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Dark Warrior of...... Neutrality?! - Cipherthefightingwriter

sent to Equestria by some nutjob dressed as the happy mask salesman, a Brony cosplaying as gaming's ultimate evil is petrified by the sisters merely for feeling evil. Once he free, he decides to not be a hero or villain but tries to live in peace

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walking shadows

I don't know how long I spent staring at the group or them staring at me, could have been seconds or minutes, but I did know one thing, this was not how I wanted to meet the princesses even if the towns ponies were calm about me, and with the three others there, I knew I was in for some trouble. Remembering that I had a slice of cake in my hand, I gave a scared smile before heaving it at them, scoring a bulls eye on Celestia before turning and running back into the kitchen, hitting my head on the door frame in the process, then running out the back door. I didn't get far when I heard Celestia shouting, "HALT FOUL CREATURE!"

With no intention of doing so, I ran faster. Spotting a bush ahead I was grateful for once of my current green skin and jumped in to hide from them. I didn't have to wait long when they all came running to a stop in front of the bush and started looking for me. I smiled to myself, only to lose it when I seen Zelda and link's hands glow where their pieces of the triforce were, then suddenly realize there was a glow coming from me as well. Sure enough when I looked, my hand was glowing as well for the same reason, causing me to go pale as I remembered that the pieces responded to each other and would glow when they were close to each other, "Hey, there is something glowing in the bushes!"

I yelped when a golden beam of magic narrowly missed me then shot from the bushes like a bullet, magic blasts shooting over my shoulder as I ran. Seeing a pot ahead of me get struck then shatter, I started running faster as I realized that Celestia had no intention of taking me prisoner. I spotted a chance for me to gain some distance when I spotted a familiar cross eyed blond maned pony ahead delivering mail. Pointing behind me at my pursuers, I shouted, "Hey Ditzy! They have all sorts of muffins for you!"

Thankfully she took the bait and collided with them like a cannonball. I used the distraction to gain more distance, grateful that the idea worked. Knowing that I needed to get them away from the town in order to reduce any damage done making it easier for them to listen to me. Spotting the library in the distance and remembering that there was an open field behind it, I ran that way as fast as I could. Finally reaching the field, I whirled around to see them coming then did what usually helps in situations like this, I raised my hands above my head. Link was the first to reach me and surprised me some when he actually spoke, "GANONDORF! WHATEVER YOU HAVE PLANNED ENDS HERE!"

I rolled my eyes, "So you want me to stop surrendering, is that what you are trying to say?"

"Yes, I mean, no, I mean, what?"

"I have no intentions of fighting and also, my name isn't Ganondorf, its Blaze."

Link raised his shield in front of him as the others came up behind him, "I am not going to fall for it Ganondorf, you may have deceived others but you will not fool me!"

Before I could say anything he suddenly lunged at me, trying to impale me. I quickly dodged then backpedaled, "I'm telling the truth! I'm not Ganondorf! Will you just listen!"

Instead of listening he took another swipe at me, skimming my armor. Deciding that enough was enough, I built up just enough power in my hand in order to use an energy ball that would merely stun Link. To my shock, he knocked it back at me, putting me on my ass but not with his sword, he used a bottle. Getting up and looking at him in disbelief, "Did you just frigging bottle trick me?!" His response was to reach behind his back for something, sending me on guard for whatever his plan was, only to watch in disbelief as he pulled out a fishing rod and started swinging the lure on the end around. I watched the lure, incredulity on my face at his actions, only to realize what he was doing and jump back, his blade slicing through the air where I had been, "The stupid fishing rod too?! What the hell?!"

His response was to get a smug look then pull out a bug nut and wave it around, aggravated now, I decided to end this travesty of a situation and body checked him. Before I could grab him to make him listen, I wound up getting my hand skimmed by a smaller blade as Zelda jumped into the fight, "You forget Ganondorf! Link is not fighting alone, we fight with him!"

Sure enough, the others had stepped forward, ready to attack. Seeing my situation, I dropped my hands to my side, "Well shit...."

Before they could attack, my rescue came in the form of a familiar yellow pegasus, "PLEASE! BLAZE IS INNOCENT! JUST LET HIM EXPLAIN!"

As the rest of the elements ran up, Celestia scowled, "Fluttershy, that being is evil incarnate, please stand out of the way!"

