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The Derpy Doctor

"There has to be evil so that good can prove its purity above it." — Gautama Buddha


Attention readers. After my first posted story had been rejected by the far majority of you, I have decided to put in my less recent-made brighter fanfiction. Although my confidence has been reduced due to the critisism on my last book, I hope you will enjoy this one. It is the story of the young character Dinky. The daughter of Derpy in her own fan fiction. Please do not judge very harshly, it is an early work. Thank you.

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What's this story a crossover with?

5630365 Doctor Whooves. He shows up in this somewhere I decided that was enough to make it a crossover.

5630450 But isn't Doctor Whooves a MLP Fan character by himself?

5630473 the fan fiction: "The Adventures of Doctor Whooves" is a crossover from Doctor who and MLP so, concidering that this has something to do with that, it makes this a crossover. Doctor Whooves is a character in the show, but his fan fiction that describes his adventures makes him (in this context) a crossover.

So it's a crossover of a crossover? Crosseption?

5630486 But since the original crossover is a mlp story, then wouldn't double crossovering it put it entirely in the realm of mlp fiction, therefore warranting an Alternate Universe tag instead of a Crossover tag. Doctor who+MLP=Doctor Whooves. Doctor Whooves +MLP=MLP

5630494 It might. Would it take it off your mind if I just took that little tag off of the story description?

5630503 Not really, I consider chapters under 1k words to be more like Blog posts than stories, and you have a bunch.

5630515 Read the other fan fiction. The other fan fiction has a very different storyline and has plenty of chapters above 1000 words. just remember to read it all the way through, because some people stop in the middle and critisize me from here to kingdam come for it regardless of it ending a lot different than it begins.

(Reads prologue ) well that was depressing

I kinda liked it, personally. Pls don't get me wrong I don't LIKE being depressed, but it was mysterious and it made the reader want to keep reading. That is a quality I can really respect, especially from my standpoint. I don't . . . exactly feel like my work can carry that same quality that others seem to pull of so well. It's kinda sad , but I try not to be jealous. Mostly because others would disagree with me on my inability.:pinkiesad2:

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