Both Sides of the Blade

by AverageMemory

Chapter 5 True Colors

When Twilight awoke, she grabbed her saddlebag.

“Spike! I’m going to Canterlot!” She called out.

“Alone?” He asked.

“No, I’m going with...” She stopped. “Rarity.”

“Oh, ok.” Spike said, without a second thought.

Twilight walked into the living room to find Majora sleeping on the ground, and Derek looking through her books.

“I see you’re awake. Good.” Derek said, closing the book he was reading. “...MAJORA!”

“Who wha- HUH?” Majora sprang up to his hooves.

“Relax, old timer,” Derek said, “No one is getting killed yet.”

“Indeed.” Majora said, looking around. He collected himself. “So are we ready then?”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “What does it look like?”

“Great.” He said. “Let us be on our way.”

He walked to the door, Derek followed. Twilight knew this wasn’t safe, but these two may be Equestria’s only hope.


We approached the gates of Canterlot.

“Ok Twilight. Derek will throw up the invisibility shield, you will guide us through the streets of Canterlot and into the castle. Remember, the catacomb entrance is somewhere near the throne room.” I told Twilight.

“What if-” She began.

“We will be at fault if anything happens, and we will take care of anything that may go wrong.” I reassured her.

Derek laughed at the sight of the guards at the gate. “Check it out, Majora, they beefed up security.”

I looked over and saw them. They were Strikeforce troops. Crossbows and swords. I sighed.

“Looks like they might be buddies of yours.” Derek said mockingly.

“Shut it.” I snapped. “Just throw up that shield. Twilight, stay alert.”

Dereks horn glowed. He shot a small beam that arced and formed a dome around us. The dome dissipated. I walked slightly to the side, Twilight continued looking at where I had been.

“Bingo. Nice work, Derek.” I said.

Twilight walked up to the gate. “Morning, ma'am.” The guards regarded her. We slipped in, fallowing her closely. First wall breached. Next was the Castle itself.


Canterlot Castle is huge. Being built on the side of a mountain has its perks, I guess.

Twilight approached the Castle gates. Soldiers here were Strikeforce vets, older and much more experienced than the ones outside the walls of Canterlot.

“She must know.” Derek whispered.

“I’m expected her to.” I whispered back. “We just need to avoid her, and get to Orobas.”

We followed Twilight into the Castle. Guards were everywhere, but Twilight just trotted on nonchalantly. As we made our way toward the throne room, a thought dawned on me. What if Celestia senses us? She’d drop whatever she was doing and come after us.

“Celestia!” I heard Twilight call out.

With that remark I felt my plans... crumble. I felt Derek slug me in the side.

“Way to go, genius.” He said.

I looked up and watched Twilight trot up to Celestia. Celestia looked as she always did, but she seemed... wary. Indeed, she was looking for us. She looked down at Twilight and smiled.

“Well, what are you doing here today, Twilight Sparkle?” She asked.

Oh no, she better not-
“Just coming for check out some more books!” Twilight replied happily.

Smart mare.

“Alright then, just remember not to spend ALL your time studying.” Celestia said.

“I’ll try to keep that in mind.” Twilight laughed.

I felt Derek nudge me.

“Old man, Celestia stalls any longer, we’re in for it.” He whispered to me.

“Then let's sneak around.” I replied.

We walked around the two, as their conversation dragged on.

We made about five steps when somepony shouted “HALT YOU TWO!”

I looked to my left, and saw Derek’s eyes widen. I face-hoofed.

“Do something, old man.” Derek whispered to me.

Celestia looked over, her eyes widened. “E- Excuse me Twilight. I have to... take care of something else.” She said, with her eyes fixed on us.

I saw Twilight gasp at the sight of us.

I sighed. “Hello, Celestia.” I said.

Her eye twitched. A blinding light flashed around us, and we were all in the throne room, Celestia perched atop her seat, still glaring at us.

“Oh, want to get us alone? I see how it is...” Derek sneered.

I looked over at Twilight. She stared back. I gestured for her to side with Celestia. Twilight trotted over to Celestia and stood near her, looking back at us with a bit of concern.

“So... you two tricked my student to guide you here? Clever to say the least.” She said, holding back any emotion from her voice.

“Princess, please, you must listen to us this ti-” I tried to reason, but she cut me off.

“Silence, you two are here-by-” She began to say, but Derek stomped his hoof.

“You... JERK! For YEARS you have labeled us as evil, and REGARDLESS, we have saved you and your subjects from your own IGNORANCE!” He yelled at her.

