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Dark Warrior of...... Neutrality?! - Cipherthefightingwriter

sent to Equestria by some nutjob dressed as the happy mask salesman, a Brony cosplaying as gaming's ultimate evil is petrified by the sisters merely for feeling evil. Once he free, he decides to not be a hero or villain but tries to live in peace

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Into the Abyss

Laying in bed, I idly sighed as I thought about everything that happened recently. It had only been a day since we got back from the Crystal empire, and two days since everything happened. We didn't stay long due to my losing control of myself and my power, which had after I let lose outside the city, resulting in the entire city going into a panic, thinking Umbra was back. If that wasn't enough, when news got out on my revealing that Shining Armor had been cheating on Cadence, the ponies blamed me, saying that I had corrupted him. To keep a riot from forming and causing trouble, I ultimately decided it would be wiser to just leave rather than make them see past their asses and spare Cadence anymore trouble. I gritted my teeth, just as mad as before, Cadence was a kind pony, and for her to be cheated on and me blamed for Shining Armor's actions. I ultimately groaned as I got up, 'It is pointless getting mad, they can't see beyond their snouts then fine, at least Cadence doesn't have to deal with being cheated on.... I better just get up, gotta be at Twilight's for work in an hour anyways, so I better get some breakfast then head over there.'

After a quick breakfast, I opened the door to head out, only to find a manticore in front of my door. When it turned to me, I recognized it from the scar over its eye. Not wanting to deal with it, I radiated my power and punched it square on the nose. As it covered its nose, actually shocked, I growled myself and pointed towards the everfree, "Get lost, I am in no mood for your shit!"

Slinking to the ground, the manticore quickly hauled out of there back the forest. Rubbing my hand from punching him, I continued on my way to the library. As soon as I got there, I quickly went to go inside, only to find the door locked. Confused, I went to knock only for the door to open, revealing Spike. Seeing me, he said to me, "Blaze? Um... Twilight isn't here right now, she had to go to Canterlot to meet with her family. She left this note for you."

Taking the note, I opened it and started reading.


I am sorry, but for a while, the library is going to be closed. I had to go to Canterlot to meet with my family in order to discuss what is to be done with Shining as a result of his actions. Also, it is hard for me to say this, much less write it down for you to read without actually talking to me, but I need to please, when I do come back, stay away from me for a while. I sorry, I'm not being fair, but everything that happened while in the Crystal Empire opened my eyes to things I hadn't considered before. To know what my brother had done, and then my own teacher, I just need space. So please, when I return, until I come to see you, just please, let me handle things on my own.

Twilight Sparkle

Looking the letter over once more, I sighed as I pocketed it, "Well Spike, looks like I am not going to be here for a while because of everything that happened on the trip."

Spike shrugged slightly, "Well, you did kind of reveal that Shining Armor was cheating on Cadence and that Celestia was selfish with Twilight."

I gave him a deadpan look, "Thanks, you know how to help a guy feel better."

He looked sheepish as I merely said good-bye then headed off. Deciding to try to take my mind off things, I started walking around town in order to clear my head. As I walked, I debated on what to do now, 'OK, not doing any work at Rarity's, couldn't sow for my life in my old body, going to be worse in this one with these hands. Definitely not sugar cube corner, I couldn't bake back home even with a number of attempts so i am not going to even try on that one, plus Pinkie annoys me at times. I'd try helping Fluttershy but her work is mainly volunteer work, plus with her animals terrified of me and her lack of respect for my personal space, unlimited no there. I can't fly nor can I manipulate the weather other than make it rain when I play the song of storms.' I sighed, Guess the classic cliche of working at Sweet Apple Acres it is."

Remembering how to get there, I headed over. I smiled some when I got there and could see Applejack out and about, getting ready to work. Once close enough, I went to call out to her, only for her to see me and wave me over. Smiling as I walked up, she asked, "What brings ya'll here Blaze? Ah figured you'd be workin for Twilight right now."

I shook my head, running my hand through my hair, "She is in Canterlot right now because of everything that happened, and whats more, she told me in a note she left me that... well... she wants me to stay away for the time being, saying that she needs to figure things out."

