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ME AND A FEW FRIEND TEAM UP TO FIGHT EVIL AND WRITE STORIES! I am the leader, and i have 2 editors. Together we are unstoppable... for now.

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Twilight likes everything neat, organized, and correct. You know this. Why am I telling you this? One day when reading a book on magic, she discovers a typo. She starts to wonder what other books might have errors, and begins another slow descent into insanity.

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EVEN B4 YOU START, THIS IS A PREEMPTIVE "NO SKILL" ALERT! (Ya so, this my first time trying)
Majora and Derek are two stallions who live in secret. They help protect Equestria from evil fortold in ancient prophecies. Their existence is unknown to all but Celestia, until they are caught in the act of stealing from a purple mare, starting a chain of events leading them out of hiding and into the fray, confronting evil and the Princess herself. It's not easy being hated and hunted, but when you have nothing else to live for, you may fight for those who hate you.
(Rated TEEN for some mild language and blood)

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