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I really have nothing to put here at the moment.


Vinyl has red eyes. Octavia has purple eyes. Vinyl wishes she could have Octavia's eyes.


A rather short one-shot of something that has probably been done before. For your reading pleasure, please just forget that Vinyl's eyes aren't red. They are for the sake of the story.

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This is an awesome fic. Only six views? This is outrageous!
Although, seriously, this hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves. Although you could go into more detail on why ponies think Vinyl is a demon. I know, her red eyes, but how does that make ponies think she is a demon?

I ship it... I ship it HARD!!!


Thanks for reading!


Thanks! I probably would've went the unfortunate accident route that makes it feel like Harry Potter if I was forced for more reasons.

Very well written, and the voices were well characterized. Good job. ^^ It does need some editing, though. I suggest giving it another pass or two.

I don't...get it. Don't get me wrong, this is an incredibly great oneshot and I ship OctaScratch like no other, but it's really never explained why people hate Vinyl for her eyes. Yeah, they're red, but why is that such a big deal?


Will do, thanks!


The trope of people writing Vinyl as shunned because of her eyes is something has been done well, a lot already. Every time I've read it there isn't really much more to it than that, her eyes are scary in red to most ponies. Then Octavia tends to step in being the only pony who likes them ect. I could have probably presented it better, or added some reasoning but with how much it had been done I wasn't sure I even needed it with the general hints that ponies thought they were frightening. I honestly don't have an answer beyond red eyes are different, and apparently neither does anyone else. Maybe when I get around to editing this I'll do something about that? Oh, and thanks for the read.

5569071 "sigh" Sadly, I suppose being different is enough to get you shunned. You see it all the time in real life so I guess the same is true here. Maybe I was just being a bit too nit-picky.

Everything else is really good though, great job.

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