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Dark Warrior of...... Neutrality?! - Cipherthefightingwriter

sent to Equestria by some nutjob dressed as the happy mask salesman, a Brony cosplaying as gaming's ultimate evil is petrified by the sisters merely for feeling evil. Once he free, he decides to not be a hero or villain but tries to live in peace

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Waking shadows

??? PoV

Entering the chamber, I couldn't believe I was finally seeing it, I remembered the stories when I was younger about the being that frightened the princesses by its mere presence, and seeing the statue, I could understand why to a degree. The being was unusual, its muzzle mostly flat while it stood tall, clearly taller than anypony else. It looked as though it had been posing for whoever made the statue, it stood tall and proud with its hands on the hilt of a large wicked looking sword, the smirk on his face, as if he knew that he was frightening and that staring at him, even his statue would invoke incredible fear. What added to the statue's ominous presence was the clear feeling of darkness that was emanating from the statue. Shaking my head, I snapped out of it, 'Stay calm daring, it is just a statue, you have dealt with scarier'.

Calming down, I stepped towards the statue, but just before reaching it, of all the things to happened, I tripped over my feet, stumbling forward, and into the statue, causing it to start tipping over. I tried to catch it but the weight proved too much and it slipped from my hands and hit the ground. I winced, especially as cracks started forming along it, 'Buck, way to go Daring Do, you just destroyed what you came here fo-'! I was snapped out of my thoughts when suddenly darkness started seeping out like water, enveloping the statue. Stepping back, I couldn't help but to feel fearful at the power emanating from the statue, I was about to run when suddenly a wave of darkness pulsed out from the statue, leaving me unable to see anything but darkness. Thankfully it didn't last long and I could see again, but it was clear that the dark feeling from before was stronger now and practically suffocating, with fear overriding my thoughts, I turned to leave only to hear something shocking, 'ZZZZZZZZZ'.

Turning to the statue, I was shocked, the statue was gone, or rather, the prison as I realized it was, was gone. In its place was the being it was based on, now that I could see it outside the statue, its skin was a deep green like grass, its red mane was long, reaching the middle of its back. I couldn't tell what its eyes were like because, 'ZZZZZZZ', to my shock, it...he, was asleep. After a small internal debate, I decided to take a small risk and went to wake him up, "Ah, it looks like you freed him for me Daring Do, I must thank you, it makes things so much easier for me to recruit his power and take over everything."

Whirling around, I frowned as I saw the familiar monster that I had been fighting for the longest time, "Ahuizotl."

He grinned as he placed the hand on his tail on his chest, "Indeed miss Daring do, and once more, I must thank you, I had believed I was going to do something convoluted just to free him, but now that you've done that for me..." He pulled out a whistle and blew it, summoning his cat minions, "I shall grant you a quick death!"

I braced myself for a fight as his cats started towards me, all the while he was laughing, I braced myself to launch at his minions, when there was suddenly a surge of wind past my head. Both I and the cats were confused when I realized that there was a gagging sound and Ahuizotl was no longer laughing. Looking in his direction, I was shocked to see a sword sticking out of his chest, pinning him to the wall behind him. Before I could grasp what happened, I stiffened at the sound of a yawn and a voice behind me saying, "God I hate loud mouths, especially evil assholes like him, even more so when I can't even sleep because of him." Turning slowly, my fear grew, until suddenly I looked back to see the being was awake and sitting up, and his golden eyes, filled with power, were staring into mine with curiosity.

My PoV

I was annoyed and surprised when I was woken up by Ahuizotl, annoyed because of his obnoxious attitude and laugh, and surprised because I had thought it would be Discord and the Cutie mark Crusaders to release me. I decided to wait on the thought as the blue idiot's laughter got on my nerves and I threw my sword at him, impaling him in the chest. Letting out a yawn, I commented, "God I hate loud mouths, especially evil assholes like him, even more so when I can't sleep." As Daring Do turned to me, I looked her in the eyes for a second before standing up and asking, "You alright there?" She swallowed and nodded slowly, causing me to groan out, "You do realize, if I wanted you dead I would have killed you by now instead of sitting here letting my butt get cold right?"

She still seemed scared but she did give me a sarcastic response, "Pardon me but I did just see my worse enemy killed in front of me by a being that feels like I am staring into an abyss."

I couldn't help myself, I burst out laughing at that, "Now there's some of the Daring Do I know and respect!" She blinked then went to ask the obvious question but I interrupted her when I got up. I realized as she was focused on me that she forgot about the cats so I decided to deal with them. Stepping between her and them, I glance at each one, open my mouth as I let my power build, then roar, causing the cats to go white with terror then turn and run. Turning back to her, she looked scared but steeled herself to ask something but I stopped her, "First, before you ask your question, can you tell me where we are?"

