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Wolf Child - Pixel Berry

Fluttershy finds an unknown creature in the Everfree, with a kind heart, she decids to raise the creature to live among the equines. Well...secretly, I mean.

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Chapter 13: The School

Fluttershy and her friends already finished harvesting the last of the apples and they were all meeting back at the farm house. After the rather small talk with Wild Heart, Fluttershy couldn't help but think about the thought of her daughter going to school. And all the possibilities that something bad might happen while she was at school.

'What if Yemei changes form in front of somepony? What if she trips and the sock comes off? What if I have to tell Cheerilee Yemei's secret and she would have to show the class? And if that happens, what if she gets picked on cause she's different? And what if they-' Fluttershy's thoughts were cut off as she accidentally tripped on a rock and fell face first onto the floor, in front of her friends that were all in front of a table that had some apple juice on it with straws in the bottle.

"Uh, Fluttershy? Are you okay?" Applejack asked, walking over to her and helping her back on her hooves.

"Oh, uhm, yeah. I... I'm okay." She answered.

"You sure? Your mind seemed it was in a whole nother world." Rainbow asked.

"Oooooh! Really? What did the new world look like?" Pinkie asked, getting confused looks by everyone.

"Yes, Rainbow. I'm fine." But the yellow mare decided to let her friends know what was on her mind. "It's just... Yemei asked me for something that I couldn't help but be worried on what would happen if I allowed it."

"What was it, sweetheart?" Rarity asked.

"Well... she asked if she could go to the same school that Apple Bloom is in."

"That sounds like a great idea!" Pinkie said. "She could have so much fun and learn many things! But she could also be outcasted, alone and picked on for the rest of her pony life!"

Fluttershy let out a fearful whimper as Rainbow hit the back of Pinkie's head. "Oh! Sorry, their's really a super low chance unless one or two fillies might pick at her, but that'll never happen since Yemei is the bestest little filly ever!" Pinkie quickly added after she saw how scared Fluttershy looked.

Twilight sighed as she walked up to Fluttershy, placing a hoof on the yellow mare's shoulder, making the shy pegasus look up at the unicorn. "Listen Fluttershy, I know it may seem a bit scary seeing someone you love go try something on their own for the first time. To be honest, my parents didn't like the idea of me being taught under the wing of Princess Celestia. I mean, when you think about it, I could be in so much danger since I know some ponies may not like the Princess as I do. But even with that fear in their head, they knew that it would be better for me and them.

"Just ask yourself: Would Yemei be better without going to school? She'd be in the cottage all her life, talking to animals and never having another friend her age except Apple Bloom. And just like my teacher tells me, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

Fluttershy was silent the whole time. She actually thought about it. She could picture her little Yemei, locked in her room and looking so depressed and alone. That actually looked worse then her being picked on. 'Their could be a possibility that Yemei would just ignore them, or even be nice in response.' She thought.

"Twilight's right Flutters. And if she ever gets picked on, Apple Bloom will be with her and she could always tell us." Applejack spoke.

"Yeah! Yemei is already awesome. I think it would be better if she shared her awesomeness to fillies her age." Rainbow said.

"Yes. And she could show off her nice socks and accessories. I could make her a nice little outfit for her on her first day of school." Rarity said, her eyes sparkling as she pulled out a sketch pad and started making outfit designs.

"Come on Fluttershy, do you really think that Yemei would have a bad time at school?" Twilight asked.

"I... I don't think so. B-but what if someone sees her changing forms?" Fluttershy asked.

"Flutters, ah don't think that Yemei would do that. She wants ya to be happy for her, and she won't change forms just for somepony else." Applejack said. "While you were herding the bunnies back to their home, did Yemei ever change forms? Even while it was just you and Apple Bloom?"

"N-no. She didn't." Fluttershy answered.

"But even when all of us are saying she should go, that doesn't mean you have to agree with us. She's your child and you make the choice. Either way, we'll be there for you." Twilight said.

The other's nodded and made sounds of agreement.

"Now come on everypony, these apple juice aren't gonna drink themselves." Applejack said, starting to walk back to the table. The other's soon joined, Fluttershy being the last.

Applejack then let out a small sigh. "Girls, I can't thank you enough for this help. I was acting a bit stubborn."

"A bit?" Twilight asked.

"Okay. A mite stubborn, and I'm awful sorry. Now, I know the town gave me the Prized Pony award, but the real award is having you five as my friends." She said, Spike walking up to the table next to Pinkie Pie. The other's then started to take a sip of the apple juice and Rainbow was the first to stop.

"Phew! That applebucking sure made me hungry." Rainbow said as she did seem a bit out of it.

