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Dark Warrior of...... Neutrality?! - Cipherthefightingwriter

sent to Equestria by some nutjob dressed as the happy mask salesman, a Brony cosplaying as gaming's ultimate evil is petrified by the sisters merely for feeling evil. Once he free, he decides to not be a hero or villain but tries to live in peace

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Dark Inferno

Sighing as I rubbed the bridge of my nose, I said to Epona while we were all at my place, "So let me get this straight, while you were outside the temple that Link and the others were in, you were suddenly hit by a wave of magic and knocked out, and when you woke up you found yourself in this world and in your current form, is that the gist of it?" As she nodded, I nodded as well, then with a grin turned to Link, "How about that Link? According to back home, in one game for potential love interests, you have a princess, both the light and dark halves of a woman who watches over time, a Twili being, A zora princess, a sword spirit, and the bodyguard of the first princess. Now I believe we can add your faithful steed who seems to be reborn just as much as you and Zelda to the mix."

I ducked as he threw an ink well at me then simply laughed. Stunning me, Zelda then commented, "Well, now we can see how devoted she is to you Link. Shall I preside over the wedding ceremony when it comes?"

Everyone just stared at Zelda before I burst out laughing first, and hard enough that I fell out of my chair and hit my head. Rubbing the back of my head, I then said to Zelda, "Who are you and what have you done with the Princess?"

She blinked, "Is something wrong? I merely seen how much you tend to tease everyone a get some laughter from others. So I was curious. Was my attempt bad?"

I shook my head no, holding in a snicker, "Its not that, its just, except for one incarnation of you, every version has been pretty serious. So for you to make a joke, that makes it even funnier!"

She blushed at the thought but before anyone could say anything, there was a knock at the door and both Twilight and Rarity came in, Rarity with a bag of clothes and Twilight with what looked like letter. Holding up the letter, she said to me, "Blaze, I have some news! Do you remember Cadence?"

I nodded in amusement, "Yeah, I remember quite clearly. It was after that debacle with Discord faking being sick that you introduced her to me and the others and then when you mentioned me playing the violin she asked if she could listen to a song."

She blushed at remembering the whole incident before waving the letter some, "Well, I just got a letter from her. She is suppose to have a break in her duties again in two days and wanted me to bring each of you along to see the crystal empire."

I was tempted to say no, but decided I might not get the chance again, so I nodded, "Sure, I'm in."

She smiled as the others even agreed, then Rarity spoke up, "It is a good thing I had been busy working on outfits for each of you."

I blinked when she said that, "How did you get our measurements? I am certain none of us came to your shop."

She waved it off but looked nervous before making an obvious lie, "My dear Blaze, in my line of work there have been costumers who are unwilling to let me accurately measure them out of either being shy or such. As a result I have gotten skilled at being able to measure someone by eye."

As I tried to figure out how she could have really done so, she started passing out outfits to everyone. When she reached me I was nervous on what to expect, and sure enough, while the others got casual clothes, I got a tux. I smiling a forced smile, I said to her, "It looks nice Rarity, thank you very much."

As she smiled and went to a chair, I groaned mentally as Link saw my expression and snickered. Before he could comment, Twilight then spoke up, "Anyways, the train for the Crystal empire leaves tomorrow and it will take about half a day to get there. Once there we will check into a hotel and leave our stuff there, then we will head to the castle and meet with Cadence."

The next day

Having gotten on before the others, I had picked out a seat at the back of the train just ready to enjoy some solitude for once, or rather my brief solitude when Zelda showed up. Seeing her in her new outfit, an elegant yet casual white dress that extends down past her knees while the top covered her yet somewhat showed her size, and in such a way that I was glad I had practice in suppressing my blush. She smiled softly at me before sitting opposite of me before asking, "Are you well Blaze? This is the first time you have been alone."

I chuckled, "Technically its not seeing as you are sitting here now, but otherwise, yeah. I like having my time alone but haven't had much of a chance for it seeing as either Link, Time Turner, Urahara, or Twilight and her friends show up to talk to me. That or a curious towns pony decided to try to learn about me. I am just grateful that the Lyra Heartstrings, the mint green pony with the harp cutie mark on her neck wasn't like people back home assumed her to be."

She tilted her head, "How was she assumed to be?"