She swallowed, "We are in the castle of the royal pony sisters."

I sighed, "That explains why it was you to find me, and anyways, in order to answer your question on how I know you, I will need you to show me the way to Ponyville, I know it is near this place, but unfortunately not the exact direction, if you show me the way there I will answer your questions with ease."

She scowled at me, "And how do I know this isn't a plot in order to cause trouble."

I nodded, "Smart idea to ask, anyways, do you know Rainbow Dash?"

She blinked, "Yeah, she is a fan and friend who helped me out with a situation."

I smirked, "Then do you her friend Pinkie Pie?"

Daring looked unnerved now but nodded, "Yeah, she is the hyper pink pony that gets obsessed on her promises."

I smiled wider then raise my hand, "I promise I have no desire to cause trouble of any kind or any shape or form, cross my heart hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

She blinked for a while then scratched the back of her head, "Well, I guess I will take you there, but..." She pointed at me, "You better explain how you know all this when we do get there, got it?"

I nodded then went and got my sword, focused, then imagined the sword breaking up and disappearing. With that dealt with, I turned to her, "Now then, shall we be on our way?"

Later on the edge of Ponyville

After hiking for a few hours, we had finally arrived at the edge of town. I had to wait for Daring to get her disguise on, at which she turned to me and said, "Don't you dare reveal who I am while we head for the library, because if you do, I promise you that I will castrate you!"

I nodded, more amused than scared of her threat before following behind her. As we headed for the library, I took in the details of the town and its people. I could see that the whole place was like in the series, but the difference as I seen through Daring Do was that the locals were all anthro versions, which I was thankful somewhat for because instead of looking at me with fear it was more along the lines of curiosity. Finally we arrived at the library where Daring knocked on the door. It didn't take long for a familiar face to open the door as Spike looked out at us and asked, "Um, what can I do for you?"

Daring stepped forward, "We need to speak with Twilight Sparkle please."

He looked unsure but opened the door letting us in while calling for Twilight. While Daring went and sat down, I let my curiosity get the better of me and went to look at the books hope to find a good one to read. Finding a Daring Do one, I decided I may as well read and properly see if Miss Do could compare to the infamous Indy from back home only to find I couldn't read the symbols. I didn't get long to attempt to understand when there was the sound of hoof steps on the stairs and Twilight came down. I could see she was surprised to see Daring and went to say something, only to notice me and stop. I turned to Daring, "You want to explain first Daring or shall I? Probably better if you start since she knows you."

She rolled her eyes then went to Twilight and started explaining things while I resumed my attempts. Before long I was interrupted again, "Um, excuse me?" I looked to see Twilight looking at me, a bit unsure, "May I ask who you are?"

I smiled and nodded, "My name is Blaze, Miss Sparkle, it is a pleasure to actually meet you." She blinked, surprised that I knew her name, but before she could ask, I remarked, "In order for me to be able to properly explain how I know both of you and even your friends for that matter, I must ask, do you have a spell that allows you to see the memories of others?"

She looked at me, curious but cautious, but nodded, "I do have one, but in order to use it, I will need your permission to do so."

I nodded clapping my hands together, "Bien, good, then you have my complete and total permission to access my mind and memories, though if you can, can you include Daring so that she can see it too?"

She nodded then had Daring take her hand before charging her magic and placing their horn to my head, and things went white.

The past
I was doing my usual as I headed to a nearby gaming convention, watching an episode of MLP, the one where the mane six wound up meeting Daring Do and helping her. I was aware as I walked that I was attracting some attention, not only because I was walking while focused on my phone, I was cosplaying as well. I had been wanting to cosplay for a while but, honestly? I was too shy for it and all the possible attention, I shuddered at the thought, but I was already dressed and about to the center. Looking myself over, I nodded as I confirmed once more that my outfit was alright. Checking my foam swords as well, I took a deep breath, 'Ok, remember man, Ganondorf is confident to the point of being cocky, he doesn't take mere steps he struts, plain and simple, BE CONFIDENT. Arriving at the convention, I nodded and took a deep breath, before I could go in, "Hello there, a truly fine day is it not?"

Startled, I turned to see who was talking, only to see someone dressed as the happy mask salesman. Remembering what I was just saying to myself, I as tall as I could and replied, "Indeed, it is a fine day, it seems that the goddesses are smiling on the land today."

