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ME AND A FEW FRIEND TEAM UP TO FIGHT EVIL AND WRITE STORIES! I am the leader, and i have 2 editors. Together we are unstoppable... for now.


EVEN B4 YOU START, THIS IS A PREEMPTIVE "NO SKILL" ALERT! (Ya so, this my first time trying)
Majora and Derek are two stallions who live in secret. They help protect Equestria from evil fortold in ancient prophecies. Their existence is unknown to all but Celestia, until they are caught in the act of stealing from a purple mare, starting a chain of events leading them out of hiding and into the fray, confronting evil and the Princess herself. It's not easy being hated and hunted, but when you have nothing else to live for, you may fight for those who hate you.
(Rated TEEN for some mild language and blood)

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Criticism is much appreciated, but keep it in moderation. :trixieshiftleft:

UPDATE: Almost done. Bring on all feedback, be it Positive or Negative. I need it.

sounds good ill read it when im done browsing

you know it would be a nice twist for twilight to be a secret badass due to Celestia training her "most faithful student" how to defend herself granted why waste it on thieves any ways you get my thumb

Thank You (/^o^)/
That means a lot to me. Cause at first i was afraid of FAILURE XD

So far so good, can't wait for more! :twilightsmile:

:rainbowderp: Whats going to happen next, I can't wait!


First... I like where this story is going keep it up

First.... Celestia calm. The. F**k. Down

633517 Sad part is, we never did get the full picture of her rage in the show. Had to think hard about those parts. :ajbemused:

good story granted you suck at displaying emotions (dead sister oh ill just pretend i dont care after 2 mysterious stallions show up:rainbowwild:)

...what?:rainbowhuh: that ending. And please tell me that that was not all o it. If the CMC die, at least give us a more epic fight scene. Sorry, just a little sore about that.

658278 Ahhh, there is a lot of story left....

Yay, character interaction!

Celestia is a douche

708692 Seems like more like an insult than a legit comment about my work :ajbemused:

709132 :rainbowderp: uh sorry I do that when I get the chance your story is great I always pass this fic while browsing and one day there was nothing else interesting I chose this one and got hooked

Not bad at all. It's a good story. Unfortunately, there's just not enough to get attached to Majora and Derek. All we saw was them in action. We didn't really see the other side of them or more of the past that forged them. Other than that, this story is indeed very good.

752608 Being my first story, that means a lot. I still feel like there were a few parts I should've expanded on more (ie their past). Maybe I'll give this writing thing another shot after all. :unsuresweetie:
I'm just glad at least ONE person enjoyed it.

Guess who? Lol that's right I made an accout for the main purpose of commenting. Notice how the only real constructive criticism is basically exactly what I told you during the writing before the two falling outs. Just wanted to say that lol.

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