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Hello, I am Sunstar, and I am a professional author. I love to write and share my stories.


Everypony grew up hearing the ancient myth of a city in the clouds that is the prison of a powerful Demoness. Celestia and Luna have kept much of the myth a secret. When the signs of Tambelon rise again, Celestia leaves Luna in charge so she can go ring the bell of Liberty and send Tambelon back into the realm of darkness. There is one problem. The bell is shattered. Tambelon ain't going nowhere.

Twilight Sparkle uncovers a secret hidden below the library that tells about the seven Guardians of Magic and how one Guardian subcumed to the darkness in her soul and was sealed away. She learns about Tambelon, where Celestia and Luna came from, and makes yet another shocking discovery.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 6 )

Oh, my.....Once this is over with, the surviving pegasi will need lots of therapy.

I felt really glad when I saw the picture, and instantly got the Silent Hill reference.

Really great! 5 stars

The ruins of Tambelon... EH?!?!? http://wtwe.wikia.com/wiki/Tambelon

Tambelon, the Pony version of Mordor.:pinkiegasp:

Sunstar is my OC. No worries, she is far from a mary sue, and I just realized she might be taken as a self insert. She is no self insert as I have been planning for her to be here. I am also setting up for my next seven chapters. I have something big planned for the next chapter, in which we hang out with Spike and Big Mac for a bit as things get scarier.


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