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Dark Warrior of...... Neutrality?! - Cipherthefightingwriter

sent to Equestria by some nutjob dressed as the happy mask salesman, a Brony cosplaying as gaming's ultimate evil is petrified by the sisters merely for feeling evil. Once he free, he decides to not be a hero or villain but tries to live in peace

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Mellow time

Morning came quickly, about 7:46 when I wound up startled awake, long with Link, Zelda, and Lana when an alarm started blaring, waking us all up. I immediately started looking for the source of the noise in order to smash it, only to realize A), the others were staring at me, and B), the sound was coming from my chest. Reaching into my armor, I dug around till my hand touched something plastic. Pulling it out, I was surprised to find that it was my phone. Blushing, I turned it off then looked to the others to see they were all annoyed. Embarrassed, I pointed upstairs, "I'll just, head on upstairs."

I quickly beat a hasty retreat upstairs, deciding that it would be a good idea to not bother them for a while. I grabbed an apple from the kitchen before going back to the actual library part. Remembering my lessons with Twilight, I decided that it would help if I wrote down the alphabet from back home and maybe some words for comparison. It was in the middle of this that the upstairs door opened and Twilight came down, "Good morning Blaze, I didn't expect you to be up so soon."

Reminded of earlier, I blushed, "Well, I didn't expect to get up so soon either, but fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I found my phone earlier, and once up, regardless of how early or tired I am, I am up."

She gave me a confused look, "Whats a phone?"

I slid my phone from the side into her view, "This is a cell phone, it is a device from my home that allows humans to contact each other anywhere in the world, but unlike mail, it is near instantaneous communication and we can actually talk like we were in the same room."

She went wide eyed, "That is amazing! Such a revolutionary device!"

Grinning, I motioned to it, "Want to see what else it can do?"

I didn't think her eyes could get any wider as she nodded, prompting me to chuckle before unlocking the then holding it up towards her, "Smile."

She blinked only to cover her eyes when the flash went off. Once she uncovered them, I turned the phone around and showed her the picture I took of her. Grinning, I decided to continue to add to her awe by clicking the music option then playing a song. By the time I was finished, I was about ready to laugh up a storm at her stunned amazement. Snapping my fingers in front of her face, I thought to myself, 'I wonder if this is how Prometheus felt when he gave fire to humanity'. As she snapped out of it, she suddenly got in my face, "How does it do all that?! I mean, communicating, a camera, music! All without any magic that I could detect?! Just... HOW?!"

Actually laughing now, I patted her on the head, "That's earth humans for you, what we lack in magic and natural flight, we make up for in tech."

"This is... this is just incredible! We could revolutionize the world with this!"

I gave her a sad smile, "The problem with that though Twilight, even with what a single phone can do, we still need back home numerous things just to communicate. We need specialized towers for short range communication, and artificial satellites that I would more than likely manage to somehow turn into a bomb if I tried to make them. And that's even if you had the right equipment, the equipment alone would need a huge leap forward in this world just to make them."

seeing her expression fall, like a kid who had just been showed a cool game but was told they could never have it, I felt bad. Before I could reassure her, she sighed, "You're right Blaze, I was thinking too far ahead on that. Anyways, what were you working on before I came downstairs?"

I placed the paper in front of her, "I wrote down the English alphabet, the language I use primarily, as well as some words for comparison."

She nodded then looked it over, "OK, with this I can formulate a plan to help you learn, the actual lesson is going to have to wait though for a couple days, the girls and I are going to Manehatten to help Rarity with a show... though I suspect you knew that didn't you?"

I chuckled, "Nein, I didn't know you were going anywhere today, but I did know you were going."

"Nine? Nine what?"

I laughed, "I'm sorry, its a bad habit of mine. Nein, n-e-i-n, is German for no. I tend to mix small pieces of other languages in when I talk every so often. Like for instance, I will say da which is Russian for yes. Gato which is Spanish for cat and such. just wish though I could speak the actual whole languages instead of small pieces."

She looked amused at the thought, but was brought out of her thought when the basement door opened and the others came in. Remembering the rude awakening I gave everyone, I blushed. Smiling, Twilight nodded to them, "Good morning everyone, did you sleep well?"