"And I've got the perfect treat." Spike spoke as she showed a tray of muffins that were the ones that Pinkie and a tired Applejack made, in which it turned out bad.

"Eeew... Spike, I threw those all away. Where'd you get them?" Pinkie asked, bringing a hoof closer to her in disgust.

"From the trash." Spike simply answered.

"EW!" All the ponies said in unison, they all decided to get a real snack from Sugarcube Corner as they started making their way to the bakery.

"Just a little nibble? Come on." Spike said, hoping that at least one might take a bite.

All he got was more "Eww"'s and "Gross" as others made their own statement on the disgusting treat.

All except Fluttershy who was thinking about Yemei going to school again.


It's been two days since Applebucking season and the day Yemei asked to go to school. Fluttershy still didn't give her an answer as she was either too busy to talk or had some other excuse to not answer Yemei's constant question.

That is, until Yemei did her rare temper tantrums.

"I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go...! I wanna go! I wanna go to school...! It's not fair!" Yemei shouted as she ran all over the house, startling animals, knocking things down and annoying some of the other animals.

"Yemei, hurry up and finish your food." Fluttershy said as she stayed in her seat on the table. She finished her food as she washed the dishes and was drying them as she turned her head and spotted Yemei sitting between the fridge and the wall.

"I know it's supposed to be a secret...but I can stay a filly. But you know... I can do it..." She sniffled.

"Oh, Yemei..." Fluttershy said. She then knew she couldn't hide it anymore. "Yemei?" She got the human's attention. "If you finish your food, I'll give you a little present."

Yemei instantly beamed at the thought of a present. She moved out of the little corner and started eating. She didn't rush, but she was a bit messy as she was eager to see the present.

After Yemei finished eating and Fluttershy washed her plate, Yemei was tugging at Fluttershy's mane in her filly form. "Come on momma! Whats the present? Whats the present?"

"Now, now, Yemei. You have to calm down okay." Fluttershy said as she started walking up to Yemei's bedroom. The two went inside as Fluttershy opened Yemei's closet and pulled out a small saddle bag. It was purple with a gem clip that was a purple Opal. On the inside of the strap was a sown image of Rarity's cutie mark.

"Why is there a tiny bag in my closet momma?" She asked.

"This is your saddle bag Yemei." Fluttershy said. "I decided to let you go to school."

Yemei's face quickly changed from confused, to shock, to instant happiness. "I'm gonna go to school!?" Yemei shouted.

"Yes, Yemei. Your going to school. But only in one condition." Fluttershy said.

"What is that?" The little girl asked.

"You have to promise that you have to stay as a pony." Fluttershy said.

"Don't worry! I promise." Yemei said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah! I'm gonna be fine." She said, opening the bag as she saw books, pencils and other school supplies.


"Yeah, promise. With all my heart!" She closed the saddle as she looked at it in all angles.

"I even made up a little chant to help you out." Fluttershy said, getting the filly's attention as she was trying to put on the saddle.

"A chant?"

"Mhm. Whenever you feel like changing just say it."

"How does it go?" Yemei asked.

"I'm gonna be a good filly, all the way home." She said, tapping her chest with her hoof as she said that. "Simple, huh?"

"I'm gonna be a..." Yemei tried to repeat.

"Good filly all the way home." Fluttershy finished.

"I'm gonna be a good filly, all the way home." The two said together, the saddle off of Yemei. The two then laughed as it was a bit funny how they said it at the same time.

"Now that that's done. I want you to get some rest. We're going to go on Thursday." Fluttershy said as she picked up Yemei and placed her on the bed. "Goodnight, my little pup." She kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight momma." Yemei said, bringing the saddle close to her.

Fluttershy turned off the light as she walked out, she peeked through the door as Yemei was under the quilt as she did the small chant one last time before she giggled a little, Fluttershy closing the door with a small smile on her face.


"I'm gonna be a good filly, all the way home!" Wild Heart chanted as she was trotting ahead to the school, Fluttershy walking calmly behind. Wild Heart was wearing a nice little school outfit that Rarity made just for her first day of school. She had a white short sleeve shirt with a little tied up bow that was red and held together in a small white clip. She was wearing a black skirt and white socks with black shoes.

"Hurry up momma!" Wild called out to her mom as she stopped for a moment, before she continued trotting ahead while chanting the small saying that she was taught.

Soon they arrived at the schoolhouse and Wild Heart couldn't help but giggle in excitement.

"Now Wild Heart, you have to stay here until all the other ponies are inside. Miss Cheerilee is going to introduce you to the class." Fluttershy said. "I'll stay outside with you, but when you have to go inside, I have to stay behind."

"Your not coming inside with me?" Wild Heart asked.