"Well, common stories depicted her as knowing about humans somewhat, and was obsessed with two things, learning more about humans, and their hands. Though thankfully here she knows nothing of us and since the ponies of this world are anthro and thus have hands, I don't have to worry about that either."

She nodded then seemed to think about something, "Yesterday, when Twilight mentioned you met this Princess Cadence, she seemed embarrassed about something, what happened exactly?"

I blushed myself now, going to rub the top of my head, only too gently bump Otium then switched to the back of my head, "Well, its like this."

Flashback, two weeks ago

I smiled as I nodded at my handiwork, having managed to learn the Equestrian Alphabet, I was able to organize the books as Twilight asked me to. Deciding to relax as I waited, I sat down in a chair, leaned back, and started humming to myself. I didn't get to sit long when my stomach growled. since it wasn't even dinner time yet, I went and got an apple and headed back. As soon as I entered, I found a haggard looking Twilight and an alicorn there. Before I could say anything, the alicorn yelled, 'MONSTER' and I suddenly felt pain explode from my stomach down with the worse source being at the family jewels. Dropping the apple, I stumbled back and turned, only to smack my nose into a shelf then grab it as I started falling, before I knew it, I had yanked the shelf out during my fall, the force of the pull causing it to smack me on the top of the head before I landed on something. Feeling something sticky under my hand, I checked through my haze of pain and found bits of apple on my hand. Looking to the shelf, I seen that the books from the shelf I pulled off and a few under it were now on the floor. Ignoring Twilight and the alicorn who had started apologizing, I fell on my back with tears of both mild anger and pain then cursed badly enough that both ponies blushed in shock.

"After that fiasco, Twilight introduced her properly and the Princess apologized. When Twilight mentioned that I play the violin, Cadence asked me to play but I tried to refuse just out of spite, only for Twilight to pull the 'I am your boss and you will listen to me' card. I swear, that mare can be either a life saver or a major pain."

Zelda giggled, "Sounds like an interesting day. ...Blaze? May I ask you something? I recall that, just as Luna and Celestia are of the moon and sun, Princess Cadenza is the alicorn of love correct? What is your stance on love if I may ask?"

I lost my amused smile then looked out the window. After a bit I replied, "It is a double edged sword. On the one hand, love can give an individual strength and will that, if they had been trying to something solo, it would more than likely fail, but with the life of a loved one at stake that same person could push themselves to the breaking point. Yet, at the same time, love can drive a person to insanity, whether from the loss of the loved one or simply not going as expected, or even not getting loved back in cases. Heck, you and the others seen what happens in the latter case with Cia. Anyways, it all depends on the people involved, some when together can truly defy the expected, others could just simply not be something meant to be." I motioned to her as my grin came back, "Since you asked a personal question, when can I expect the wedding between you and Link? I am sure the irony would not be lost on people in your world if 'Ganondorf' suddenly showed up to be the best man for the other triforce bearers."

She blinked then replied, "Actually, Link and I do not hold feelings for each other beyond friends. While I trust him dearly and know he would help me if I ever needed it, we have no romantic feelings for each other. No, his heart lies with someone else."

I blinked, "So who is the lucky lady then if I may ask?"

She giggled then gave me a knowing look, "I believe the irony in this case is that he happens to be with the one you favor."

At first I didn't understand what she meant by my favored until it clicked, and when it did, I laughed, "Oh if only Cia knew! Even though she lost the war she still ultimately won even if it is indirectly through Lana."

Zelda shook her head but still lightly smiled as she said, "Like I said, the irony isn't wasted on you. Though if only things had gone better, that she didn't have to lose her life."

"She was a victim herself in the war. Between Ganondorf corrupting her and the dark magic destroying her body and mind, she was no more an evil than Lana is. It is part of why I like and pity her, she only wanted to be loved, to not be alone anymore and fell for the one that epitomized loyalty, kindness, and such. Though, I am sure, looking at you, me, this Equestria and such. I am sure in whatever world, whatever timeline, she found what she was desiring. Whether it would be with Link or another will never be known to us."

Zelda tilted her head slightly before commenting, "It seems that, despite your neutrality on love, you seem to have an optimistic view on it somewhat."