I could see that she was trembling but to my surprise she stayed firmly in place. Before I could say anything, Twilight when she reached us spoke up, "Princess, please! Just listen to him! Whatever you think you know about him is wrong, just give him a chance!"

"Twilight, you are my trusted student and I would normally be willing to listen but I had seen the destruction this... THING has caused first hand."

"But he wasn't responsible Princess! He was a victim of circumstances!"

Before long the whole thing broke down into arguing between the princess and Twilight. Walking up beside Link's group who just stared at them as they argued despite the situation, I shook my head. It was a few minutes of them arguing, I finally got frustrated and stuck my fingers in my mouth and whistled, getting their attention, "Look, lets do this like with Twilight alright?! If you won't believe my words then check my memories! That will prove that I am not Ganondorf!"

They all just looked at me then at Twilight who blushed, "In all the excitement I forgot to mentioned that I seen his memories."

I couldn't help it, when she said that, I added to the red mark on my face and double facepalmed.

The Library after a recap of the memories

I rubbed my head as a migraine from the whole group seeing my memories formed, then jumped slightly as a slender hand touched my shoulder, revealing it to be Zelda, "I must apologize for our actions, to think we attacked an innocent man."

I waved it off, "Meh, compared to being petrified, it's no worries, and honestly? Even an idiot would realize that if you three encountered someone who looked and had the power of Ganondorf you'd charge in after him." I looked at Link, "Though I expected SOMEONE to actually be serious, I mean, come on man, using the bottle trick and fishing rod one as well?!"

He blushed in embarrassment as Lana spoke up, "Um, excuse me, what is this bottle trick you keep mentioning?"

"Well, you saw from my memories that your world is a game in mine right? Well, for one that takes place during your worlds events with the hero of time, a trick people would use against Ganondorf was to, when he launched spheres off magic for an attack, they would instead of using a sword, use a bottle to launch it back. As for the fishing rod, it was for another game taking place during the situation with the twilight realm, if players while fighting Ganondorf got out the fishing rod and swung it around, instead of fighting, he would just stop and stare at the lure until the player attacks or puts the fishing rod away."

Link looked at me in shock, "That actually happens? But surely, even Ganondorf wouldn't be that stupid."

"I'm serious, and don't call me Shirley, it's game logic, never makes sense, ever, like the thought that you in real life could jump a spiked bar, but in a game you have to do some convoluted thing to do so."

As he thought about that, Lana then spoke up, "I have to ask, how did you get the Triforce of power though?"

I gave a deadpan look as my hand continued to glow from being so close to Link and Zelda, "I don't have it. It is stuck with the real Ganondorf in his prison. My hand is just glowing from some odd magic. I am just an average guy stuck in someone else's body."

They just stared at me. Eventually, it was the glow on the back of my hand that got on my nerves, prompting me to lift my hand and focus, managing to make it manifest before holding it out to them, "Here, just take the damn thing, I don't want it! If I keep it I just know I am gonna be stuck with idiots either trying to take it from me for the power or psychos who think I am a herald of a new age or something!"

They looked at me like I was crazy and just shook their heads. Finally, Celestia without saying anything came up and took it. Before she could say or do anything with it though, it suddenly disappeared and the back of my hand started glowing again. I quickly conjured it again before giving it to her again only for it to do it again. Getting aggravated, I conjured it once more then went to a window, opened it, then heaved it as hard as I could before shutting the window. I turned back to the group, smug over my victory, only to get hit in the back of the head by something and sent in a front flip, landing hard on my back. I didn't have to look at my hand to know the thing was back, and simply laid on the floor, annoyed as Luna appeared in my view, looking amused, "We think that thy object is not going to leave thee alone."

Settling on a deadpan look, I said to her, "Luna? Can you do me a favor, if that stupid salesman ever comes to this world, remind me to knock all of his teeth out."

She just snorted in amusement before helping me up. I went to say something to Celestia, only for her to say something to Twilight then leave, prompting Luna to sigh, "We are afraid Blaze that, regardless of the evidence you have shown us, our sister does not trust you still, we are sorry for that. However, unlike our sister, we are willing to as it is said, 'own up' to our mistake... no, our grave error of petrifying thou. As such, if there is anything we can do to help make things comfortable..."

"Well, there are three things, first off, while Twilight is willing to let me work here and learn this world's alphabet, I honestly would like to have my own place, also, I would like a violin."

It was Rainbow Dash who decided to comment on that, "You play the violin? LAME!"