I was a little unnerved as the man kept the smile, "Indeed lord Ganondorf, truly magnificent, though I must ask my lord, what has become of your head piece? Surely you would not wander amongst the people without it?"

At this point I deflated, While I had managed to get the outfit together, I had been unable to get the money together to make the head piece Ganondorf wore, and I couldn't find anything even remotely similar to it in any stores, so I opted out of it since I wasn't gonna compete. Now reminded of this failure, I sighed and broke out of character, "I wanted to make it but I didn't have the money for the materials, and there isn't a single store with anything even remotely similar to it, so it was a complete bust."

The man adopted a thoughtful pose being grinning wider, "Then maybe I can help, you see, I am quite good at having the little touches that our fellow cosplayers miss out on, so maybe I can help."

I scoffed, "Unless you can somehow come up with the head piece from hyrule warriors, then I dou-."

I clammed up when the man suddenly pulled out of the bag on his back the very head piece I had been looking for, before I could ask, he commented, "Never doubt someone of my profession my friend, I am quite good at being prepared, even researching things. Before you ask, since I am in a good mood and it looks odd at seeing Ganondorf without his head piece, you may have it on the house."

Shocked, I gently took it then smiled, "You my friend will have a repeat customer thanks to this, this is incredible work, it looks dead on like the real deal!"

As I put the head piece on, he laughed the same laugh as the HMSM, making me shudder again as he said, "I am pleased you enjoy it, I hope you enjoy your time at your destination lord Ganondorf."

Still smiling I went to thank him again, only to realize two things, one, I wasn't at the center anymore, and two, I wasn't even in a modern city anymore, nodding to myself, I summed up my thoughts, "WHERE THE FUCK AM I?!"

Real World

I rubbed my forehead as the spell ended and Twilight and Daring Do stumbled back, and decided to be a smart aleck, "So, was the trip into my memories enlightening?"

Shaking her head to clear it, Twilight looked to me and summed everything up, "You're from another world that knows of a version of us and you're stuck in a different body!"

I nodded, resting my head on my hand, "Da, Yes, and to my chagrine when I did show up, with the powers of the guy I was dressed as too."

Daring then asked the million dollar question, "How did you wind up trapped in stone in the first place?"

I sighed, "Like I said, when I gained this body, I also gained the real deal's power, and as you already felt back at the ruins, it is not the most nice feeling power. So when I arrived, it was like this."

Equestria's past

Walking through the town, things became clearer as I got a grasp on things and realized something, not only was I in a town that appeared medieval, there was no one around and sections appeared to be on fire. Before I could go any further, I suddenly got goosebumps and instinctively stepped back, narrowly avoiding a beam of light hitting the ground in front of me. Looking to the source, I went wide eyed, my first thought was that I was looking at a pair of angels as they landed in front of me. Then I noticed a couple details, for one, they had horns, then when the light hit them just right, I could see that they were both anthro ponies, then finally, I recognized them for they were none other than Celestia and Luna. I went to say something only to have to dodge when Luna fired another spell at me while shouting, "FOUL BEAST! THOU SHALL PAY FOR HARMING THIS TOWN!"

Realizing that they thought I was responsible for whatever happened to the town and that neither were willing to listen, I decided to do the smart thing and ran. It proved to be a heck of a chase though, me on foot and them with wings, the only thing that helped was that it sounded like there was ponies still in trouble and it forced the two to have to go help them rather than chase me. I wanted to help as well but I knew with my luck they would think I was trying to hurt the ponies or that they wouldn't notice I am trying to help them and get innocent lives caught in the crossfire. Eventually I hid in a house while they were distracted and thought out my options. Eventually, I realized that, if I got away they would chase me, still believing me responsible, and they would more than likely never stop to hear my explanation or anything and I would ultimately still be dealing with the inevitable. Deciding to not delay things any more, I stood in the center of the room and with the idea of going out like a badass, I adopted the pose ganondorf used as a victory pose in super smash bros. melee with his sword then got the same smirk on my face. I didn't have to wait long when the door exploded and the two came in. They were surprised to see me standing there then stood ready for a fight as Celestia demanded, "Finally standing to fight monster?!"

I chuckled, "Nope, I wanted to talk but knowing the situation, you're not going to listen to anything I have to say, and how long will the chase go on? Days? Months? Years? I have no intention of dragging things out or getting others involved, so just go ahead and do your worse. Just know, eventually I will be back and we WILL be having a talk." Without responding, the two revealed the elements of harmony they were wielding and then launched their attack and I was blinded by the light.