Celestia glared at him, but Derek wasn’t phased. “I will not stand for this any longer.” She said, trying her best to mask her anger and frustration.

The pentagram began to take form under Derek’s hooves. His nostrils flared.

“Celestia, you must-”

She shot me with lightning before I finished, sending me across the room and into a pillar. The pillar collapsed on top of me.

Derek looked back at me, his eyes now glowing. “MAJORA!” He called out.

I pushed the rubble out of my way, and stepped up. I drew my sword in my mouth and dropped it into my hoof. My calm is officially gone. My vision is beginning to fade, no longer in control.


Twilight couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Majora’s expression never swayed far from perplexed or relaxed, but he was angry... really angry. He spread his wings to full length, and darted toward Celestia. She fired a laser from her horn but he swung his sword deflecting it back at her. Celestia panicked and jumped out of the way. Twilight took cover behind a pillar. She glanced at Derek, who had also taken a backseat to the action.

“NOW!” Majora yelled, in a psychotic tone. “Time for me to finally show you what happens when you piss off a captain of the Royal Guard!”

“Ex-captain...” Celestia glared at him. “If you want to fight, then I will. Don’t expect me to hold back whatsoever.” Her expression seemed somewhat confident.

A elongated glow of light appeared around her. Majora swung his sword, but the light quickly moved around Celestia and blocked the blade. The light quickly traveled around the sword and smacked Majora to the ground. A loud snapping noise was heard when Majora hit the ground.

“DANG IT OLD MAN!” Derek called out.

Celestia towered over Majora.

“Look at you.” She said quietly. “Where’s all that high and mighty self esteem?”

Majora struggled to get up, but the light zoomed back around Celestia, knocking Majora back a few feet. Celestia merely followed as she tossed him around.

“STOP!” Derek yelled at her.

Twilight watched as Derek ran up between Majora and Celestia.

“Back away foal, your friend is doomed now.” She said gravely. “Save yourself and go now, or you will receive the same.”

“Not even, lady! I WILL-” Derek began to say but he was cut off by the large double doors opening.

“Dear sister, I... oh my.” A familiar voice said.

Twilight looked over, and saw Luna.

“What is going on?” She asked, perplexed.

The light that orbited Celestia dissipated. “What is it, little sister?”

“I have felt a dark energy growing in the heart of the mountain,” She said.

“YES!” Derek shrieked. “Listen to your sister!”

“SILENCE!” Celestia snapped. “What dark energy?”

Luna looked down. “Well, it’s just that, I think , you know.....” Her voice faded as she spoke.

“What is troubling you, dear sister?” Celestia asked, walking over to her.

“The Skeleton of Tartarus that we sealed off long ago...” Luna said.

“What of him?” Celestia asked, a bit uneasy.

“Well, I think he is attempting to rise, like the prophecy foretold.”

Celestia looked over at Derek and Majora. Majora was still on the ground, groaning from the beating he received. Derek on the other hand, was sticking his tongue out at her.

“See what happens when you don’t listen to others, Celestia?” Derek said, quite triumphantly. “First you ignore us, then you ignore Discord. What’s next? You going to ignore Luna?”

Celestia glared at Derek. Majora slowly rose, coughing loudly.

“You... now you see.” He said. “Allow us to enter the catacombs and fight him.”

Celestia looked a bit concerned. “You two? Face him? I don’t think so.”

Twilight ran over to Celestia. “Let them go, princess.” She said.

Celestia tilted her head. “Why?”

“Because they are willing to die for you even after all you have done to them.” She said.

Celestia sighed. “Fine, they-” The ground began to shake violently.

“WhAt’S gOiNg On?” Twilight called out over the roar of the earthquake.

A low booming cackle filled the air.

“Bleh heh heh. It’s been a long time... I believe it is high time I come back to exact my revenge on you. Starting today, you will all be hunted. One by one, I will make you suffer as I have. Starting with... your beloved Princess Celestia...”

The sun faded out and the sky turned black. Thunder sounded everywhere as the the evil laughing continued.

Majora stepped up. “Derek, It has begun. It’s up to us to stop him.” He said.

“Right!” Derek agreed.

Majora turned his sword and used it to carry himself forward, when his body began to glow yellow, his bruises slowly faded away as he slowly lifted himself off his sword.

“Good luck...” Celestia said.

Majora glanced back at her, confused. “Don’t worry, we got this.” He said.

Derek ran toward the hallway. “LET’S GO MAJORA!” He yelled.

Majora followed him, and they ran in the direction of the catacombs.