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While she was looking for material to send to princess Celestia, Twilight finds a book! Well, it's not really a book, more a "Alternate universe that somehow got onto the shelf of a small Library in Ponyville". By accident, Twilight falls into it and starts her amazing journey trough the music of Pink Floyd...

(Yes you read that last bit correctly, and no, don't ask me how I got the idea. Let's just say the album Ummagumma Live! and my cat were involved)

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I decree that either 'Dark Side Of The Moon' or 'Atom Heart Mother' be next....! Maybe 'Ummagumma'.


I am going Chronologically, so the next one is A saucerful of secrets

This is amazing, and I urge you to keep going!:pinkiehappy: Two critique's are length, and spelling errors. You can't necessarily help length, but before you publish, take another look at your final draft :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: I also tweeted about your story to all of my followers (not that many) but I hope at least one of them read your story!\


There are spelling errors? Holy shit, I'm an english teacher how did I manage to fuck that up?

Thanks for the critique tho, and no, I can't help length, also, Dark Side of the Moon and Childhood's End are probably gonna be 2000+ words, because I'm gonna include all the lyrics and symbolism.

EDIT: Corrected as much as I could see in the chapters, if you see a spelling error, inform me

"where he was"

didn't know Twilight was male :pinkiehappy:

was the only spelling error I could find in this chapter.


Does that mean it's good or...? :unsuresweetie:

I really had no idea what to write on the topic of "More", it's one of those albums that is just...I dunno

Trippy is the word that comes to mind (Then again, aren't all Pink Floyd albums trippy?)


yeah, it's good, just saying you misspelled one word, and you wanted to know if you had any spelling errors, so..... yeah.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention this before, but I'm really looking forward to what you'll write for all the albums leading up to 'The Wall' :derpytongue2:. I mean, think about it, Twilight is having all these trippy events happening to her, and then suddenly get hit by an album that does a 180. Dark, brooding.... can't think of any other words to describe it right now :derpytongue2:, but yeah, can't wait.


Same thing happens at Obscured by Clouds, since that album isn't all that trippy and positive in itself

But yeah, my upload pattern will be somewhat irregular as I battle finals, field trips and writer's block! So yeah, the Ummagumma chapter is underway, but I get halfway trough it and BAM I fuck up to the point of no return. I have redone the goddamn thing three or more times by now!


This is magic :yay: And personally, I think Obscured by Clouds is one of my favorites by them, so I can't wait for it!

Thanks for the feedback! And also, Obsucred by Clouds is my favourite Pink Floyd album of all time :twilightsmile:
Sorry about not being here for a while, field trip! :pinkiehappy:
New chapter will be up on the 20th of May

well, this does appear similar to some of my former chapters. Maybe I'm just overthinking this stuff. I don't know. :derpyderp1:

This isn't the last of the BIG COSMIC STUFF in my 14 chapter epic, believe me. You're gonna see some serious shit as soon as Dark Side of the Moon hits 88 Gilmours an hour! :pinkiecrazy:

The next three albums (Meddle, Obscured by Clouds (That I think is gonna be the longest, I got 3000+ words for it already! :rainbowdetermined2:) and Wish You Were Here) are gonna be a lot more grounded so to say, a lot more human...or pony or whatever :derpytongue2:

Well, just tell me if I'm repeating myself or if it's okay ! :twilightsmile:

*lights piece* Now then, about the references in this: Dear Esther (BRILLIANT, PLAY IT. PLAY? IT'S NOT EVEN A GAME!), other floyd albums (Whoever catches the most references wins a cookie! :moustache:) and a few others that I'm to lazy to list.

Wow, this is getting long, better cut to the chase! Well still better doing this then posting it IN THE STORY!

Lotsa emoticons on this one, huh? Well, BYE FOR NAOW! :rainbowwild:

Oh god, this series is glorious.
More, Celestia, more.

I'm sorry, but Wot's...uh the deal? I'm currently feeling a little Obscured by Clouds so if you could Let me in from the cold and turn my lead into gold. You should stick around and maybe we'll put one down. I gues that every time the sail is hoist I find my eyes are growing moist, so I'm the man on the outside looking in. :pinkiecrazy:

This made my day.

Can't wait for The Wall and Wish You Were Here. :rainbowkiss:


Don't hold your breath, man. I'm still working on the update. And by "working on it" I mean "Hideously procrastinating"


Don't worry. One day, when the earth freezes over, when the once mighty cities burn amidst the corpse-filled streets, when humanity's violence reaches a point of no return, that fatal point of release, when all the floodgates open and we get blasted by a biblical nuclear shitstorm...

I will be there.

At the end of the road.

Then, a new chapter of When You're In... will be released.

1765277 Oh boy, that's in like three weeks!


...don't worry, nobody can be dissapointed when they're DEAD....


I like this. I like this a lot. Though, I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't include "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" in the second chapter :ajsleepy:

Good stuff. The Gold It's In The Story, no question, but i got to agree with FloydienSlip, unless you are saving the song for Live at Pompeii. The live albums are my favorites. :twilightsmile:


Don't hold your breath for any updates, mate.

I am the laziest human being in the universe and I never keep my promises


That you are, and damn you to hell for it!

Edit: Also, claim to be massive Pink Floyd fan, isn't in the Pink Floyd Fimfiction Group, For shame...


Pardonne moi, sir, but I was not aware that there WAS a Pink Floyd group. This obvious lapse in my attention has been mended and I'm ready to start posting rubbish on the forum.

Moving right on along. I am slightly incapacitated right now (in the literary sense) since I'm stuck up here in As(s)pen with my wife and kids.

Now to explain the main problem I have with "When you're in...". No, it's not my notorious unreliability and laziness. It's my inability to pay attention to anything longer than 20 seconds, give or take. I get an idea, I spot a squirrel and boom, no new "When you're in..." chapter. As simple as that.

Have a good one


Could you put the songs that the lyrics are from in links like the first chapter?

How dare you stop at Meddle! This story is too good to leave off simply at that!

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