Link grumbled, "Would have slept better if we were not woken up like we were."

I rubbed the back of my head but defended myself, "How was I suppose to know I had my phone with me, or that it even had a charge?! I forgot to charge it before I even got yanked from my world, and I sure as heck doubt there was any sort of way to charge it!" Realizing what I said, I looked at the phone, "Which leads to the question, how is it even still on?" Checking the battery for the charge, I found that the battery meter was gone, replaced with an image of the triforce with the power section filled in, "... OK, I don't know whether to hate the triforce or love it."


After giving the group an explanation on my phone and helping Twilight get ready to go with her friends, I decided to go take a look at my house. Following the directions on the deed, I found my place easily, and nodded in approval. It was a decent house from what I was seeing on the outside, but I knew it would need the inside checked out. Going inside, I was surprised, there wasn't a speck of dust to be seen anywhere. Investigating, I found the answer in the form of a large bag of bits a table along with a note. After making sure no one was in the house, I went back and checked the note but cursed to myself when I remembered that I couldn't read Equestrian. Remembering what Luna said on her delivering bits for me to take care of everything, I Nodded to myself and grabbed the bits before heading out.

Even Later

I ran my hand through my now shortened hair, sighing, "Service rejected at the furniture stores, what the heck?"

When I stopped in at a furniture, I tried to make a special request for a bed that I would fit in but the owner kept giving me round about answers, all ultimately saying no to my service. When I even visited the other two stores I found in town, they also said no. It didn't take a genius to figure out that something was up and I knew that something involved a white alicorn that despised me. Deciding to not let it get me down though, I went to a store that I seen yesterday while walking that had fishing equipment. Luckily for me, the owner didn't say no and I was able to get me a rod and tackle box. Nodding to myself as I looked at the everfree forest, I went in to look for a pond inside so that none of the ponies would say anything. It took me about half an hour to find a pond, but when I did, I smiled and nodded, it was a good sized one too. Sitting down, I quickly got myself set up and cast my line. I then started softly humming to myself, happy that I found a nice secluded spot, only for that happiness to fade when I heard some bushes rustle. Quickly summoning a sword, I got ready for a fight, only for a familiar green clad figure to come out of the bushes, I groaned as I dispelled my sword, seeing his fishing rod out, "Blaze? Came out here to go fishing too?"

I nodded, "Yeah, I got me a rod and tackle box then came out here. I tried to buy some furniture for my place but evidently Celestia hates me enough that she forbade them from selling me furniture, I guess she didn't do the same with the fishing store because, well, what ponies fish, and I probably to her don't seem the type to fish."

"You don't seem the type to us either."

I went to comment on that to Link, only to realize, Link didn't say that. Looking to the source of the voice, I groaned when I seen not only the Doctor but Urahara as well, and with their own rods, "Let me guess, you two came out here to fish as well?"

Urahara did his usual fan thing covering his smug smile, "Indeed we did my dear Blaze, in fact, this pond is where me and the doc here usually come to fish for fun."

I facepalmed, "Ahh, merde."

"Now now Blaze, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"Urahara, shut up or I will feed you your fishing rod and benihime at the same time."

With that we sat down and cast our lines to fish. The tension between us wound up getting thick as we waited, fun fact ladies, if a bunch of guys get together and they know each other, things will ultimately get competitive, just give it time. Eventually though, I ultimately started to get irritated sitting and waiting for a fish to bite. An idea then wound up hitting me, remember when I was younger, my step-grandfather would take me out on a lake near the house him and my grandmother lived in and we would go fishing. As anxious as being on the water made me, I still did well and would actually catch multiple fish, but only while the boat was moving oddly enough. Remembering as well that Ganondorf could, using his powers, float, I gained a smug look before suddenly channeling my power while keeping my legs pulled in, indian style. Once in the air, I moved out over the pond, ignoring the angry shouts of the doctor and Link.

