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Hello, I am Sunstar, and I am a professional author. I love to write and share my stories.

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Rebirth. His memories sealed, Link is reborn seconds from death into a new life as a prince, but not any prince. The second foal of Celestia by Discord, he grows up with no memory of who he used to be.

Deep inside the Realm of Darkness, Ganon begins to stir. Awakening in a new form, Ganon attacks Canterlot, taking the city for his own. Celestia is unable to escape, and Discord is injured.

Inside the Ponyville library, Link finds the book about the elements and learns from Spike that the main six went into hiding 16 years ago. The only one who knows where they may be hiding is Prince Aries, Celestia's twin brother.

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A strange epidemic has struck Equestria. It causes Pegasi to rip off their wings and throw themselves to their deaths. It causes Unicorns to lose their magic and eat their own horns, and it causes Earth ponies to tear out their manes and tails and exhibit dementia like symptoms. It leads to death in all three species.

Mass suicides break out in Cloudsdale. Celestia heads to Cloudsdale only to return with the same symptoms. Luna then gets a letter from Twilight saying that the Earth ponies of Ponyville have started tearing out their manes and tails. A second letter comes from the new Unicorn colony that many of the Unicorns are losing their magic. Things go from bad to worse when Celestia loses her own magic leaving Luna to raise ans set the sun as well as the moon.

Luna brings Twilight, Zecora, Regalia the Griffin medic, Ramoth the dragon healer, and Zaphod the Minotaur doctor together in Canterlot to try to solve this mystery.

(Author's notes: Prions are real and all the medical stuff in this piece is all real too. A Prion is a protien that attacks the brain by destroying the neurons and causing strange behavior much like what we see in Dementia and in Alzheimer's. Feel free to give criticism and ask questions if you don't understand something. I'll be very happy to answer your questions to the best of my ability. A lot of research went into this. Enjoy! (No worries, no gore))

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Everypony grew up hearing the ancient myth of a city in the clouds that is the prison of a powerful Demoness. Celestia and Luna have kept much of the myth a secret. When the signs of Tambelon rise again, Celestia leaves Luna in charge so she can go ring the bell of Liberty and send Tambelon back into the realm of darkness. There is one problem. The bell is shattered. Tambelon ain't going nowhere.

Twilight Sparkle uncovers a secret hidden below the library that tells about the seven Guardians of Magic and how one Guardian subcumed to the darkness in her soul and was sealed away. She learns about Tambelon, where Celestia and Luna came from, and makes yet another shocking discovery.

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