• Published 17th Oct 2014
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Wolf Child - Pixel Berry

Fluttershy finds an unknown creature in the Everfree, with a kind heart, she decids to raise the creature to live among the equines. Well...secretly, I mean.

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Chapter 1: The Encounter

Author's Note:

I was thinking about making a Fic like this ever since I saw the movie 'Wolf Children' and I know the movie itself is sad, but I loved it either way. You should see it first before reading this Fic, so that you may understand certain things.

Note: This takes place 6 years before Twilight's arrival and the child is two years old.

It was a peaceful day in Ponyville, the birds were singing, ponies off doing there morning routine and a familiar butter-yellow Pegasus taking care of her animal friends.

Fluttershy, the yellow Pegasus, was out filling up the bird feeders and other pet bowls. She was just about to wake up Harry, until Fluttershy heard something.

She heard a frantic call from one of her bird friends.

Fluttershy turned her head toward the bird calling, seeing a frantic-looking Robin flying strait towards her.

"Oh, hello Mr. Robin. Are you alright?" Fluttershy asked the tiny bird.

Of course anyone would just hear annoying chirping out of that birds beak, but Fluttershy understood everything.

"So you're saying there's a weird creature crying in the forest?" Fluttershy asked.

A nod from the Robin.

"And are you sure it's not a foal?" She asked another.

And again, a quick nod.

"Do you think, maybe, you can escort me to this 'creature'?" Fluttershy asked.

And you guessed right, another nod.

The bird then started flying through the Everfree, the yellow mare following close behind.

As they continued deeper into the forest, the duo ignored any sound or movement around them, only focusing on seeing this unknown creature. And as they went farther, Fluttershy started to hear crying. Fluttershy now followed the sound of the crying then the Robin, not noticing Mr. Robin landing on a branch, not even thinking of getting closer to the creature.

When the crying was at its loudest, Fluttershy started flying around, looking everywhere for the source of the sound. When she finally did, it was coming from an oddly-shaped basket. Of course, when she found this strange basket, the crying stopped, now only small whimpers coming from underneath the quilt the creature was under.

At first, Fluttershy was going to find her other friends, but she realized that she couldn't leave this creature alone in this forest, especially this forest!

Fluttershy then, being as quick as she could, undraped the creature, seeing something truly unknown.

The creature before her was unlike anything she ever seen. It looked like a baby Minotaur, only it was hairless except atop its head and its muzzle was more squished into its face. It was wearing what looked like a one piece pastel pink nighty with a diaper inside the tiny outfit. It also had the same hands as a Minotaur, only it had five fingers instead of four. Its nails seemed stubby, making this creature unfit to be any danger to anypony.

Its eyes were closed at the time, but when they opened, it showed that it had two-toned eyes. One being brown and the other being blue. And when it looked right up at Fluttershy, the creature started giggling and reaching its hands out.

When this cute action happened, Fluttershy's motherly instincts overtook her, resulting in her picking up the unknown creature with one of her fore-hoofs. The creature then made a sound of enjoyment, the creature now messing with Fluttershy's mane.

"O-oh, my..." Fluttershy mumbled. 'Wha-what is this creature? I've never seen anything like it. But whatever it is, it's just a newborn. A baby!'

Fluttershy then started calling out, to see whatever this is' mother is somewhere out there, if its mother accidentally left it behind. With no reply, she started examining the strange basket. Inside, she saw a baby bottle, a pacifier, some sort of rattle, and a tiny piece of paper.

Fluttershy got closer to the paper, seeing something written on it. It just said 'To a Good Home' in script.

'Wa-A Good Home!? Di-did this creature's mother left it to fend for itself? What kind of heartless creature would-' But before Fluttershy could say anything else, the creature let out a cute yawn, making Fluttershy look down to see the creature snuggling towards her chest.

'You know what? I'm gonna raise this creature and be a better mother than the one who just abandoned this poor creature!' Fluttershy then grabbed the basket with her wings and started walking back to her Cottage, Mr. Robin following behind the mare.


When Fluttershy arrived to her Cottage, all the animals eyes were on her and the creature. All at once, there expression changed from neutral to curious.

"Now, now, everyone. I was just following Mr. Robin to this odd creature he was talking about and found this." She explained. "I'm not sure what it is, but I want you to treat it with the same respect as you do towards me. Am I clear?"

She got an array of animal sounds in response.

Fluttershy then walked by the animals, they're curious expression never leaving from the strange creature. When Fluttershy closed the door behind her, the creature then started crying.

"O-oh, dear! Do-don't cry! I-I-huh?!" Fluttershy looked down to see the creature changing, it slowly started growing tiny fangs and fur started covering the creatures face and hands, it's hands changing into paws. Fluttershy also noticed that it now had wolf ears instead.

She too distracted from the transformation that she didn't realize the creature was still crying. "OH! Um-Are you hungry?" Fluttershy asked, the response being more crying.

Fluttershy quickly placed the basket on the couch and the crying creature in it. Fluttershy then grabbed the bottle from the basket, going to the kitchen and grabbing some milk. She franticly heated up the milk, making sure it wasn't too hot and then picked up the creature and placed it in it's mouth, interrupting the crying and now hearing tiny gulps from the creature.

As she fed the creature, it's form changed back to whatever it was from the beginning.

"You truly are something special." Fluttershy said out loud.

"Who's truly special?" Another voice says from behind.

"Eep!" Fluttershy turned around just in time to see somepony she didn't expect- or more like someponies.

It was her four closest friends in town, however, before she could explain herself one of them exclaimed in horror,