• Published 4th May 2012
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Both Sides of the Blade - AverageMemory

Majora and Derek secretly protect Equestria from horrible evils.

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Chapter 7 Depression

My eyes shot open. I was in a bed in a hospital room. There was a single window to my left, and the door was to my right. An IV drip attached to my arm. I sighed and tried to get up, but pain shot up my back and I flopped back down. Great, I’m a broken old man. I looked out the window, the sky was blue again and the sun back in place. I wondered how long I had been out, and what of Derek. The door opened, Nurse Redheart and Celestia walked in, accompanied by a few royal guards.

“Congratulations, Majora. You defeated Orobas.” She said with a soft smile.

“It’s my job, ma'am.” I said.

“Indeed.” She replied. “I must apologize for treating you like I did before. It was nearsighted of me-”

I stopped her before she finished. “It’s fine. I’ve seen worse.”

She cocked her head, possibly trying to imagine what would be worse then getting beat by her.

“Well, in any case, I am here to ask you come back to the Royal Guard. I feel as though you have proved your worth. I will make you my personal guard...” She said, quite sure of herself.

“Yes, well, Derek and I still have our job. As soon as I’m fully healed we are going back to-”

Nurse Redheart uttered a fake cough to gain attention.

“Mr. Majora, if I may. We did everything we could for your friend, but sadly...” She stopped.

I already knew what she was gonna say. My eyes shot to Celestia.

“You... You didn’t help?” I asked.

“It wasn’t my place to.” She said, narrowing her eyes, her facial expression turning harsh.

“So, you’re saying you healed me to fight for you, but you won’t heal him after he fought for you. Faulty logic, ma’am.” I said, angrily.

“I’m sorry, Majora, but he wasn’t worth it.” She said.

Wait a second. Not... worth it?


“As a user of dark magic, he was in direct violation of my law. So I really didn’t see any point in saving hi-”

“But he fought for you! Against everything he believed, he still went down protecting you!” I attempted to reason.

Celestia just glared at me. Obviously she wasn’t going to see it my way, and why should she? She’s seen dark magic used on herself and others around her, but Derek was different. He used his gift for good.

“SO YOU JUST LET HIM DIE!?” I shouted.

“I had to Majora. It didn’t matter what he was doing, but what he did.” She said. “That is why I let him go.”

I stared out the window. He was gone. My best friend... gone.


After I got out of the hospital, I went straight home. The house seemed empty without Derek around. As the days past I realized it was very large for just myself. So I moved out of Everfree and into Ponyville.

The day I buried Derek, I was alone. I guess I couldn't expect anyone but myself to care. I chose a small, secluded grassy hill top on the edge of Everfree. As soon as I was done, I left. Most days since then I kept to myself. I stayed home, tending to sleep most days away.

Until finally, I was rudely awakened one day. An intent knocking sound filled my ears, my eyes shot open. The door was shaking from the pony on the other side. I sighed and walked over to the door, and was greeted by a smiling Twilight Sparkle.

“MAJORA! YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT!” She said joyously.

“What?” I mused.

“Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo! They are alive!” She said.

“Im- Impossible.” I tried to think rationally.

“I’m researching it now!” She said. “Such a phenomenon has NEVER happened in Ponyville.” She said.

I didn’t pry. I didn’t really care how or why they were alive. I guess it means I did something right.

“That’s great,” I said, “but is that all you need to say? I’m very busy right now.”

“Well, you see, Celestia has summoned you, too.” She said.

“She couldn’t send some soldiers or something?” I asked, skeptically.

“I don’t know.” She said.

“For what reason?” I asked.

“No idea, you have to go and see,” She said. “and how long has it been since you left this house?”
“None of your business.” I stated.

“Well whatever, you could always go to Derek’s grave for closure you know.” She said, as if she knew what she was talking about. She obviously didn’t.

“Ya whatever, just get.” I said.

She stuck her tongue out at me and trotted off.


I walked up the hill at the border of Ponyville and the Everfree forest where Derek was buried at. I thought it would make him happy if I brought him something. As I approached, I saw somepony else there. A blue mare with a purple cape.

“Ehem, may I ask who you are?” I said as I approached.

She turned to me. “What’s it to ya?” She sneered.

“This is my best friend's grave, if you could please-” I began to say, but she shushed me.

“So, you must be Majora.” She said.

I was confused. “How did you know my name? Who are you?”

She laughed a bit. “My brother only had one friend.”

“... Trixie.” I came to realize.

Feeling a bit bad about trying to shoo her away, I just sat next to her.

“So, how did you find out?” I asked.

“Celestia told me, being the last of our family.” She said.

“Wonderful. She’s hasn’t been very nice lately.” I said.

“Why?” Trixie asked.

“She let him die, when she could’ve possibly saved him, had she even cared.” I explained.


“She maintains the idea that dark magic users are evil.” I said.

“Not true, especially for Dare.” She mused.

“I know.” I said. I remembered what I had came here for, but with Trixie here...

“I have something for you,” I reached into my bag and pulled out a book, “this was a gift from your brother that he never gave you. It was supposed to be for your birthday.”

“What? He remembered my birthday?” She said, a bit shocked.

“Well yes, he talked about you a lot.” I told her. “He planned to visit you in a few days but...” I stopped for logical reasons. She opened the book, the inside cover had a note written in it.”

Dear Trix,

I know I never have time to visit you because I’m so busy with my work, but I wanted to give you this in hopes that you can become even greater and more powerful. I hope you’ll forgive me for not being there for you all the time, but remember I will always love you.



Trixie just starred at the note. Personally, I never knew that Derek cared for anyone but himself. He did talk about her a lot, I suppose. I guess he cared about what little family he had. The book consisted of advanced magic, and some of his own tricks, but no dark magic.

“Thank you, Majora.” She said. “I must go now.” She got up and walked off.

I faintly remember Derek joking that she was in show bizz. Poor mare. I heard hoofsteps approaching. I turned and saw Celestia.

“What do you want?” I asked her.

“Orobas, I sense the fight is not over.” She said.

“Lady, you told me it was over. I’m done, get it?” I told her.

She sat down next to me. “Look, I’m sorry about your friend. I’m sure he was great to you, but he’s tried to kill me. I can say that I appreciate your work having seen it now first hand.” She said, now showing remorse.

I sat there and stared at the grave. “Fine,” I said, “I will take care of him when he reappears.” I got up and walked off, leaving her to stare at what she had done.


I was still asleep when somepony came knocking on my door... again. When will it end? I got out of bed, checked my mane, and went to the door. Sure enough, it was Twilight... again.

“Good morning, Majora!” She said cheerfully.

“Mare,” I said, “I haven’t had a good morning in weeks.”

She chuckled. “You’ll get happier as time goes by.”

“Don’t start with the touchy feely bull.” I said.

“You just need to get out and make some new friends.”

“Me? Friends? I don’t need friends. I am a battle hardened vet, companionship is the least of my concerns.” I explained. “Speaking of battle. I need you to gather your friends. I need help to finish a job.”

“Really? What do you need?” She said, a bit confused.

“The one who killed Derek is still at large. I think I’ll need your help to take him out.” I said gravely.

At first she thought I was crazy, but then my seriousness sunk in.

“I’ll meet you at the library in one hour. Go.” I said.

With that she ran off. Alright, time to finish what we started.