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Hello, I am Sunstar, and I am a professional author. I love to write and share my stories.


Rebirth. His memories sealed, Link is reborn seconds from death into a new life as a prince, but not any prince. The second foal of Celestia by Discord, he grows up with no memory of who he used to be.

Deep inside the Realm of Darkness, Ganon begins to stir. Awakening in a new form, Ganon attacks Canterlot, taking the city for his own. Celestia is unable to escape, and Discord is injured.

Inside the Ponyville library, Link finds the book about the elements and learns from Spike that the main six went into hiding 16 years ago. The only one who knows where they may be hiding is Prince Aries, Celestia's twin brother.

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You know that light blue tag that reads CROSSOVER?

I suggest you put it into use.

Oops! I knew I was forgetting something! Sorry!

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