I rolled my eyes and ignored her comment before pointing at my hair, "And last, I'd like a haircut, because I am not dealing with hair that would take hours to take care of."

She nodded, "Consider it all done, when we leave, we shall stop at the town hall to find a suitable home for you, then send tomorrow the bits to help you settle in and obtain thyself a manecut."

I nodded before remembering something and turning to Link's group, "Been meaning to ask, how did you three wind up here anyways?"

Lana blushed then scratched the back of her head, "Well, I had been practicing in using a summoning gate, and had wanted Link and Zelda to see, and, well..."

I snorted in amusement, "Let me guess, you had an accident and voila, a whole new world for you three to explore."

She lowered her head, as red as a tomato at this point. Now, if it had been anyone else I would have laughed some more, but seeing as Lana was my favorite Hyrule warriors character aside from Cia, I went over and rubbed her back comfortingly, "Hey now, it was an accident, everyone has one at some point. Heck, I've dropped my violin back home quite a bit or would get nailed in the face when a string snapped, it happens Lana."

As she smiled softly, Fluttershy voiced her opinion, "I knew that despite your independent behavior that you are nice pony Blaze."

I laughed, "Hardly Fluttershy, Lana here happens to be my favorite of the characters from their world, if it had been Link to screw up I would have laughed my butt off at him."

As Lana actually giggled, Link gave a deadpan expression, I just grinned at him. Covering her mouth to hide an amused smile, Zelda turned to me and asked, "So what are your intentions now Blaze? You have Ganondorf's power and the Triforce of power, what are your plans?"

I motioned around me to the library, "Learn to read this world's language then live in peace here in town as a library assistant."

"But you could use those powers for good, to-."

I raised a hand signaling her to stop, "No, I have no intention to play the good or bad guy, ever. My family may have military heritage, but choice is a staple human thing and mine is to live life on the sidelines."

Link went to say something but Luna interrupted him, "We understand, and honestly, we are just happy as is that thou are not vengeful for what had happened in the past."

"I am angry, in fact as calm as I may be acting, I am furious, but I am reserving all my anger for that salesman that sent me here in the first place."

"Be wary with that anger then Blaze, for-."

I waved a dismissive hand, "I have heard the old saying, 'before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."

Link actually raised a hesitant hand, "What exactly does that saying mean?"

I took a chair and sat back, "It is an old saying by the philosopher from my home world by the name of Confucius, it essentially means how it sounds, but that is the english translation. What Confucius really meant on revenge was that a gentleman was to not get revenge right away, but to wait and be patient then strike when the timing is right. Though admittedly when it comes to the west and Christianity, people prefer the 'turn the other cheek' version."

They still looked a bit confused but I wasn't going to explain further than I had already done so. Finally Luna stood up, "Well, we are glad to have gotten to learn about thou Blaze, but now, if thou would follow us, we shall go to the town hall so that we may find thou a home."

I nodded then followed her into town.


I couldn't help but to smile happily as I returned to the library, a deed to a new house in one hand and a violin on my back. It had been interesting picking out the violin, Luna had tried to offer a number of expensive violins, but I had always been picky with my violins and it had taken us a while till we finally found one that I liked the feel of. With that dealt with, we had parted ways with her returning to the castle with her guards. Arriving at the library, I slipped the deed into my armor before entering. I could see that everyone had been talking and chatting, but when I entered I wasn't surprised to see Link tense before relaxing, causing me to once more curse my current form. Going over to a chair and sitting down, I smiled again, "Welp, two thirds of what I needed down, tomorrow will be the haircut then I will feel better."

They nodded to that when Rarity spoke up, "I see that you got your violin darling, how was getting it?"

I chuckled, "It took a good while, Luna had to help me in finding it. She tried to offer some expensive ones but I don't want just any violin, I'm picky on my violins and will only accept one that feels just right."

She smiled, "Well then darling, would you be willing to regale us with a song from your new violin?"

Blushing I nodded, "You will need to be patient with me though, it has been a while since I last played so I am quite rusty."

Sure enough, it took me about forty minutes to tune and grasp a good start, forty minutes of torture for them and me, but finally I got back in the groove then played a song to start with (A/N the violin part of the song if you please). When I finished the group clapped as Applejack spoke up, "Golly, that there song was pretty good Blaze, ah'd have to have you play it for mah family."

I chuckled, "That is a somewhat slower song that I use in order to prepare for the bigger songs. Sit back and I hope you enjoy this next one."