"From there they had brought me to their castle at the time and hid me in a chamber, afraid someone would free me. First two hundred years were monotonous and lonely, but then I wound up deciding to try something. Seeing my power was felt even then, I practiced willing it to disappear or at least be suppressed. Took me a year but I succeeded, then with that successful, I focused, I knew that eventually I would be free, and I wasn't going to let myself go insane and being driven to immense anger or anything, so I forced myself into sleeping. Which I am sure as heck thankful I managed to do so, can you imagine being trapped for centuries awake and aware and unable to do anything?"

Daring shuddered at the thought before commenting, "I couldn't even imagine being petrified for a week much less as long as you were trapped. The fact that you are acting so calm, It surprises me."

I shrugged, "It helps when you are already crazy to a degree, allows you to keep your mind occupied. Anyways, Now that I am free, I simply want two things."

Cautious, Twilight asked, "And those are?"

I raised the book, "Odd as it may seem, while I can speak your language, I can't read any of it, I was trying to make sense of it and figure it out, but nothing, its nowhere near my natural language, so learning your home's language is a primary thing. The second thing is that I want to be able to live in piece, basically have my own home and just live my life like normal like I did back home."

That made both of them blink in surprise and prompted Daring to comment, "Thats it?"

"Yep, thats all I want."

"...You realize with your power you could-."

"Could what? Be a hero? No, not happening, powers or not I am an average guy stuck in a body not even his. Sure, if it was someone else they could go and be a Gary Stu or Mary Sue and use this to be the hero, or even be a villain, but I want to live a simple life. Only way I would act like a hero is if something happened that if I did nothing someone could lose their life. Otherwise, let the guards and any soldiers or whatever law enforcement there is handle any trouble."

Twilight raised an eyebrow, "You realize that is a bit selfish right?"

I snorted, "Tell me Twilight, considering things as they are, how would you feel if you had a power forced on you and people, or ponies in this world's case, suddenly expected you to be either the hero or villain when you had been living peacefully your whole life. Again, yes, there would be those who would deal with the role they're dealt, but ultimately, people are more likely to only step out of being if A) it benefits them in some kind, or B) it allows them to hurt or spite someone that wrongs them. I won't lie, the only reason I didn't decide to work out a plan for revenge on the princesses is because then I would have to be hunted by everyone and never have a moment of peace."

Twilight thought about it then seemed to deflate, "That is true, but the way you talk about your own kind..."

"Lesson one on humans Twilight, there isn't black or white when it comes to humans and my homeworld, just shades of grey. Sure, there are some notable humans who have done great things, but ultimately things are still grey."

She went to ask something else when there was a knock on the door and it opened and a familiar tomboyish voice said, "Hey Twilight! Me and the girls came remind you of our picnic today and... whoah!" Before I knew it a familiar rainbow themed pegasus was in front of me looking me over, "Who the heck are you? You're bigger than Big mac and..." When she looked in my eyes she suddenly stopped and stepped back, suddenly looking uneasy backing up, saying, "No offense big guy but, what the hay are you?!"

Before I could answer a familiar soft spoken voice emanated from the door, "Um, Rainbow Dash? Is everything ok... Oh my!" Sure enough in came the familiar pink maned, blue eyed, yellow furred Fluttershy, and to my surprise, she was... curious? "Wow, you are so unique looking." She suddenly came up to me and started examining me, "Eyes like a bear but such a beautiful gold like a kitty's, such odd green skin, it looks like it would help you blend in with the grass and trees, and paws like a monkey's." She then lifted my lips allowing her to see my teeth, "Interesting, incisors and canines for meat yet molars for consuming plants, so an omnivore. Such an unusual creature, what could you be I wonder?"

Now at this point I was annoyed, now don't get me wrong, I like many bronies, like Fluttershy and I am a fan of her, and I think anyone who'd upset her is a huge jerk, but after being poked, prodded and treated like a dumb animal, I decided to dish out the deal breaker, and spoke, "I happen to be a human, or homo sapien if you're feeling scientific, and I would like it if you didn't force my jaws open please."

She covered her mouth in surprise and I thought that would settle the matter and she would leave me be, but nope, murphy, wherever you are, you can stick your law up your butt and suck a grenade, "Oh my! You're sentient! That is so amazing! But I have never heard of a human before."

I blinked, "Well, thats because I am the only human in Equestria and-."

"Oh you poor dear, to be the only human, I am so sorry!"

Before I knew it, she was suddenly flying in front of my face and said face suddenly found itself in a yellow marshmallow heaven, or rather hell as I was starting to have trouble breathing from Fluttershy's... generous assets, and she was not letting go. Fortunately, when I started tapping out, Twilight came to the rescue, "Um, Fluttershy? I think he might be having trouble breathing."