She gave me a look of pity, "Ah'm sorry sugarcube. Ah guess everything that happened hit her pretty hard. Ah mean, first her brother is a cheatin snake, then she finds out her own teacher, the princess, manipulated things for selfish reasons? It would hit anyone hard." She then nudged me, "Well, gettin back on track now, Ah guess ya'll came here for work?"

I nodded, "Yeah, without any work I am both going to go insane and not have anything." I snorted, "Plus I seem to be the only one supporting the others, as far as I know, none of them have, in all this time, gotten a job."

She chuckled, "Ahright then, and seeing as you are a tougher pony than most, maybe tougher than Big Mac, well, we will see what you can do."

With that she lead me into the Orchard where, after a while of walking, I finally got to meet Big Mac this time. Seeing him for the first time, I could clearly see that he was taller than most ponies, easily about 6 feet or so, but ultimately, thanks to Ganondorf's body, I was still looking down on him, but only by a head. When he seen me, he actually went completely still in surprise, "...... Yer a biggin."

I couldn't help it, I laughed before reaching out to shake his hand, "Not by choice, anyways, I'm Blaze, and I'm assuming you're Big Mac?"

He nodded, "Eeyup."

Chuckling, Applejack commented, "Looks like ya managed to intimidate 'im Blaze." I blushed and rubbed the back of my head as she lead me to a tree, "Ahright, Firs' things firs', we need ta see how well you can buck a tree."

Coming up to a tree, she motioned for me to give it a shot. Stepping up to the tree, I took a deep breath, exhaled, then lashed out with my leg. As soon as it happened, two things occurred, the first being the tree actually breaking where I kicked it while the other was the feeling of pain spreading through my foot which hit the tree rather than my actual leg. Clutching my foot, I started hopping up and down, cursing everything. By the time the pain subsided and I was able to put weight back on my foot, I realized I was hearing laughter, and looked to see Big Mac and Applejack both laughing at me. I rolled my eyes as I shook my foot lightly, "Yeah, yeah, laugh it up at the guy who nearly broke his foot."

Applejack just grinned, "Ah think ya'll broke the tree rather than your foot. Anyways, lets try another tree, just lighter on the kickin next time."

With that, went to another tree where this time, it took me four tries before I could kick the tree with enough force to knock some apples out. It ultimately took me four trees before I could match the second one but once I could, I got into a sort of rhythm as I would hit the trees twice then carry the apples in their baskets. I was preparing to do it again when I heard a young voice say, "WOW! You're bigger than Big Mac!"

Looking to the source of the voice, I recognized a familiar little filly pony easily and said to Applebloom with a chuckle, "I seem to get that quite a lot whenever someone meets me."

She went to say something only to notice my hand and look closely at it, "Is that your cutie mark mister? What does it mean?"

Blinking, I didn't understand at first till I remember the triforce then shook my head, "It isn't a cutie mark, its called the triforce."


I nodded, "It comes from another land where, it is said that it was created by the three goddesses who made that land as a link between there and their sacred realm. Known also as the sacred pyramid, the three gold sections represent from top, left, and right, power, wisdom, and courage respectfully. When together, it has the power to grant an individual a single wish regardless of whether they are good or evil. What matters though in order to have all three at once, is balance, for if someone with more of one than the others touch it, they will gain the piece representing what is greatest in them. Yet even the sections still grant power to their wielder"

She touched my hand gently, "Does that mean that you are strong? The top part is brighter than the others in color."

I chuckled, "Yep, though only because of my current form. I wasn't always a big guy, I used to be smaller and relied more on wisdom. Though because of something happening, I was given power and this body, and as a result the section of power."

She blinked, "Ya'll act as if this triforce thingy is real."

Chuckling, I raised my hand and focused some power, causing it to glow, then opened my hand to reveal the piece floating in my palm, making her go wide eyed, "As you can see, it is quite real." I then closed my hand, making it disappear, "I must ask you though, do me one favor Miss..."

She jerked her head up to face me, "Applebloom mister!"

I nodded, "Do one thing for me Applebloom, never tell anyone about it yourself, if they ask me, I will choose to tell them or not."

"Why mister..."

"Blaze, and it is because of an old saying from my home, 'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. This thing has made me tempted at times to do some bad things to ponies that would make me mad. Only reason I haven't gone nuts with power is because I don't want to disappoint some important to me. Just imagine if someone mean or evil got their hands on it."

