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Rainbow Dash couldn't believe her eyes. She was a wingpony? How did that make sense? And that's not all. Lightning Dust, probably the only cadet that could actually keep up with her, was also a wingpony? What the hay is going on here?

This story revisits Season 3, Episode 7 and pairs Rainbow with a different pony, for a different reason.

Released as part of Operation Open Bin, wherein every stupid idea I've ever had was submitted at once.

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Two teams of engineering equines compete to see who can build a machine that can deliver a muffin, intact, to a target.

This is a random idea I had in a bout of nostalgia, placing the Mane Six into the old TV show Scrapheap Challenge, aka Junkyard Wars. While you don't need to know the show to enjoy the story, it will help.

Released as part of Operation Open Bin, wherein every stupid idea I've ever had was submitted at once. This one is probably the stupidest.

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Princess Twilight has seen some strange things in the past few years. She made the best friends a mare could have, she had some amazing adventures, became an alicorn princess, saved the world a few times, and got a palace to call her very own. Yet for all that, the strangest has yet to come.

There are new strangers in Ponyville. That's not too odd, but they're not ponies. They're human! But they're not like any human Twilight saw on the other side of the Mirror. Their magic isn't like anything she's ever seen, either. She'd love to learn more, but there's a problem. These humans could give Fluttershy lessons in keeping out of sight.

Dealing with snooping aliens was not exactly what Twilight had planned to put on top of her royal agenda.

I started writing this back before Season Five. It's not a new idea, not hardly, but no matter how many first contact stories I sifted through, always it was from the alien perspective. The pony perspective would come to the fore only rarely, and usually only with sizable external influences.

This story takes the idea of an alien observation team but is entirely from the locals' standpoint. What do you do when there's an alien science outpost next door?

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Twilight Sparkle has kept detailed notes on her magical ability for her entire life. Nopony's terribly surprised. After becoming the Element of Magic, an alicorn, and the Princess of Friendship, her abilities have changed dramatically. Again, nopony's surprised.

Twilight Sparkle is going to live forever. She won't be alone. The Elements of Harmony can never be separated by something as banal as time.

That surprises a few ponies. That surprises them a lot.

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Princess Twilight has little to claim as her own dominion. The day belongs to Celestia, the night belongs to Luna, and Cadence has a whole empire all her own. So what's left for Twilight?

...well, there are those few seconds between sunset and moonrise. Maybe, just maybe...

A random idea that came to me in a time of sleep deprivation and panic.

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