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The greatest masterpiece ever made! 10/10
-New York Timez
I have scientifically proven that this story makes you smarter!
-a scientist
After reading "Scootaloo Learns to Fly", I won the lottery. Coincidence? Don't be stupid, of course it isn't! -Dragonjek
It all began when Scootaloo learned to fly. That was all it was...AT FIRST! Now, it has become an epic battle between the forces of good and evil in this epic war of stereotypical descriptions and plots! This is a must read. Rate, like, subscribe.

*cover art by someone

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Some more quotes for you, take your pic!

I can definitively say that there is no story with a chapter titled "Chapter One: Chickens Can't Fly" that could surpass this masterpiece.

This story is fantastic, reading it increased my sexual virility by a factor of π!

I'm rolling in my grave in shame over having been so thoroughly out-written, or I would be if there were any shame in being outwritten by someone as amazing as RainbowKnight.
-probably Shakespeare

After reading "Scootaloo Learns to Fly", I won the lottery. Coincidence? Don't be stupid, of course it isn't!
-also me

"Scootaloo Learns to Fly" is better than bacon.

Scootaloo Learns to Fly, therefor I am.
-Descartes the XXXVII

Vini, Vidi, Scootaloo Learns to Fly.

I am become Scootaloo Learns to Fly, destroyer of worlds.
-Bobby Oppenheimer

This is a story that smart people read, written by the sexually attractive RainbowKnight.
-this guy I paid five dollars to

You will never read a more heart-gripping, attention-grabbing, soul-filling, glorious story in the entirety of your miserable lives.

Glad you enjoyed this so far, and thanks for the quotes :pinkiehappy:

Though, what do you mean by:

take your pic!

What the hell did I just read...
That was so...so...so...weird! What the...
Like, do you have a telepathic connection with Scoots? Are ponies immortal? Are different universes colliding? Are you secretly The Creator Of Cliches?
So many questions...
Anyway. Fun to read, kinda stupid but in a good way and overall enjoyable. I'll be looking out for the coming chapters!

5688798 Sorry, that should have been "Take your pick!", if you liked one of them enough to appropriate it for the story description.
I love those lists of reader comments authors sometimes put in the description. They're funny, and I imagined that you were waiting for a few good responses in the comments to add onto it. Well, more like I hoped you were, but it is fun to write silly comments anyways.


Thanks for the compliment. :yay:

And don't worry, everything will definitely be explained by the end of this story. Totally. :trollestia:

*snorts* "Wing boner" hahahahaha!!!

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