With that I put the bow to my violin and got started on another song. When I finished, they all had clapped as Zelda then spoke, "I must say, that was incredible!"

I smiled and took a bow, "Thank you, it took me years to get to where I am but, I am grateful you enjoy it."

I went to put the violin away only for Pinkie Pie to speak up, "Ooh! Ooh! Encore! Encore!"

I was surprised when the others agreed but ultimately conceded but asked, "Twilight? May I perform this next one on your balcony? I always enjoy doing this one in the open."

She nodded then lead everyone to the balcony where I then stood read and performed one last song. As I performed this one, I didn't realize it but the towns ponies that were still out and about closest to the library had stopped and listened as I played, but I didn't care, to me, it felt like home again. I smiled as I recalled some happy times from my past as I played. Losing myself to the rhythm and peace that flowed through me like it would back home. Though it felt long, I ultimately ended the song, happy to have something that truly felt right back to me. Lowering the violin, I smiled as I heard clapping but when I heard the amount I turned and seen that I had a larger audience than expected, causing me to blush, only to be confused when there was a sound of thunder. Before I knew it the sky opened up, causing the towns ponies to flee for their homes and I ultimately got drenched. Recalling that the song of storms was mixed in with that last one, I looked at my hand where the triforce of power glowed brightly as if mocking me, then looked to the sky and flipped it off before going inside.

Thankfully a confused Twilight brought me over some towels as she said, "I wasn't aware that we were suppose to have a storm coming in, and it came so quickly."

Rainbow Dash finally spoke on this one, "We weren't, that storm was completely unnatural!"

Lana spoke up to save me on this one, "I think it was the song Blaze played, it sounded like it had the song of storms mixed in."

Curious, Rainbow Dash asked, "What the hay is the song of storms?"

"Well, back in the time of the hero of time, the hero, an incarnation of Link had learned a song that whenever he played it on his ocarina it would summon storms." Looking at my hand, she continued, "I'm guessing the triforce of power replicated the effect with his violin."

Glaring at my hand, I said to Link, "Mind if I borrow your sword Link?"

Hesitant, he asked, "Why do you want to borrow my sword?"

"I want to see if cutting my hand off gets rid of this stupid thing."

They ignored my comment as Twilight decided to ask me, "So where did the music that you played come from? Are they something you created?"

I laughed, "Heck, no, I can't create music at all. Hell, I can't even read music in a music book. The way I do it is that I go completely by ear. I listen to a song that catches my attention then try to mimic it. It takes me quite a while in order to be able to completely mimic it but it works."

They each looked surprised with Twilight asking, "You can't even read music off a sheet?"

"Hey now, it is a legitimate way of learning music! In fact, some music you have to do so in order to play it!"

Before she could ask how that worked, which of course I couldn't truly explain, Zelda decided to ask a question that took me a bit by surprise, "I don't know if anyone has asked yet, but for this, cosplay that you mentioned, why did you choose to dress as Ganondorf?"

Thinking back on it, I replied, "Well, part of it was the power, I mean, there was a reason he was known as one of the badasses of gaming, but mainly, I felt pity and that he could depending on how you look at him, be someone to feel a bit sympathetic to if not pity for him."

Shocked, Lana asked, "How could anyone feel ANY sympathy for him?!"

I crossed my arms, "It goes hand in hand with my dislike of being a hero, the simple fact that not all villains are truly evil. I will not deny that Ganondorf has committed atrocities in the past in a number of lives. But I know that in one timeline, I feel pity for him because of the fact that in that timeline, he genuinely cared about his people, the gerudo tribe, he flat out says in that timeline and I quote 'my country lay within a vast desert, when the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished the land searing the world, and when the moon climbed into the dark of night a frigid gale pierced our homes. No matter when it came, the wind always carried the same thing, death.' So plain and simple, sometimes a villain could be someone who just wants to see the world burn, or they could be doing something that is out of desperation or such for their life or the lives of those they care for."

I yawned a large tired yawn, "Anyways, its getting late and I am getting tired, I'm going on to bed." With that, I headed downstairs then set up a bed on the floor before going to sleep.

Author's Note:

Going full steam ahead on the chapter production people! And I must say, I am shocking myself with the speed I am cranking these chapters out. You people are also shocking the heck out of me. I mean, not even a week and I already have a number of people who Favorited this. I don't know if you are genuinely liking this or just showing a nutjob some pity. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I will be getting the next out soon!

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