I blushed and went to say something, only for the door to our compartment to open and the others to join us. Unfortunately, this even included the rest of the mane six and Spike as well. I rubbed the bridge of my nose as Pinkie Pie spoke up, "There you Silly willies are! We were wondering where you wandered off too!"

I sighed as I suddenly found myself with Fluttershy sitting next to me, practically trying to press against me. It was then that Link asked a question that made everyone think, "Well, we have half a day till we reach where we are going, what shall we do till then?"

As everyone started tossing ideas around, I got one and spoke up, "Twilight? I have a question, for that memory spell you used to scan my memories, are there any alternate forms of it?"

She blinked, "Yes, in fact there are a few. One I prefer using allows the castor and the pony it is used on to enter that pony's mind in a sort of mindscape. It is more comfortable than what I used on you with no side effects on the body, but it is easily manipulated by the pony, so trying to see their memories would be a dubious thing seeing as they can alter what is seen."

"Can you use the mindscape version and bring all of us into my mind?"

"It will take a bit to cast the spell due to the large number, but why are you wanting me to do so anyways?"

"I figured that, twelve hours will be too long to be patient with nothing to do, so I figured, why not let everyone watch some movies from my world in my mind. That way you can see what our movies are like and we won't be bored just sitting and waiting."

She blinked, "That actually sounds like an interesting idea! Very well, if everyone agrees."

It didn't take long for the others to agree, me to imagine what I wanted my mindscape to be for the movies, and Twilight to prepared the spell then cast it.

Blaze's mindscape

I blinked as we found ourselves in the movie theater that I imagined. Smiling at my memories of the theater, I went up to the confused group then bowed, getting their attention as I said to them, "Welcome to the Rave movie theater! Allow me to be your host today."

They looked at me in confusion, prompting Link to say to me, "Who are you? Where is Blaze?"

Confused, I realized that instead of looking down to see them, I was looking directly at them. I looked myself over, I blinked and smiled lightly as, instead of seeing a tall green, muscled body, I found myself looking at pale skinned arms and hands, and a slightly pudgy body that stood about 5'10. Not only that but I realized that there was a familiar light weight on my face of the pair of glasses I used to wear. With that, I chuckled, "So use to the big green guy that you don't recognize me in my old body?"

It was Fluttershy who nailed it, "Blaze? Is this what you looked like before your body was changed?"

I nodded, "Yep, this is who I once was before that stupid salesman changed me."

Link snickered, "You look pretty pathetic."

As Lana smacked him in the back of the head, I shrugged, "Hey, it helps in living a neutral life. Nobody expects much of the pudgy video game nerd, so not many people are going to bug you unless you have the bad luck of a robber or mugger."

Rainbow Dash commented on that, saying, "Aren't they the same?"

I blushed, "Shut up. Anyways, before we go on to watch a movie, what genre would you like to see? Be warned, I do not have many in my head seeing as my interests were more for action, horror, sci-fi, and some comedy."


"Um... Comedy please."

"Comedy! Comedy!"

"I do not understand fully on this sci-fi genre, so if I may see an example of it that would be nice."

"I agree with Zelda, Sci-fi sounds interesting."

"I am curious about human science fiction, so I am voting for that."

"Action sounds awesome!"

"Oh dear, none of those sound classy, are you sure you don't have any romance choices?" I shook my head at Rarity, prompting her to sigh, "Very well then, action."

"Ah'm voting for horror, can't be as bad as it sounds."

"Action sounds cool!"

I chuckled, "Action it is then, if you would follow me." Leading them to one of the rooms, then said to them before they could sit down, "As a warning, I will tell you this, humans on Earth aren't exactly shy about death. A lot of modern action movies have it as a staple. At the same time though, remember, it is only a movie and thus must be taken with a spoonful of salt. After all, comparing humans in a movie to real ones is like comparing the three types of ponies and saying they are the exact same. With that, lets find our seats and enjoy the movie." Picking my seat, I went through my mental list of movies I watched in the past then settled on one just as I found myself with Fluttershy sitting on one side of me and Zelda on the other. I tried to tell myself that Fluttershy wouldn't be interested in me, only for her hand to rest itself on mine. Mentally sighing, I finally settled on a movie and put on 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'.

After the Movie

"That was awesome! It was so much like with Daring Do but more action and fighting!"

