• Published 29th Dec 2014
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Guards and Monsters - terrycloth

Lyra joins the new Night Guard that Princess Luna is forming to hunt the monsters the Royal Guard can't or won't face

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5435887 Cool. I wasn't sure whether to post it all at once...

.... You're bonkers.

Absolutely bugfuck bonkers.

I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

5438539 D'oh.

I know I had some pony in mind but I don't remember who. Like every single story I've ever written, it was originally going to have a way more complicated plot. The magic flu was also supposed to be foreshadowing for a mission I never got to. :facehoof:

That was.....different. I never expected Lyra to have a pain fetish. Actually, I never expected any of what happened. Good story. Possible new subscriber. Fetish is good. 10/10

5440860 The series was supposed to be about vore fetish but ended up being about gore fetish because Spike just will not cooperate. Silly dragon. :twilightsmile:

Honestly , to me, the gore aspect just plays off like a particularly brutal aspect of the story. It's not my cup of tea, but the story is no worse for it. That aside, I absolutely love the series so far. The way you handle your characters is just so endearing, while the humor is quirky and clever and risqué all at once. Truth be told, I had no idea how you would possibly be able to make Pipsqueak and Diamond Tiara work in such a scenario, but you did. I definitely look forward to more of your works!

man sis i hope u don't try messing with me everfree forest fun i my like cragadile wrestling everfree is my turf like ponyville is fluttershys ( the protection thing for her fun for me)

5611963 So far from what I have of the sequel, she's still mostly messing with Spike. :facehoof:

5611996 ya i just like my fun time i the everfree forest is all and Lyra can be nosy when i go in i mean i go in to wrestle monsters but that could be my sis just worrying about me

This was so unbelievably fucked up I don't know if I should downvote it for being disgusting or upvote it because Lyra is absolutely hilarious.

Welp, you earned yourself a follower. I mostly went in because Lyra being into vore is hot, and you're actually a really good writer. This was an entertaining story, and you write gore really hilariously; realistic, but from the perspective of someone who's into it and clearly enjoys going into detail. So yeah, keep it up!

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