• Published 17th Oct 2014
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Wolf Child - Pixel Berry

Fluttershy finds an unknown creature in the Everfree, with a kind heart, she decids to raise the creature to live among the equines. Well...secretly, I mean.

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Chapter 10: The Pony

Yemei watched as her mother went to the kitchen to put the plate in the sink. She decided to be one step ahead and shifted into a wolf. She sat down as her tail lightly wagged and her mom came back in the room. She was confused on her shocked expression, but quickly covered her ears as her mom screamed in fright.

'What so scary that momma screamed? Is there something behind me?' Yemei turned around towards the door to see the other ponies slam the door open and they had a shocked expression as soon as their eyes fell on her. 'Are…are they scared of me?' She thought as she backed away, her tail between her legs. She then bumped into a mirror behind her and she turned around to see somepony that wasn't her.

What she was looking back was a little filly. But her coat seemed more fluffy and her tail was of that looked like a wolf's tail, pattern and all. The Eyes were the same color as her own and her mane was short and strait with some strands sticking out, but a small tuff in the front was the same as her wolf form was. She looked down to see hooves. Or were they paws? They had the same toes with claws but they also looked like hooves. She lifted one up to see the soul, but it had the bare skin like a dog cat or wolf would have, as did the fingers of the paws. She even looked back into the mirror to see her muzzle was of a wolf, but in the shape of a pony's. She looked at her coat to see some part of it was sticking out. She didn't notice sooner, but she saw that her coat was brown, being her mane and tail being a darker shade of brown. But the top part of her tail was only a darker shade, while the rest of it was the same color as her coat. She looked at her ears to see that they looked almost like a pony's, but with more fur sticking out.

The other's were still looking at her with the same shocked expression. She then turned her head to her mom, in which she flinched at her gaze. Yemei started tearing up at that. "M-momma?" She spoke out, her head down and her tail still between her legs as she slowly approached her. When Yemei spoke, Fluttershy seemed less scared and more shocked.

"Y-Yemei? Is that you?" She asked, starting to walk towards the filly.

When she was close enough, Yemei laid down as she was still afraid that she was scared of her. Fluttersy was hesitant at first, but slowly brought a hoof to the filly's cheek and she looked into the pony's eyes. She saw that they were full of sadness and fear. Fluttershy felt as if she would start crying, but held it in as she moved her hoof to the Yemei's paw and helped her up to her hooves.

"How…how did this happen?" Fluttershy asked.

"Momma? Why are you scared of me?" She asked, showing the fangs of a wolf.

"Scared?" She raised an eyebrow. She then remembered that she screamed when she saw Yemei when she changed. "O-oh. Yemei. I wasn't scared. Just a bit…startled is all." She answered. She then wrapped a hoof around the wolf-pony and could feel her shake a little, but soon relax in her embrace.

The other elements that were just outside the cottage soon snapped out of it and slowly approached the two as they tried to realize that this was Yemei.

"This is…new." Twilight spoke. Soon the other's added their own comments.

"So she's a pony now?"

"Does this mean she can't leave the house now?"

"Does she still like cupcakes?"

"Gracious, this might take some time to get used to."

Fluttershy heard all the questions and comments and one actually made her think. 'Will she be able to leave the house now? I mean, she could as a regular pony, but her paws and muzzle might be hard to hide. And what if she talks to somepony? They might get scared of her teeth.' Fluttershy was soon cut off by a small sniffle from the filly in her embrace. She looked down to see Yemei had tears in her eyes. "Yemei? Whats wrong sweetie?" She asked.

"I can't go outside anymore?" She answered with another question. But surprisingly, Twilight was the one to answer.

"I'm afraid so. But I think I have an idea on how you can go out with Fluttershy without surprising any more ponies." Twilight said. "But for that, I think we need to hide you to go to Rarity's boutique." She said. "Would you mind if I try something? I just learned this spell and I think this will help greatly." She asked, going down on her hooves so she could look at Yemei face-to-face.