"Those poor seagulls though, to be hurt like that."

Sighing, I cursed to myself as I told Fluttershy, "Those seagulls that got hit weren't real. When making movies people don't actually hurt the animals. In old movies like that they use models and other such figures while in my time they use what we call CG or computer generated images."

Zelda then raised a hand, "May I ask, in that one scene, why were those people burning those books? For what reason could they possibly have to do so?"

I scowled, "For you, the epitome of evil is Ganondorf, for Equestria it was king Sombra-."

Twilight raised her hand, "Actually, I think that might fall into another difference from what you know on our world because here it is Queen Umbra."

"... Anyways, on Earth, the epitome of evil is and always will be Hitler and his forces. As bad as your evils are, Hitler in my world, wrote the book on modern evil, not only did he have books burned so that no one would challenge his leadership, because of his beliefs that he instilled in his people, six million civilians, six million innocent men, women, and children were murdered ruthlessly by his people." Hearing this shocked them but I didn't stop there, fun fact, get me started with my hatred of Hitler and his followers and I will go into a rant, "And his forces didn't merely kill them, women had their hair cropped off for wigs, valuables taken to fund the Nazi regime, any prisoners worked to death either from being over worked or being shot for not working fast enough and good enough. Also, if the prisoners were too young or old they were immediately put into various chambers and often gassed for a slow death. When Allied forces freed surviving prisoners, they were often mistaken for walking skeletons because they were starved so badly."

Lana, covering her mouth, asked, "How could anyone be so evil!"

I snorted, "People even before I was pulled from my world often believed that Hitler was possibly the anti christ, a being of pure evil brought to Earth straight from Hell. Whatever the case, what adds to my hate of that bastard is the fact that when the war literally reached his doorstep, he committed suicide, forcing his wife of two days into doing so with him, while his troops at his order burned his body and scattered the ashes so that he wouldn't be found. I can only hope that, if hell is real that he is suffering for every single one of his actions." Seeing the depressed anger everyone was emanating, even Fluttershy, I sighed, "But he is only the absolute worse end of the spectrum, remember, people ultimately rose against him and in the end crushed his regime brutally. Let me show you a movie that can show the opposite end of the spectrum." As they all settled in, I decided that the next movie was going to be 'Armageddon'.

The real world after reaching the Crystal Empire

When we finally reached the station, I could see that the others were a bit disappointed from the movie marathon ending, but I was just glad that the we had finally got there, tired of waiting even if we did have movies to pass the time. It took me a moment to get use to my current real state again, but once I was ready we walked along a path to the city. Once inside, I was amazed, it was one thing back home to see the city, a whole different thing to see the crystal like buildings. It didn't take long for the crystal ponies to appear, and when they did, they smiled at us, until they got a good look at me. At first it was uncertainty as they looked me over, but it didn't take long for them to suddenly switch to fear. At first I wondered what was wrong as they hid, but then I realized what it was and sighed as Twilight spoke up in confusion, "Why are they acting so scared? What has them scared so badly?"

I then spoke up, "Twilight, when Umbra ruled, what was she known for? In terms of magic."

Twilight looked confused, "She was known for using dark magic, why?"

I pointed to myself, "And what happens to practically ooze off of me, even if I suppress it?"

She looked shocked, "They are afraid of your power! But that doesn't make sense! Umbra is gone and they have never seen you before now, that-."

"Twilight, they had spent so long under the rule of a tyrant who specialized in using dark magic to terrorize them, I would have been more shocked if they didn't react to me in fear." Before she could argue, I motioned onwards, "Lets just get to the hotel then the castle before they decide to form a lynch mob."

The walk to the hotel took a while, and when we finally reached it, Twilight was bursting with anger with the others while I just rubbed my forehead, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WON'T ACCEPT HIM!"

"I'm sorry mam, but I can't in good conscious let that... THING! Stay here!"

Deciding to not let things get aggravated further, I picked up my bag then went outside. I didn't have to wait long when Twilight came out and grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the castle, "Come on Blaze! We are going to talk to Cadence and get this figured out!"

Castle Entrance


"Mam, we can not and will not allow any sort of dark creature into the castle. If the creature leaves the city and does not come back we will permit you and your friends entrance, but until then you may not enter."