"I'm sorry, but I can't stay with you in school." Fluttershy nuzzled the filly's cheek. "Now. Remember our chant."

"I'm gonna be a good filly, all the way home." They both said together, making the pegasus and earth filly start laughing.

"Alright, Wild Heart. You can come in now." Cheerilee said, making the two stop laughing.

Wild Heart looked back at her mother, her mother showing a warm smile. "Don't worry, you'll do fine. Last hug." Fluttershy said, giving Wild Heart a warm hug before she let go and the little filly was supposed to go into the schoolhouse. Wild Heart was hesitant, but started walking to the school.

Fluttershy still had the warm smile on her muzzle as she watched her daughter go into the schoolhouse. Once she couldn't spot the small filly anymore, she started walking back home. 'She's going to be just fine.' She thought as she was walking down the cobblestone road.

Meanwhile, back in the schoolhouse, Wild Heart was timidly standing in front of the classroom. She has never seen these many fillies her age. She saw Apple Bloom in one of the seats and she spotted a empty desk behind the yellow filly.

"Now. Would you like to introduce yourself?" Cheerilee asked, her coat color reminding her of a mixture of pink and purple color, her mane and tail being a light pink.

"Uhm... M-my name i-is Y-yem- I mean W-Wild Heart." She then bowed respectively. "I-it's a p-pleasure to m-meet all of y-you." She said.

"Oh, the pleasure is all ours. I really like your outfit. Who made that for you?" Cheerilee asked the small earth filly.

"A-aunt Rarity m-made this f-for me." She said. "S-she also m-made me the s-saddle as a s-surprise gift." She answered.

"Well, it's very cute on you. You can sit behind Apple Bloom. I hope that you know what lesson we're learning. We are doing multiplications in math." She said, getting some groans from her students that weren't at good as math as the others. Wild Heart walked over to the desk, but didn't see a pink hoof stick out in her path, making the small filly trip and kiss the ground, her bag opening and some of her school items spilling out and making a mess. Some of the students couldn't help but laugh at her clumsiness and two special fillies laughing as well.

Apple Bloom quickly got up her desk and helped Wild up. another earth filly got out of her desk and started picking up the supplies. The filly was white with red curly mane and tail. She was wearing big dark purple glasses that she sometimes had to lifted them up her muzzle when she was picking up the spilled items.

"Thanks Apple Bloom. I guess I'm so nervous that I tripped." Wild Heart said, rubbing the back of her neck and smiling a little.

"It's okay Wild Heart. Accidents happen." The yellow filly said as she helped pick up the last of the items before her and the white filly put the things back in Wild Heart's saddle.

"Thank you for picking my things up miss..." She said, wanting to know her name.

"Twist." The filly said, showing that she had a bit of a lisp.

"So your the pony that Apple Bloom told me about?" Wild asked, in which the two nodded.

"Well, I'm rather glad that you have a friend in the same class as you, but may you please take your seats so we can begin class?" Cheerilee asked.

"Yes miss Cheerilee." All three fillies said as they took their seat.


"Wow, Wild Heart, who would've thought that Fluttershy was a great teacher." Apple Bloom said as she was looking at the brown filly's worksheet that had all the questions answered and correctly at that.

"Yeah. My mom made math fun for me." Wild Heart said, right before the school bell rung and Wild screamed in surprise and hid under her desk.

"Uhm, Wild Heart? That's the school bell for lunch." Apple Bloom told her as she helped the brown filly out from under the desk.

"Oh... I knew that." She tried to play it off.

"Sure you did." Apple Bloom said sarcastically as she walked out the school house behind her.

The two then went on a bench in the back of the school as Twist was waiting for them. "Hey there Apple Bloom and Wild Heart." Twist greeted the two as they sat down.

"Heya Twist. What did you get for lunch?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Well, I got a Daisy Sandwich, an apple and some grape juice. What did you get?" Twist replied.

"Ah got some leftover's from last night, apple juice and an apple fritter." Apple Bloom answered. The two fillies then looked at Wild Heart.

"What?" Wild was confused.

"What did you get?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Oh, uhm. Well, I got a BLT, an orange and some chocolate milk." Wild Heart answered.

"What's a BLT?" Twist asked.

"It stands for bacon lettuce and tomatoes." She said.

"You mean Hay Bacon?"


After that small conversation, the three started eating their lunch. What they didn't see was two fillies looking at them from the swings.

"Their's something wrong with that new filly, Silver Spoon." The pink filly said, her mane and tail being a light purple with a white streak in it. Atop of her head was a diamond tiara.

"What do you mean, DT?" The other filly on the swing asked, her coat being gray with a lighter shade being the color of her mane and tail, her mane being braided and hanging on the side of her neck. She also wore glasses that were a light blue and also wearing a beaded necklace of the same color.

