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Rainbow dash, everyone knows her. She's the fastest pony in all of cloudsdale and Ponyville, no pony can match her unrelenting speed. To date, she has never lost a single flight tournament and is famed for being the winner of the best young flyers competition AND being the element of Loyalty! There is no pony alive that could match this pony's greatness and skill. But unlike rainbow dash, not everypony is basked in such greatness, or even luck... for some the world isent that great and they feel meaningless... that's how it is for a blue pegasus named Lightning Bolt. Now, do you know who lightning bolt is?

Of course not... who would care about some Pegasus pony, who loves to fly at deadly speeds? who loves the wind in her mane and the smell of victory? Who would care about a Pegasus that tries her heardest to win? Who cares that she has been beaten at every race by rainbowdash? who cares that she is bullied? Who cares that she loves the one she hates, the one she admires, the one she loathes? Who cares that she became bitter and scornful because of this? who cares that everypony knows she is a failure? Who cares that she is hurt, but can't show it? Who cares that, no matter what she does, she will always be...

In Second Place.

This is Lightning's story, years later, she is still striving for that rainbow in the sky, tring to catch it. sticking with the only two ponies she trusts, will she be able to do it? will she find away to get Rainbow's attantion? her love? or is there another force, a force she cant stop? will she finally get what she wants or will she always be...-

{mild Fillyfooling and no cloping...most likely...}
(picture will be soon...as soon as i find the bloody picture!!!... and this is my first fillyfooling story, so cut me some slack)
bad gramar, and i'll mostlikely be late...
ps. Lightning bolt is a background, background character. I don't own her.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 22 )

It's a good premise; has potential, but it definitely needs an editor. Also, what the hell's up with the centring of everything?

Thumb up anyway; as I said, it has potential.

PS: It switches between past and present tense, which is pretty sloppy.

What the guy above me said, needs editor but it has potential and to follow up with something good and well done should be viewed by many people.

I have to echo the slight misgivings of the last two posters, but I agree, this looks pretty good. I'll be tracking. :twilightblush:

nice story. in a couple places it said blot instead of bolt just so you know. following.

want next chapter

I like this, also would like to see some interaction between Dash and Macintosh. might make for some drama if Blot should make assumptions. Might even be better storytelling if it might not be all wrong of her to assume. Would make the tension last longer then 1 chapter I suppose.

cant wait for the next


Thank you, every piece of support is Appreciated :twilightsmile: i don't get much, so i take what i get :derpytongue2: I'm glad you like it!

glad to see an update can't wait for more good job


I'm glad to see your liking this, hopefully i can get my flank moving and, hopefully, continue this thing. :yay:

Pretty good dude I'm definitely gonna be watching this from here on out keep writing bro!
P.S. Have a moustache :moustache:

I would be more than happy to help you revise/edit this. This looks like a great story with lots of good stuff in it. :3

(Joke) Alt. Title: Born In A Second Place
...It's a mashup, OK? And, by the way, it's not "Rainbowdash".

good chapter again


thanks you, it means alot that somepony wants to read this :pinkiesad2: i promise i'll try to get this back in order. Pinkie promise!:pinkiesmile:

Rainbow Dash likes her hmm, hinted by smelling her scarf.

moar please?

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