She thought about it and swallowed, "I promise Mister Blaze, I won't tell anyone about it!"

I nodded with a smile, "Good, now, I need to get back to work on these trees, otherwise your brother and sister will kick my butt." She just nodded then ran off, allowing me to continue my work.

It was about three that Applejack found me to let me know it was break time. Heading over to the house, Big Mac came out with lemonade and some apples for us to snack on. As we relaxed, Big Mac spoke up, "Mah sister tells me that you came from another world, is that true?"

I nodded, "Yep, forced into your world from mine, and in a body that isn't mine, same with the power."

He scratched the back of his head, "How in Equestria does that happen?" I sat and explained about my world and everything leading to me to winding up in Equestria, culminating in my being woken up while avoiding the subject of who freed me. When I finished, he rubbed the back of his head, "Sounds like ya'll have been through a lot Blaze. You have my condolences."

I shrugged and went to say something, only to get hit in the head by something. Before I could figure out what just happened, I was hit again as an elderly voice shouted, "EVIL VARMINT! GET AWAY FROM MAH FAMILY AND MAH PROPERTY!"

Turning to my attacker, I seen that it was Granny Smith and she was attacking me with a cane. I tried to speak up in order to get her to stop attacking me and listen, but she was ultimately having none of it and kept attacking even as the others tried to stop her. Finally, deciding to get away from the barrage, I fled. I reached the center of town by the time I stopped, and cursed after I caught my breath, "Grand, there goes that idea, now what the hell am I going to do?"

"Looks like its been rough for you since we last met."

Looking to the source of the voice, I recognized a familiar voice and commented quietly, "Just a bad couple days miss Yearling, we can talk over lunch or something if you really want to know."

Stopping in at the cafe, Daring Do and I sat down, placed our orders, then I told her everything that happened since she left. When I finish, she commented, "Sounds like a heck of a time, everything that happened up to now."

I sighed, "Just wish I could have gone without getting whacked in the head by a cane though, or that I could have been able to explore the Crystal Empire without all the hate, but hey, we can't all be Gary Stus. I know I'm glad that I'm not one."

"You know, you've mentioned it a few times in the past, but what the heck is a Gary Stu?"

"A Gary Stu or their female counterpart, a Mary Sue, is a character in a game, movie, or story that, everyone good and innocent likes them and wants to be with them as either a friend or lover, they win every fight they get into which are usually only ones with evil doers, in fact, they are usually portrayed as the hero. They also are suppose to be handsome, beautiful, whatever, and always flawless even when they should be scarred heavily from a fight. They also are notorious for often talking the villain down by appealing to their humanity or whatever the pony version would be."

Daring seemed to think about it, "Kind of like Princess Celestia huh?"

I laughed, "She wishes she could be a Mary Sue. No, she is just a selfish ruler who probably sees herself as a goddess."

"Preferring your world's ruler or deity then?"

I scowled, "Not a chance in hell, I want to believe on the part of my lover who passed away that there is something, but ultimately, religion to me is just a load of BS. I mean, on earth, God is suppose to be the guy that made us, that gave us his rules and laws and tried to set us down a path of good right? Then considering everything that goes on back on Earth, the wars, murders, and such, why the hell hasn't he done anything? Either appeared or just flat out give a sign that says, 'You may have the ability to choose but you still need to shape up'!"

"Sorry I asked, I guess thats one of your sore subjects?"

Finishing my drink, I replied "You have no idea, there are three things that set me off, Nazi's, deities, and people who make a mockery of love. Though on the deity thing though, it is only Celestia who makes me furious at this point because of her doing things like she did to Twilight and claiming it is for the best or such. I can forgive mortals like us for it once or twice, we are short lived and proned to mistakes, but immortals? They should know better, they have all the time in the world to learn and when they reach an age they should know better, it becomes unforgivable for such BS."

As Daring finished her drink, I paid for our drinks then we started to walk and I showed her around. After a while of walking, Daring then asked, "So if you don't have any work, what will you do now?"

Running my hand through my hand, I shook my head, "I don't know, the only other things I can think of I can't do because I either don't have the capabilities needed, or how I am now leaves me unable to do anything."

