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Requiem Mori


Set in the world created by Kkat and expanded upon by other authors, this story takes place in Fallout: Equestria, following the journeys of Lost Hope and Smoke Screen. Living in different worlds, circumstances will bind them together, driving them towards the same goal. A broken warrior, hardened by the harsh wastes, a vicious raider, determined to forge a future for herself. A lost secret, buried beneath the ground of Equestria. They must learn to work together if they are to succeed, but can they manage to avoid trying to kill each other in the process?

All rights to their original owners. No claims made or implied by this work.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

Well, that's one way to start a story.

Lessee where this goes...


Oh, I know where it goes. Getting there is the complicated part. :raritywink:


I know where it goes.

I don't, and that's usually the fun part. :scootangel:


That can work as well. :pinkiecrazy:

not bad, but your paragraphs are a bit heavy, making it hard to follow. I bet if you broke them up a little, you will have n easier read. other then that, I'll keep an eye on this.


Thank you, I'll keep that in mind!

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