I just sat on a bench as Twilight argued with the guards, rubbing my forehead as I felt a migraine form. As they argued, crystal ponies continued to stare at me in a mix of fear and hate. I could tell that the only reason they didn't flat out throw rocks or shout at me was because they weren't wanting to risk me lashing out. It wasn't long though that a Voice shouted, "WHAT IS GOING ON OUT HERE?!"

Looking to the source, I could see that a white coated unicorn with a blue mane had came outside to find out what the noise was about. Seeing him, Twilight got excited, "SHINY! BBBFF!"

Seeing her, he smiled before going to her and hugging her, "Hey little sis, what is going on out here? What is with all the shouting?"

She scowled before motioning to me, "The guards are refusing access for everypony simply because of my friend Blaze."

Looking over at me, he hesitated before commenting, "Little sis, are you aware that he feels dark?"

"Yes, but that is because it is a natural part of him! He has been with us for about a month and a half and he hasn't done anything to hurt anypony. Quite the opposite, he secludes himself from everypony! Whats more, we can't just send him back to ponyville, we were ordered by Princess Luna and Celestia to watch over him."

He still looked hesitant but nodded, "Well, if you and the Princesses vouch for him then he is welcome here."

With that he motioned to the guards to stand aside, allowing us to enter, though I could tell they didn't approve even slightly about me being allowed in. Reaching the throne room, Twilight and Cadence upon seeing eachother, got excited then rushed together and did their little dance thing. After they finished, Cadence came over to me, "Welcome to the Crystal Empire Blaze, what do you think of it so far?"

I decided to lie, "Its alright, nice ponies and it is beautiful."

Before she could say anything, Twilight butted in, "What Blaze should be saying, is that the ponies here have shown nothing but hate towards him simply because of his power. We couldn't even get a hotel room and we were nearly denied access too the castle simply because they showed nothing but fear and hate!

Cadence was shocked before turning to me, "Blaze, I am so sorry for all this, I-."

I waved it off, "And I repeat what I said to Twilight earlier, they suffered under a tyrant in the past who used dark magic. If they hadn't showed me fear and hate, I would have thought something was going on."


I sighed as I interrupted her, "Look, can we just figure out where everyone is staying so that I can deal with my stuff?"

She nodded and started leading everyone to their rooms.

In the city on the outskirts

I sighed as I sat alone, having finally ditched the others so that I could have some time alone, and avoided the ponies. Sitting on the bench, I watched the snow outside the city fall, relaxing in my memories. Gently humming to myself, I thought to myself, 'What would she have thought of this place?' Sighing, I just shook my head and resumed my humming, "Blaze! Hey Blaze!"

I gently shook my head as I heard Link's voice, and replied without taking my eyes off the snow, I asked him, "What brings you out here Link? I figured you and the others would be exploring the city."

As he sat next to me, he replied, "They felt that, it doesn't feel right exploring without you and-."


Shrugging Sheepishly, Link looked embarrassed as we heard Rarity shout. Patting him on the back, I commented, "Suppose to be refined but with the voice of a screech owl at times. Anyways, you don't have to lie, it is obvious that me hanging around you guys while we are here is going to make everyone miserable."

Link looked bothered at my remark before asking, "How can you be so calm about this? They treat you like some monster without even bothering to get to know you! It isn't right!"

I shrugged, "If I were a Gary Stu in some story then I might say that it is only because it is understandable and that I am not angry. But really, its because I am use to people treating me like crap and I do find it irritating due to the fact that they are keeping you guys from enjoying your time here all because they can't get over themselves and instead segregate anything they don't like and whatever is associated to it."

He sighed, "I don't understand you sometimes Blaze. One moment you are nonchalant about things, the next you rage. What is with you?"

I shrugged and was gonna make a snarky remark, only to see someone sneaking about. Pulling Link aside so that we weren't seen, I looked closely. I realized quickly when I seen the lack of a shine and the white fur and blue mane, it was Shining Armor. I assumed at first that he was on patrol, but seeing the lack of any armor, something wasn't right. Motioning for Link to follow me quietly, we started following Shining to where he was going. Making sure to keep enough distance that he didn't sense me yet close enough to not lose him, we ultimately followed him to a small one floor house. As we watched, he knocked on the door and a mare answered. She got excited at the sight of Shining Armor and I couldn't help but to be shocked as not only did she kiss him, but he actually kissed her back. As they went inside, Link and I sneaked over to an open window and peaked in. Seeing the two of them, I quickly got out my phone and started recording.

