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The Derpy Doctor

"There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it." — Gautama Buddha


What happened to fluttershy at flight camp that are her so shy? Fluttershy has been avoiding saying what she could about flight camp and holds it from her friends whenever it is brought up. In this fan fic, see exactly how fluttershy got to be her own way.
This tale of adventure is sure to bring happiness and tearsto whomever reads it.

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Beautiful Doc!!! Better ratings than the first Portals too! Considering the events of the first chapter (no spoilers :raritywink:) I did NOT see that coming!!!

Great to hear your career's gone upward since a rough start Doc! Can't wait to see what you got for us next!

P.S. You may need to put in the title which number book in the Portals series that is. Could clear up any future messes.

Cool and sad story!!!!!!!!!!!

5739206 Thanks, how much did you read.
I should add that Iusually put anyone's names that comment here into my sequel.
Prepare for that it should come out soon.:pinkiehappy:

Aww, It was really sweet of Kevin to defend Fluttershy, I love these kinds of stories :yay:

5812035 Thanks. This is just a sequel to the original "Portals." I find the ending a little rediculous (to this one). Thanks for telling me. I think your work is probably going to have a lot better ideas than this one.
The next book in the series comes out soon. Hopefully I can make it better than this one.

*His butt-chin shined in the bright sunlight. That was what they called it on Earth anyways.*


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