She let out an eep then let go, let me catch my breath, as I got my breath back I heard Rainbow Dash and Daring Do talk, before I could say anything, Rainbow Dash is in front of me looking me in the eyes, "Is it true? That you killed Ahuizotl?"

This caused both Twilight and Fluttershy to look at me and hoping it would keep Fluttershy from treating me like one of her animals, I nodded, "Yeah, I did. When Daring here freed me, he woke me up with that obnoxious tone of his and I knew his intentions for me were less than noble, and I am no one's puppet. Add to the fact the destruction he has tried to cause in the past. Though admittedly if I had been fully awake I would have more than likely used intimidation tactics instead."

Twilight looked unnerved, "But still, killing him?"

I sighed, "I know, it was wrong, but think about it like this Twilight, his last attempt at destruction involved trying to bring a few hundred years of scorching heat to Equestria right? I have seen back home what a few months of no rain with temperatures in the high nineties can do with the wild fires and destruction, and thats just average for the area in the west of my homeland. Can you imagine it Twilight? The record back home was 9.8 MILLION acres of land burned in a single month, and thats just land damage, can you imagine the number of humans and animals killed and the homes lost to such destruction? That is a single month Twilight, now picture instead of a month, almost a thousand years of dry scorching weather, heavier foliage than back at my home, and the amount of water and coordination that would be needed to control such a situation, and before you say that Celestia would fix it, how long would that take, combined with the possibility that she might not be able to fix it. Again, possibility Twilight, and it was extremely close with that last one, what if he found something just as bad if not worse before Daring even caught wind of it?"

They all thought about it, and were suddenly fearful of the prospect of that, leaving Daring Do to summarize their thoughts, "Dear Celestia, I knew his plans were evil, but... nearly ten million acres lost to fire in a single month?"

I nodded, "And in a land use to such chaotic situations, now picture in a land where things are normally calm and peaceful, the panic and the prospect of ponies and such hurting themselves and each other."

Twilight hugged herself at the thought, "To think of such a thing... its just..."

I reached over and placed a hand on her head, "Like I said, humans are grey, so we tend to get morbid or bleak thoughts, or even thoughts that are logical but dark."

I was surprised when I felt a hand on the shoulder and found that it was Fluttershy, "Yet despite that, you still helped our world. Such kindness in your heart"

I snorted, "No, just selfish reasons, if he had caused destruction using me, it would be worse than when the princesses automatically assumed I was evil because of the dark magic me, and if need be I could have used it as a way to make them now at least give me a chance hear my story then leave me be so that I can live in solitude."

Daring Do then stepped over and seemed curious, "Just out of curiosity, why do you want to live alone?"

I poked her nose, "Thats for me to know, and everyone else to butt out."

Twilight sighed, "Anyways, you don't seem like a threat, so I guess you can stay here at the library and I will help you some." She pointed at me, "In return, you are to help me in the library, I will make sure you at least know what symbols go in order first so that you can keep everything organized."

I nodded, "Understood, now, your friends mentioned you having a picnic?"

She looked concerned, "And what will you be doing?"

"Sleeping." At her confusion, I elaborated, "I am tired from the hike to here from the castle ruins. Plus that spell of yours took a bit out of me, so sleep is at the top of the list right now."

She still looked hesitant but Daring spoke up, "If it is ok, may I spend the night as well? It would be dark by the time I got even half way home and this way I could return the favor I owe you guys by keeping an eye on him."

Twilight looked relieved then nodded before pointing to the basement door, "There is a bed and couch downstairs, and if you need something to eat just help yourselves." We just nodded and I went on downstairs, got on the couch, and went to sleep."

With the Others

Once Blaze left the room, the group gathered together and Rainbow Dash asked Twilight, "Are you going to say something to the Princesses about him Twilight?"

She hesitated then shook her head, "At the moment no, I know he told us he killed someone, but also despite his claims of acting selfishly, he did do a noble thing by protecting Equestria from Ahuizotl, especially if things could have turned out like he claimed. Also, I don't want things to become like another Zecora incident. But if he does prove a danger then I will send a message immediately to the princesses."

Author's Note:

And here is the beginning of this story, now, yes, I wanted to make my own displaced story, no, I am not going to make the MC out to be a hero or villain, it seems cliche that they always come out of being petrified or arrive in Equestria deciding to take either of those routes, so I am aiming for the MC being just a face in the crowd, albeit an alien one. But he will have his moments where he might do something good, but nothing big, things like a cat in the tree, and the worst he will do is basically tell ponies to butt out of his business, anyways, I hope people enjoy!

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