Back at the castle, third person

Smiling, Shining Armor arrived back in the throne room to meet with Cadence and found everyone there. He went to say hello, only to notice three things, Blaze staring at him with an angry look, Twilight looking upset, and the royal sisters there as well. Confused, he went to ask what was going on, only for hear something that, if he could, he would be whiter than he was, "Oh Shining Armor, you are so incredible!"

As the sounds continued, moans and his name being said constantly was heard, before finally ending after a few minutes that dragged out like hours, only for Cadence to speak up, "Shiny... why? Just... why?"

He swallowed, "Cady, its not how its sounds. I-."

Before he could continue, she flew from her throne at him, only for Blaze to get in her path and catch her, 'NOT HOW IT SOUNDS?! NOT ONLY DO I HAVE PROOF I CAN HEAR, BUT ACTUAL IMAGES FOR IT AS WELL! HOW COULD YOU SHINING ARMOR?! HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME?! I LOVED YOU SO MUCH! YOU WERE MY WORLD SHINING ARMOR!"

From there she broke down into sobs as she allowed Blaze to guide her back to her throne, letting Luna speak, "Shining Armor, for thy crime of infidelity against Princess Cadenza, our sister and our self have agreed. Not only is your marriage to Princess Cadenza annulled, thou are to relinquish your position as captain of the royal guard and return to Canterlot under guard to inform the rest of thy family of your crimes. Guards, escort him to the train station and back to Canterlot. If he does not do as ordered and return to his family with you, you are free to arrest him for failure to obey an order from my sister and I."

As the guards proceed to escort a now despondent Shining to the station no one said anything, not even Twilight. As Cadence sobbed into her hands, Blaze moved to comfort her, "Princess, I am so sorry I had to reveal all of this to you. I hate seeing you so upset I just-."

"I bet you do blaze."

Blaze ignored Celestia's comment as he continued, "I didn't want you to be hurt, but I also didn't think it would be right to you if it just kept going on under your nose. Your love didn't need to be abused like that, no ones should be treated like that."

Not leaving him alone, Celestia did it again, "As if you would know what love is." He just rolled his eyes until he heard the next comment, "For anyone to love you, they would either have to be foalish, blind, or just plain stupid."

Hearing that, Blaze stopped, ".... What did you say?"

"I said, that who ever would be in love with you would be foalish, blind, or-."

She didn't get to finish repeating what she said when she suddenly found herself hit by an immense force and the wind knocked out of her, causing her vision to blur. When it cleared, she found herself staring into Blaze's eyes as he held her against the wall by her throat. Gone though was the mellow peace content with whatever came. What was in those eyes, was pure fury, like that of a raging fire, "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH THINGS! YOU DON'T KNOW SOPHIA! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE WENT THROUGH! THE KIND OF PERSON SHE WAS!" As he held her against the wall, guards poured into the room in response but were promptly sent to their knees from the combination of Blaze's dark power and the power emanating from the piece of the triforce he possessed.


As she came close to passing out, he dropped her, letting her regain enough breath to stay awake for what he had left to say, "I may be forced to live in the body of a monster Celestia, forced to live knowing that I am practically an abomination who is selfish at times, but not even I am cruel or selfish enough to force someone to go through all the things you put Twilight and your sister through."

With that, he turned and left, smashing a fist through a column before exiting, the guards scrambling to get out of his way. As he left, Cadence with wide eyes turned to Celestia, "Is it true aunty? You didn't even give Twilight a choice on becoming an alicorn?"

Seeing all eyes on her now, she stammered out, "I-I didn't want to be alone. I didn't want to lose Twilight. I knew she would pass away if I didn't do something. I-."

