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Chaos, constructively


Rainbow Dash couldn't believe her eyes. She was a wingpony? How did that make sense? And that's not all. Lightning Dust, probably the only cadet that could actually keep up with her, was also a wingpony? What the hay is going on here?

This story revisits Season 3, Episode 7 and pairs Rainbow with a different pony, for a different reason.

Released as part of Operation Open Bin, wherein every stupid idea I've ever had was submitted at once.

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Comments ( 7 )

I love where this is going right now. Sentences flowed heavenly, great use of more advanced words like efficacy and incredulous, and an all around interesting idea. I'll be tracking this one from here on out.

Only one thing though, that Discord easter egg better live up to its appearance. You can't show a gun in the first act only to not have it fire later in the story. Anyways I love it

~Mr. L.Rager

6436319 Like I said in the description, I don't plan to go past S3E7. Discord's reformation was S3E10, so this would be the timeframe in which Celestia's plans to reform Discord would be discussed. I have no intention of revisiting it.

I see, so, not to be rude, what was the point of mentioning his reformation?

6436445 Random idea that came to me while I was writing. I was describing Rainbow in a way so atypical of her character that some kind of smash cut along the lines of "elsewhere, some unrelated character got the feeling something was fundamentally wrong with the world." I was just flipping through the characters I could use for such a scene to see if any would be funny enough to break the scene for. Pinkie Pie, too easy. Twilight, ehh maybe. Applejack, no. Celestia, no. Discord, still a statue...oh. Oh. Something is wrong, abnormal, dare I say even...chaotic?

Understandable, still a nice read. I'll be waiting for more

This is certainly going to be an interesting story.

6436561 Ah. It came across as forshadowing, instead. :ajsleepy:

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