check it out!


This is wonderful...also, Dream Theater rules.

Wow....just...wow. I'd have never expected you to take the lyrics of a song and so fluently incorporate them straight into the story itself. Bravo! I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

Every time I read over this chapter again, it hurts a little more.

I think that means you did something right.

I edited the entire second half of this album into an entire song for my iPod, and I got to see DT perform War Inside My Head and The Test That Stumped Them All live a couple of weeks ago. I can seriously cannot think of a more musically godlike band such as Dream Theater. Bless you and your amazing taste in music.

First: I think the line said "Trading innocence for permanent psychotic hell", not "ill". But it doesn't matter, you know better than me what you wanted to write there. Just thinking that "psychotic hell" sounds better xD

Well... Reading this chapter hurt a bit. It's simply GREAT, but it did hurt a bit. Excellent job.

"These were the best of times."

First Dream Theater song that ever made me cry (BC&SL was the second album I heard, after Octavarium). That ending solo... One of my Top 5 All-Time favorite guitar solos.

It has little to do with the chapter itself, but I just couldn't resist to make a comment only about that xD

Just finished with "Losing Time"... Quite a shocking statement Juniper did, uh? But so true.

Well... Excellently well written. Way to combine storytelling and song lyrics, and make it feel natural. Way to combine great lyrics about a mental illness with an equally great backstory for each one of the 6 (or are they 22?) ponies. Excellent job, man. Here's a moustache :moustache:
Absolutely looking forward to the Grand Finale :twilightsmile:

As i'm reading this i'm actually listening to the album. What a coincidence!

Can't wait to move on :twilightsmile:


In all my Dream Theater based stories, I like throwing in little bits that true fans will recognize. I just realized you mentioned this :pinkiesmile:

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