Cadence didn't say anything, hearing her confirm Blaze's word's was enough as she left the throne room so as to not listen to her anymore. As she went outside, she felt a surge of dark power and see off in the distance an explosion outside the city. Rushing to the source, she arrived to find only Blaze with a large circle devoid of snow and the ground scorched. As she watched, he collapsed to his knees, clutching something to his chest as he started singing a song despite his voice cracking occasionally. As he finished, she couldn't help it, she went up to him and gently hugged him, causing him to stiffen slightly before going relaxing. As Cadence watched, he showed the picture, revealing that it was a picture with two humans. A thin woman with blue eyes and long white hair hugging a slightly pudgy man with short brunette hair, grey eyes, and a pair of slim glasses. "She was an angel, my beautiful, beloved snow angel. She had a heart purer than anything and compassion that surprised no matter how long we were together, continued to surprise me."

He collapsed onto his rear as he continued, "When we met, it was at a convention. I had gone dressed as a character renown for power over fire and being connected to hell, or Tartarus as it is known here. When this odd young woman dressed as one of my favorite anime characters, one known for using ice based powers, came up to me out of no where, and asked me to hold on to her purse as she went to the rest room. Now that may not seem so odd to you, but on Earth no one would EVER do something like that, asking a stranger to hold their purse. When she came back, I asked her why she randomly came up to me and asked me to hold her purse for her." Blaze gave a sad laugh, "She said she trusted me. There I was dressed as someone I wouldn't go anywhere near if I had been someone else, and she just decided to randomly trust me."

Cadence gently rubbed Blaze's back, "She sounds like a kind person."

He nodded, smiling a distant smile now, "She could match Fluttershy for kindness, and Pinkie Pie for being free spirited and getting me to smile, even when I was upset. She then shocked me later when we crossed paths again at a stand that held things from the anime I mentioned. She was surprised but took it in stride then enjoyed it when I mentioned that she was dressed as my favorite character. She surprised me again when she took a pendent that went with the cosplay off and gave it to me. Had it been anyone else, they would have more than likely rejected it, but... after the trust she showed me, I couldn't help it, I accepted it. From there we had started walking and talking, starting to enjoy each other more than the convention. By the time it ended, as cliche as it may sound, we wound up with a heck of a bond."

Cadence smiled softly, "A case of love at true sight."

He nodded, "From there we started dating, but a small part of me was still a bit uncertain. I finally decided to see something." Blaze traced a line along his wrist, "No one outside my family knew, I was too afraid of being called emo or being made fun of for it or something, but... when I was only sixteen, out of shame for a mistake I made, I slit my wrist in an attempt at suicide." Blaze gave a small sad laugh as Cadence looked at him in shock, "The moment I told her she slapped me and chewed me out, telling me that if I had succeeded, we would never have met, that she would have been alone. I didn't understand that last part and she wouldn't explain. But from there we were inseparable. We always wound up going wherever together."

"....What had happened?"

Blaze drew a breath through his teeth, "Five months after we met, she had to go to the hospital... where they found a tumor... the tumor wasn't severe, she could have survived, but there was a problem. Two months before hand, I met her older brother for the first time. After he tested me to make sure I truly loved Sophia, he told me the truth. In turned out that growing up she always had health problems which ultimately left her with a weakened immune system. So when the cancer hit... all the doctors could do was make her comfortable. On her last day... two damn days after her birthday, she passed away in my arms, the last thing she asked of me being that, no matter how hard things got, to never give up, to live."

"So thats why you don't try to be a hero or villain, you are trying to survive..."

"In order to keep my promise to her, yes. I knew that playing either role would get me killed, so I didn't want to take any risked. Though it probably doesn't matter now, if heaven exists, she is probably hating me now. One other thing she asked of me was to keep in contact with her brothers, but like a bastard, after the funeral, I didn't keep in contact with them. Hell, I even in my depression dropped all contact with my own relatives. Whats more, that convention that caused me to wind up here was the first time I went out for something that was suppose to fun in two years. I guess it was further punishment, I abandoned my family, my friends, and my promise to Sophia to be there for her family that I wind up ripped away from my life to be dropped in another world as I am now."

As Blaze finished, he resumed crying, prompting Cadence to gently hug him again. Neither of them noticing a patch of snow with a small shimmer of pink and blue, disappear as the others found them and came up to them.

Author's Note:

A bit of Blaze's past revealed an Shining a cheater. I hope Blaze isn't too bad in this chapter. Anyways, I dedicate this chapter in honor to, not only those who have lost the one they loved to whatever took them, but to my one true love.

ego diligo vos dilectus meus Miz, and may you rest in peace in god's embrace.

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