Yemei let out another sniffle before she nodded. Twilight only gave a small smile before her horn glowed. She shut her eyes and concentrated as the other's saw what she was doing.

She was trying to turn Yemei invisible.

Twilight was straining and starting to sweat a little before a small flash of light was shined before it seemed that Yemei was gone. "Th-there. It was nothing to it." She breathed heavily as she wiped the sweat off her brow. "Now. This spell will last for quite some time, but I don't want to take any chances and leave before it's too late. Come on everypony, let's get to Rarity's boutique." She said.

Fluttershy could feel Yemei climb onto her back as it felt rather odd since she couldn't see her. She informed Twilight that she was on her back, and the unicorn only nodded before she mad her way out the door, as did the others.


After what felt like the longest and quietest walk of their lives, the seven of them reached the boutique and Rarity opened the door to let the other's in. Once the last of them entered the boutique, the spell started to wear off and Yemei was visible once more.

"Uhm, Twilight? Ah know that yer rather smart and good with plans, but why did we have to come to Rarity's boutique?" Applejack asked, in which the others looked at the purple unicorn for answers.

"Well, this was a small idea, but now that I think about it, it just might work." Twilight then started explaining her idea. "Now, my first plan was to ask of Rarity if she has any socks that were filly size so that Yemei can wear them and hide her paws. Also that maybe she could use some of her make up to make Yemei's muzzle look more like a pony's." After she explained her idea, everypony thought about it for a second, before they nodded and smiled at the idea that seemed perfect to keep Yemei a secret. And Rarity was rather happy that her talent could be in good use other then making a pony look good.

"Oh darling, this plan is absolutely flawless. I think I may have some filly socks since my sister isn't here to wear them. Yemei? Do you mind following me, sweetie?" She asked the wolf-pony, in which she shyly nodded and followed Rarity upstairs as the two were going to find some socks and try them on to see if they would fit.

Rainbow Dash then thought of something and approach the only unicorn in the room. "Hey, Twilight? Not trying to ruin your plan or anything. But what if somepony wants to talk to her? And what i they ask for a name?" Rainbow asked.

"N-name? Her name? Oh no! Why didn't I think this through? What if somepony sees her teeth? What if they think she's a freak cause of her teeth or name. I know! Their might be a spell for this. There HAS to be!" Before anypony could stop her, she ran out the boutique and was soon out of sight.

"Hey! Maybe we can think of a new name for Yem-yem!" Pinkie said as she looked at the other three.

"I guess we could." Futtershy spoke as she started thinking of a name.

After a moment of silence, Pinkie was the first to think of a name. "I know! What about Coco-Nut?"

"Does that name fit Yemei?" Rainbow asked, knowing that it didn't.

"Chocolate Harmony? What about Moon Pedal? Little Glow? Nightlight Cake! Midnight Snow!"

"Pinkie. Just stop. None of those sound good enough to be Yemei's names." Rainbow snapped as she quickly put a hoof in her mouth to stop her from listing any other names. "Besides, I have the most awesome name for the little squirt." She said, starting to remove her hoof from Pinkie's mouth.

"Oooooooooh! What is it? What is it?" Pinkie asked, sounding excited and wanting to know.

"Midnight Wing." She answered.

"Uhm, Dashie. She ain't got no wings. She's an earth pony if you saw she doesn't have wings or a horn." Applejack said.

"Shoot!" Rainbow stomped her hoof in anger.

The room went silent again as they went back to thinking.

'What pony name would fit Yemei?' They all thought in unison.

Author's Note:

What is this I made? Another chapter in which my lovely viewers could come up with a name for pony Yemei? :pinkiegasp: *le gasp*

Yeah. To be honest, I can't really think of one. So I'm giving you mares and stallions the chance to name Yemei as a pony. The one that either seems the best or has the most likes I will choose to be Yemei's name. And yes, you can like a comment, just press that little like comment under the comment itself. I'll give this little contest open until friday.

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