"I mean that instead of being embarrassed of making a fool of herself, she apologizes and doesn't even accuse me of doing anything." Diamond Tiara said.

"Maybe she didn't see your hoof sticking out to make her trip." Silver said.

"It doesn't matter. Soon I'll be able to show how much better I am then anypony else at my Cute-ceaƱera." She said. "It stinks that my daddy had to schedule it later."

"Yeah. But don't worry. We still have so many moments to make that little filly feel terrible." She said as she rubbed her hooves together.

Soon the school bell rung and it was time for their next class. Twist and Apple Bloom were finished, but Wild Heart was still drinking her chocolate milk.

"Come on Wild Heart. Your gonna be late." Apple Bloom said, starting to throw out her trash. She went inside with Twist as Wild Heart finished the last of her drink.

Wild Heart looked around to see that everypony was gone. "Huh? Where did everypony go?" She asked out loud. She threw her items in the trash as she looked around to see if they were hiding from her. She used her ears to see if she could hear anypony nearby. It was silent for a second, before she heard movement somewhere. She turned her head to see the very forest she got lost in awhile ago. She looked around to see if maybe she could see what was moving close to the school.

She couldn't help but feel as if something bad was watching her. She started to growl like a wolf as her fur started to puff out a little, as did her tail and mane. She could feel her claws start to stretch out the socks she was wearing. She stopped at that, not wanting to ruin Rarity's work.

She then looked at the schoolhouse, seeing that everypony was back inside. She turned back at the forest to see that there was nothing there, and the bad feeling went away. She shook her head, as to show that she was just imagining things, and went to the schoolhouse, seeing that they were in the middle of a teaching and now all eyes were on her.

"Wild Heart? Why didn't you come in when the bell went off?" Cheerilee asked.

"I'm sorry. I was still eating my lunch an-" She was then cut off as a familiar pink filly got up off her desk.

"Their isn't any excuse for missing valuable school time." She said. "And nopony should stop class just because you came in late."

"Well, I guess that's true. Alright Wild Heart, I'll only give you a warning, but next time come in when the school bell rings." Cheerilee said, shocking the pink filly as her plan backfired.

Wild Heart only smiled. "Okay miss Cheerilee." She bowed a little.

"Good. Now go take your seat." The teacher said.

Wild Heart nodded as she made her way. She stopped only a moment to thank the pink filly, but the earth pony only turned her head away with a rather angry look on her face. Wild only shrugged as she went to her desk and sat down.

"Alright class. Now I am going to teach you about Pegasus and how special they really are then just flying ponies in the sky." Cheerilee started.


Wild Heart smiled as she walked out of the school and was on her way home she saw a poster for a talent show that was coming soon. Their wasn't a date yet, but she was even more excited for it. 'I wanna be in a talent show!' She thought as she didn't see two fillies coming over to her.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Wild Carp." Diamond Tiara said.

"Actually it's Wild Heart." Wild corrected her.

"Whatever. Don't think your all that special." She said. "I mean, if you were, you'd have a cutie mark to show how special you are."

"Oh, okay then." She said, a bit unsure on what she said.

"I mean, I have my cutie mark and so does Silver Spoon. But your nothing but a blank flank loser who's mother is a freak with friends being stray animals." She said.

Wild looked up once she heard what Diamond said. "N-no she isn't. She has lots of friends and she's the greatest momma ever."

"Momma? Seriously?" Diamond smiled. "Only blank flanks say momma like a little foal."

"Be quiet! At least I have more friends then you!" She shouted with tears in her eyes. "And I am special. I just have to wait even longer for my cutie mark that's better then a dumb accessory." That was when she started running off and went strait to the cottage and into her room. She then silently sobbed as she covered her face with her hooves. "Dumb pink pony." She mumbled.

"I'll get my cutie mark. And I'll rub it in that stupid filly's face." She said.


Within the woods of the Everfree Forest, a creature was walking through the forest, it's paws pressing against the dirt path and red glowing eyes looking forward as it sniffed the air once in awhile. "I will find you. And I won't be alone anymore." The creature said as it neared the end of the forest and soon spotted a cottage. But it's eyes quickly spotted a chicken coop and it smiled as its fangs were showing. "Or hungry."

Author's Note:

Hello everypony! Pixel here and this is the new chapter.

I just finished the last of the cute drawing of Wild Heart that I did myself. How does she look?

So, it seems that Yemei got what she wanted, being in school was a blast, but not after it. What will Yemei do now? Will she get her cutie mark? Will Diamonds insult get the best of her? And what was that thing in the end?