It didn't take long for the fish to start biting, but the problem was that they were all tiny fish, ones that had to be thrown back. Glancing at the others, I spotted Link switching out his lure for what I recognized as the sinking lure. While he did that, the doctor had taken out his sonic screw driver and started using it on the water, causing numerous fish to head towards him, all the while, Urahara kept fishing the way he was, though at this point he had fell asleep. At this point, it became a race for the rest of us to catch the first big fish. It was difficult though, despite our methods of cheating, we just kept catching tiny fish. Finally, things came to a head when, due to none of us paying attention, the three of us got our lines tangled. As a result, the three of us starting arguing whose fault it was, which ultimately lead to us getting into an all out brawl. The brawl came to an end after a bit when we heard Urahara cheering over something.

Looking at him, we found to our annoyance that despite not cheating, and even falling asleep, not only did he catch a fish, the stupid thing was as big as his torso! Growling, we were ready to go and give him his lumps when we heard a growl behind us. Turning to look, we all paled as we seen a large manticore, with a scar over its right eye, come out of the bushes. All it took to send us into a panic was for it to roar, and suddenly all of us were hauling ass. As we ran, the thing pursued us, determined to catch us. Getting an idea when I seen Urahara ahead and to the right of me, still carrying his fish, I shouted, "Kisuke! You have to throw the thing the fish!"


Remembering how he tends to be back in his world, I knew he wasn't going to give the fish up, so I picked up the pace till I caught up to him, snatched the fish from his hand, then quickly turned and threw the fish at the manticore, nailing it in the face before turning and resuming my run. Thankfully, after roaring once, we didn't hear anything else from the manticore, and came to a stop at the edge of the forest to catch our breath. After a bit, and the adrenaline faded and our fatigue set in, we all started laughing from our close call. Adding to our manic amusement, me, the doctor, and Link were covered in bruises from our fight. Ultimately though, our laughter was interrupted when there was a tap on my shoulder from Urahara, "You owe me a new fish by the way Blaze."

At that point, my temper flared, we had been nearly eaten by a manticore, and all he cared about was his stupid fish. Tired of his smug look and behavior, I decided to channel Ichigo some, then drop kicked him right in the mouth, actually managing to knock him out.

At the Library

We came into the library, Link carrying Kisuke while all three of us singing a song I told them about from back home that seemed to suit Urahara. Finishing the song, Link dropped Urahara on the couch while the three of us sat at a table laughing some, "It seems all of you had some fun today".

We looked to see that not only were Lana and Zelda sitting at another table, Princess Luna was there as well, "It seems that thy group got into some trouble Blaze."

I slung an arm around Link and the doctor's shoulders, "Long story short, we went out to fish, and wound up kicking a manticore's butt after a long fight in which we showed our manliness!"

"They got into a fight with each other after getting their fishing lines tangled then when the manticore they mentioned chased us, Blaze threw the fish I caught at it in order to distract it."

Great minds thought alike as all three of us without turning around, kicked Urahara. The girls just stared at us, before ultimately shaking their head as Lana commented, "Boys, always have to be so prideful."

Zelda nodded, "Indeed they do."

Even Luna nodded like she was a sage, "It seems that no matter the time or universe, Stallions will always try to show off in order to boost their ego."

All three nodded before bursting into giggles, prompting to raise a hand to say something, stop then wave the thought off as I commented, "Meh, too troublesome, anyways, what brings you here Princess Luna?"

"We... excuse me, I, my sister says I should try to stick to the modern way of speaking, wanted to see how you liked the home."

I sighed as I remembered my currently bare home, "It is a nice home, but unfortunately, your sister still seems to have it out for me, none of the furniture stores would sell me anything."

She blinked, "Did you not read the letter I had left you?"

I blushed, "I can't read your world's language."

She blinked then blushed as well, "I am sorry Blaze, I had forgotten that you were unable to read here. Anyways, what I had written was that I had already taken the liberty of obtaining furniture for you and that my guards were going to bring them tonight and set them up for you and that the bits were to help you, Link, Lana, and Princess Zelda settle into the home and had given the stores the order to not sell you anything until my guards came and got the furniture and brought them to the house."

I blinked, "well OK then, but wait, What did you mean? About Link and the girls settling into the house?"

She sighed, "It is My sister's way of you being monitored. While she still seems to not trust you, instead of actively doing things like baring you from stores, she believes it to be a good idea that, should you try anything villainous, that the ones who can stop you for good will be there as a precaution."