She thought about it, then seemed to get an idea, "You know, in my work, getting artifacts and such, there have been times when I am forced to find alternate paths or use force to get through things. If you want, you can come with me for a while, help me with some sites that I can't handle alone."

I thought about it, I knew that, if I went, I would be facing possible danger from the places she goes to. I wanted to say no, but thinking about everything here, I realized that I would just be pretty much sitting around with nothing to do, possibly leading to more trouble. Nodding to myself, I settled on my decision and turned to her, "When do you have to head out on your next trip?"

"I'm heading out in an hour after I gather supplies."

I nodded, "I'll meet you at the front end of town, let me gather what I need and write a note for the others so they know what is going on."

Later 3rd PoV

Returning to the house, Zelda went inside, a concerned look on her face. Seeing Link and Lana, she asked them, "Have either of you see Blaze at all?"

Lana shook her head, "No, we haven't, have you checked the library to see if he is there working?"

Zelda went to reply only for there to be a knock at the door. Answering it, she found Applejack and Big Mac there, "Howdy Princess Zelda, my brother and I came here looking for Blaze, have ya'll seen him?"

She shook her head, "No, none of us have seen him all day."

Applejack frowned, "Really? We came to apologize for our granny attacking 'im, saying he was evil when he had been trying to work with us on the farm, but he up and disappeared on us after running from Granny Smith?"

"Working on the farm? I thought he worked at the library with Twilight?"

"He was, but the trouble with 'er brother has her bothered badly, so not only is she in Canterlot with her family fer the situation, she wanted Blaze to stay away while she tries to wrap her head aroun' this."

Concerned, Lana asked, "What do you think could have happened to him?"

Link then gave a thought, "Maybe there is something in his room that could tell us where he is."

With that thought, the group went to Blaze's room, and found to their surprise, Fluttershy sitting on Blaze's bed, the window open and a note in her hand that she was trying to figure out. She was startled when she heard Applejack say to her, "Fluttershy? What in tarnation are you doing here?"

Whirling to face them, she blushed, "Um... Well... I wanted to come visit Blaze and see how he was doing after everything that happened in the Crystal Empire. But I wasn't sure when a good time to do so would be. When I didn't see him in his room I got so worried that I came in to see if something was wrong, only to find this note. I can't read it though because it is in his language."

Zelda stepped forward, "May I try to read it Miss Fluttershy?"

She nodded and handed the note to Zelda who started reading.


I'm sorry that I am only leaving this note, but I don't have the time to see everyone before I leave. Due to the situation at the Empire, I pretty much have no job. I made an attempt to work at Sweet Apple Acres, but ultimately, as well as it went, I ended up seeing what its like to get hit in the head by an old lady with a cane. Anyways, after that, I ran into a friend who after talking with me, gave me a job opportunity. Before you ask, I am sure miss Yearling will be safeish to work with. I don't know how long I will be gone, but I will be back. I just need this, both for the work and so that I think about everything. Twilight I admit was right, we both need time to think about everything. Again, I am sorry for leaving on such notice. Be well everyone.


Fluttershy sniffed as she started crying, prompting Applejack to comfort her as Zelda asked, "Who is this miss Yearling Blaze mentioned?"

Applejack hesitated some before answering, "She's an author, she happens to write them Daring Do books Rainbow Dash Likes. She lives out in a forest so she probably wants him working fer her as a guard or somethin."

Link raised an eyebrow, "A bodyguard for a writer?"

It was Big Mac who saved Applejack, "Her work is very popular, and with fans constantly wondering about when the next book is going to come out it could get bad."

Link still looks unsure, but nodded as Applejack said to Fluttershy, "Now don't ya'll worry Fluttashy, Blaze is the stubborn sort, plus we seen how tough he is, I am sure he will be ok."

Fluttershy just sniffed and hugged Applejack, "Oh I hope so Applejack. Who knows what trouble he could get into!"

With that, the group left the room, only for Zelda to stay, look in the room, and start to pray, "Goddess, please watch over Blaze, and insure that wherever his journey takes him, he shall be safe and in good hands, and may he come back to me safely."

Author's Note:

Ok, well, sorry to say this, but for now, this is the end of Gray Darkness, I hope everyone enjoyed it and had a good time reading. Later everyone...

Just kidding XD the story will continue in the next chapter, where I promise, things are going to pick up some.

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