Both Sides of the Blade

by AverageMemory


Life goes on. I was honored as the hero of equestria. I got a promotion, I was assigned to be part of Princess Celestia’s personal guard. I was immortalized as a warrior.

I looked upon the statue, which looked exactly like me in full armor. I sighed. Derek should be in there too.

I approached the Princess, but she seemed less than interested.

“But, he was the one who helped me. I beat Orobas because of him.” I told her.

“I’m sorry, Majora.” She said. “He used dark magic.”

“Dark doesn’t mean evil!” I insisted.

“Yes it does. Orobas created dark magic, and look how he turned out. Evil is the intent.” She said.

I lowered my head.

“Just forget him.” She said, like she knew what she was talking about.

“Is that what you did with Orobas?” I asked, a bit out of line.

She doubled back, speechless.

I turned away and walked down the hallway. Hoofsteps echoed down the hall toward me. I turned and saw Trixie.

“I saw the statue! Congrats!” She said, excited.

I was surprised she wasn’t speaking in the third person. “Yes.... but it’s missing something.”

“YES! Where is Dare?” She asked.

“Trixie, Celestia.... hated Derek.” I explained.

“I know, He did save you, though.” She debated.

I just sighed. “She didn’t care.”

There was a prolonged silence.

“It was me and him against the world....” She sniffed.

I walked past her. “If you could excuse me, I have some things to think about.”


Celestia stared at me confused. “What do you mean, retire?” She asked.

“I’m done being a soldier. I want to settle down now.” I said.

“But, you have your old life back.” She said, narrowing her eyes.

“Yes, the one I threw away to begin with.” I snapped.

She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. “Fine, you may go.”

“Thank you.” I said, and stormed off.

One last stop before I leave.


I sat in front of the grave.

“Hey, Derek.” I said, as if he was still next to me. “I’m leaving now... forever. I’m going to Cloudsdale under a new name. I’m starting over. I hope you were able to find peace with the defeat of Orobas.”

I put my crossbow and sword down in front of his grave.

“Good bye.... old friend.” I said, trying to hold back the emotion.

I walked down the hill to my home. I lit a match and dropped it on the wood floor. I watched the fire grow for a bit, then walked out and closed the door. I spread my wings and flew into the air, taking refuge on a small cloud. I looked down at my house, the fire was now seeping through the roof.

For a moment I wondered. I wondered about the ones I was leaving behind. I wondered if Celestia would ever find me out. I wondered what Derek would think. I sighed. I wanted this more then anything. A new life, to stop the fight and quietly await my ultimate demise at the hands of time.

“Mission.... Accomplished.” I said. I took off for Cloudsdale.


Twilight looked at the burnt remains of Majora’s house.

“What do you suppose happened?” Rarity asked.

“I don’t know...” Twilight said, trying to think of what could’ve happened.

A soldier walked up to her.

“Ma’am, we’re gonna need you to step away from the scene.” He said.

“Sorry.” Twilight said, stepping away.

Soldiers worked their way through the burnt remains.

“No bodies.” Said one of the soldiers.

“Nope, but no ones seen Majora since yesterday.” Said another.

“Well, until we find his body, we must deem this murder, or possible suicide. There is a single point in the middle of the room where the fire started. Pointing to a possible arson.” Said another.

“So he’s... dead?” Twilight asked.

“Until we find out more, yes. I highly doubt we will though.” The soldier said.

“That doesn’t make sense. Why would he go and do himself in when he’s a hero?” Rarity asked.

Twilight shook her head. “I don’t think saving the world was a big deal to him. He’s done it so many times, it’s just that now he’s being recognized for it.”

“Still doesn’t make sense.” Rarity said. “What could’ve possibly driven him to do such a thing?”

“Maybe he just wanted to move on.” Twilight wondered.

Looking back, Twilight realized that they were nothing like she had originally thought. They had two states of mind, both of them. One moment they would be laid back and friendly, the next they were powerful warriors who fought to the very ends. Like a single edged sword, they were both sides of the blade.


Final Thoughts

Hooray! My first fanfic has come to a close. First off, let’s thank my editor, Mr.L. He stuck with me night after night, despite having the power to do more fun things. Second, I want to thank anyone who read, and enjoyed, all of this. You’re awesome! Third, I wanna thank FimFiction, for taking this story and allowing me to share it with you all in this pony drought. I had a lot of fun writing this, and despite having fought with my other editor, Darkwolf, over super stupid things, I enjoyed the journey as well.
I might write another story, if Mr.L and I are feeling up to it. I know he has plans to break off and do his own works. So support him too!
And with that, I’m off. Thanks again, everypony.
Until next time, Ciao.