This surprised everyone but me, instead, I sighed, "She has issues it seems. Well, I think though that I will just chalk it up to my being stuck in the body of an evil man with dark magic as his main weapon and... well... you know."

Her ears flattened as she looked ashamed, "Yes, my less than noble change... I am sorry Blaze... that makes so much sense. My sister was always overprotective of me, and when I had changed into Nightmare Moon, even using dark magic..."

Wincing at realizing that I upset Luna indirectly, I went over and scratched behind her ear, surprising her from the touch and myself because she actually leaned into it. After a bit, I said to her, "It's not your fault Luna, there is an old saying, 'hindsight is 20/20'. You didn't know at the time how things would go as a result of that. Plus you were hurting, maybe not physically but mentally, well, mental wounds tend to hurt worse and last longer than physical ones, especially when you feel so alone."

When I went to take my hand back, she gently grabbed it and held it, "Thank you Blaze, it is like fair Fluttershy said, despite the abrasive behavior you exhibit, you have a gentle heart."

I blushed but snorted as I gently took my hand back, "Hardly, I just don't like when good people, or ponies as the case may be currently, blaming themselves for things they can't anticipate. It is stupid for anyone to do that. Plus, it somewhat goes with what I said about laughing at Link. If you had deliberately done something to hurt me for petty or no reason, then I would be extremely hateful, and trust me, I don't have a chipped tooth back in my old body from keeping calm when angry."

"Regardless what you claim, as well as the life you choose to live, you hold a noble heart. Also, know this, while my sister may not trust you, you shall always have a friend in the night." I blushed and rubbed the back of my head again, wanting to argue with her about the kind of person I was. Before I could though, though, she gently pushed me to the door while motioning for the others to follow, "Now, let us go an see your home."

I just shook my head and let her lead us to the house, the doctor grabbing Urahara this time. As we walked, I asked the doctor, "So how did you and Urahara meet anyways? You seem to constantly hang around each other so its clear you're friends, though I am not sure how you can be friends with him."

He just smiled, "You see, its like this, I had been doing my usual, going back and forth in time, helping humanity, when I wound up hitting an anomaly in time. I tried to escape it, but unfortunately, well, I had the parking breaks on and..."

I couldn't help it, I grinned, "So it took an anomaly to get you to realize you had the breaks on constantly?"

He rolled his eyes and continued, "And I wound up pulled in to this world in such a way that I was force to regenerate, though I only changed enough to blend in with the locals. From there I wound up trying to figure out what to do when I came across a shop. It was an odd little thing, all these neat little curios and such. Then I met the owner. He acted like an odd and eccentric man, always throwing his hands around and shouting or even that fan thing of his, but ultimately, I could see it. The eyes of a scientist looking for the next thing to study."

I nodded makes sense on that, "He was the head of the R and D section of the soul society when he worked for them. Though I still question constantly his choice for a research assistant. I mean, Kurostuchi?! The guy is the biggest sociopath when it comes to science."

The doctor shrugged, "Well, as it is, I realized something was odd about him and scanned him in secret and found that he was covered in void stuff. Turned out, as secretive as I thought I was being, he surprised me when he asked about what I was doing and what I was using. From there we wound up talking about our situation, and actually hit it off. As odd as he acts, we've been friends since then."

"Makes me wonder how he got here anyways, I bet it was from an experiment that went completely wrong and dropped him here."

"Actually, it was a very convoluted experiment in an effort to reach another timeline but had been unable to recreate after I got here."

Hearing him awake, the doctor dropped him on his head while I remarked to him, "By the way Doctor, you have a heck of a right hook you know that? I thought you were suppose to be a peaceful guy?"

He actually looked embarrassed when I brought up the brawl in the forest, "Sorry about that mate, I got caught up in the heat of the moment."

I laughed and patted him on the back, "Well, at least it wasn't bad as in your next form back on earth."

He tilted his head, "How do you mean?"

I couldn't resist, I held a finger to my lips and replied, "Spoilers."

He scowled and rolled his eyes just as we arrived at the house. Going inside, we were all surprised at seeing the furniture, "I apologize if the tones of the furniture are a bit dark, I am afraid I am too use to my own needs in terms of furniture."

