• Published 4th May 2012
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Both Sides of the Blade - AverageMemory

Majora and Derek secretly protect Equestria from horrible evils.

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Chapter 1 Caught

Both Sides of the Blade
By AverageMemory

Edited by TheAmazingMrL

Life sucks, I mean that sincerely. Derek and I have lived in the center of Everfree Forest for a few years now. The land itself is cheery, but where we live it’s dark. Not everything here is as it seems though. It’s as if everyone except Derek and I are completely immune to terror. It comes with the job I guess. My name is Majora, and I’m a Pegasus and the elder one at 46, whereas Derek is a unicorn and the younger one at 23. I have a white coat, with a deep grey mane that hangs to the top of my eyes, and a grey winged sword as my cutie mark. Derek is ash grey, with a crimson mane that spikes at the top of his head, and a red anarchy symbol as his cutie mark. Our jobs are simple, read prophecies, memorize them, and make sure we get positive outcomes. Derek has been my wing pony since the accident. It all happened years back when I was a Captain of the Royal Guard’s Strike Force. I was charged with protecting Shining Armor. He was on a tour of duty, leading a small battalion up a mountain, when a rockslide struck. A large boulder came hurtling down toward Lord Armor. I pushed him out of the way just in time but at my own peril, breaking both of my wings on impact. I began to tumble down the mountain with rocks following fast. When I crashed to the ground, I was trapped under a boulder at the base of the mountain. That’s when Derek saw me; he came up to the rock and lifted it from atop of me. When he had realized I was the guard captain, he immediately started talking about paying him back, asking me to join him on his quest for change. He started spewing nonsense about Discord and an evil black mare coming to throw us into eternal night. For some reason, it sounded better than anything I was doing. Being a soldier sucked; it was the same thing every day. I agreed to the eccentric guy and he took me to his house and tended to my wounds. For the next several years, we went on dangerous missions into the unknown, fighting evil, witnessing evil be fought, etc. Apparently Derek has an… interesting past as well. He was the top student in Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, until he found some books on dark magic. After about a month he was caught reading them and was expelled and exiled for it by Celestia herself. Derek and I are always searching for supplies; we resorted to going to Ponyville and stealing what we need. We know it’s wrong, but we have no choice. I’m dead and he’s an outlaw. Yep, the world thinks I’m dead because they couldn’t find my body. We’ve only run into Celestia once, and it was a disaster. Derek had a KillKillKill episode when he was corrupted by Discord and attacked Celestia. I got him outta there, but we were sought out for a while. Being hated by the princess is annoying; we’ll be fighting evil, and then suddenly be attacked by soldiers who are supposed to do the same thing we do. But we’ve learned to live with it. We set up our base in a moderately sized house, right in the dead center of Everfree Forest, silently watching over the land, preventing its folk from knowing the true meaning of fear. Derek says we live here because nopony would dare come here. That’s what we believed.


Derek worked away at the lock on the library door.

"Almost..." he said under his breath.

The door clicked unlocked, and we entered being careful not to make a sound.

"Ok," I said softly. "that Twilight chick should be fast asleep. Let's grab what we need and go."

We walked in, the place was quiet and dark. Derek conjured a light from his horn.

Derek snickered. "What should we take this time, Majora?"

"Some maps perhaps, and some evil creature logs." I said, trying to think of what we had back at the house.

"Ha, Majora, you need to live a little." Derek said.

A book floated into my sights bearing the title 'Rituals and Curses'. I sighed.

"Derek there is no way you’re getting me into that demonic bull..." I told him.

It terrifies me to know that Derek found it, here of all places. I continued to go down the rows of books. As I pointed them out, they flew off the shelf and into Derek's bag.

"Take this, that, those two, this one over here."

Derek happened onto one of the titles.

“‘History of Dark Magic’. I guess you’re getting into it yourself.” Derek chuckled.

"Buck, no Derek. Just grab it and shush. We don't want to wake anypony-"

I was cut off by rustling upstairs.

"Must be that little dragon again," Derek said. "I got this."

Sure enough the tiny dragon came walking down the stairs to investigate.

“Who.. who are you?” Spike said half asleep.

“No one,” Derek replied, lowering his head pointing his horn at the dragon. “Just go back to

Derek hit Spike between the eyes with a small spark. Spike immediately fell asleep.

“Childs pla-” Derek barely had time to finish before another voice cut him off.

“What the...?” said a voice.

I looked up, and saw Twilight Sparkle. Dammit, now on top of Celestia knowing we exist, she does too.

“What have you done to Spike? Who ARE you!?” she asked quickly.

“Busted.” I whispered.

Twilight jumped down, but where she landed the floor was glowing, to my sheer horror, it was an upside-down pentagram, glowing a blood red. I turned my attention to Derek, his horn glowing furiously.

“Checkmate.” He sneered.

“Black magic!?” she shrieked, as she was lifted up now hovering over the demonic circle.

“Derek” I said, trying to remain calm.

“Yes, little pony, you’re gonna wish you hadn’t got out of bed!” He said, ignoring me. His horn was beginning to spark.

“Derek.” I repeated a bit louder this time.

Twilight was beginning to panic, lightning flew out of the rims of the circle, shocking her from all sides. I sighed.

“DEREK!” I yelled in his ear.

“WHAT!?” He yelled back.

Twilight dropped to the ground, the circle was beginning to lose its glow. It steamed, scorched into the wooden floor. I’ve seen Derek do this one before, her life force would have been completely drained if I had let that go on.

“Derek, she’s an element of harmony, if you kill her, the entire land is doomed.” I told him.

“I wanted to finish that Majora.” He said, still staring at Twilight.

Twilight was still gasping for air.

“Sorry about my partners... freakish reaction.” I said to her.

“Who you callin freakish?” Derek snapped at me.

“My apologies, he doesn’t know how to treat a mare.” I continued, ignoring him. “Hello, my name is Majora, and this is Derek.”

There was a long silence.

“....THIEVES.” Twilight yelled.

Oh yeah, thats right. My eyes widened.

“RUN!” Derek yelled. He grabbed the bag and we darted out the door, all the way back to the Everfree Forest.