Sure enough, the furniture that she had picked out had a night time theme to them. The pieces either had stars on them or a night time coloration. Running a hand along a table, I nodded, "Can't say anything about the others but I like the theme myself."

It was Zelda who spoke next, "I must agree with Blaze, it is actually quite elegant."

Luna looked relieved, "I am glad you like it but I admit, I did deviate from it for the most part, when I learned from my sister on the four of you living together, I obtained furniture that I believed would suit each of you. If all of you would follow me." Following her along, we came to the first room, "For Link, based on my observations, I believed a natural theme would suit you." Sure enough, when she opened the door, the room a nature theme, the furniture looking like it had been made using tree limbs and branches as well as a green coloration. All in all, the room looked like a peace of nature blended with a house. While a speechless Link explored the room, Luna lead us onwards, to the next room, "Lana, for you, I was unsure on what would work but ultimately came to believe something blending the country and noble lives would work." Looking in the room, everyone was impressed with Lana like Link being rendered speechless. The room actually resembled something like a combination of modern times meeting ancient greek. Though the furniture was made from wood, it was styled and painted well enough that it looked like it was made from marble. Through all this there was a bookshelf with a few books.

Turning to Luna, Lana smiled, "Thank you so much Princess Luna, this is perfect!"

Luna smiled and left Lana to explore the room, leading me and Zelda upstairs to the next room, "Princess Zelda, as befitting Royalty, I had this room decorated accordingly." Looking into the room, sure enough, it was decorated nicely, to my amusement, it almost resembled Zelda's real room from what I seen in Hyrule warriors, even had a four poster bed.

Turning to Luna, Zelda bowed, "Thank you princess Luna, this is greatly appreciated."

With that, we then proceeded to my room, stopping in front of my Luna turned to me, "I made sure to obtain well made furniture. Things to help you feel at ease as well as to help in making up for the mistakes of my sister and I. I made sure not to spare any expense."

As she opened the door, I braced myself, expecting to see some convoluted expensive monster of a room, but what I saw shocked me, "I figured based on your beliefs and mannerisms that it would work best with something down to earth."

Sure enough, the room was a simple one, a simple reading desk in the corner with a decent dresser to the side and a bookshelf against the wall opposite the dresser. The only extravagant thing there was the bed but only because it had been made to be able to allow me to comfortably sleep. Running my hand along the desk, I couldn't help but to comment, "But I thought you said you didn't spare any expense, I was expecting... well..."

"An expensive monster?" Urahara.

Blushed, vowing silently to kick the heck out of Urahara later, I turned to Luna who, she kept a heck of a poker face but despite her well practiced poker face, had amusement in her eyes, "I meant no expense in making sure you were comfortable, and I knew something like what nobles have would not make you comfortable."

Ok, forget Trollestia, we have Trolluna on the loose here. Sighing at her trolling me, I then smiled softly, "Regardless, thanks Luna, it works perfectly for me." Getting a determined look then, I then asked the big question, "So whats the catch?"


"You went with each of my requests with no arguments, even went over board quite a bit. So again, whats the catch?"

She went poker faced again before nodding and getting a sheepish look, "Well, I do not have a major request currently, but aside from that, there is one thing I want in the mean time, I do have a small request. I would like for you to play a song for me on your violin if you would."

I chuckled, "Very well then." I got my violin out of the case, then debated on a song before an appropriate one hit me, and I started to play. By the time I had finished, I realized that the others had joined us and all of them were clapping.

Smiling, Luna commented, "You are quited talented, what was that by the way?"

Smiling as well, I replied, "Well, I played a violin version of it, but the original piano version is known as moonlight sonata."

She looked surprised but grateful, "It was a beautiful piece, your world is truly gifted in music." She then sighed, "But now I am afraid that I must leave now. I am glad that all of you enjoy the house."

With that, she left, allowing us to settle in.... "So about my fish."

Urahara left on the doctor's back, missing three teeth.

Author's Note:

Before anyone complains about the house being furnished so quick, remember three things, it is a magic world where a crafts pony could easily if need be get something made, the royal night guard was used, meaning more than one pony, and finally, royalty placed the order, who in their right mind would make royalty wait?

merde = crap

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