• Published 17th Oct 2014
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Wolf Child - Pixel Berry

Fluttershy finds an unknown creature in the Everfree, with a kind heart, she decids to raise the creature to live among the equines. Well...secretly, I mean.

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Chapter 11: The Adjustments

It was quite a long time since Twilight left and Rarity was still upstairs with Yemei doing who knows what. Pinkie still mumbled some names that didn't quite fit the wolf pony, Rainbow kept on thinking of pony names that would fit Yemei if she was a pegasus, and Applejack and Fluttershy was thinking silently. Sometimes the two would tell each other their name idea, but the other would think about it before they rejected the name. Rainbow was now just laying on the floor, tapping her hoof as she waited and called it quits on thinking of a name.

After a moment of silence, Pinkie let out a surprise gasp as it seemed she realized something. "Ohmygosh! I completely forgot!" Pinkie quickly got on her hooves. "Now Yemei is a new pony! And I have to throw a "Welcome to Ponyville" party!"

"Uhm, Pinkie? Didn't you already throw a "Welcome to Ponyville" party once Yemei learned how to speak and eat regular food?" Rainbow asked, in which she got Pinkie all in her face.

"Of course, silly. But she's a pony now. And if ponies see her and realized that I didn't throw a party for her, they might get suspicious and curious and one thing might lead to the next and they'll know that Yemei is a human and not a pony! I HAVE to throw her a "Welcome to Ponyville" party for pony Yemei." At that, the pink pony ran right out the boutique and the others were left to think about what Pinkie said.

"She does make a point Rainbow." Applejack said as Rainbow looked at her before she went back to resting her head on one hoof while the other was busy tapping the floor.

She then yawned. "Whelp, guess that's my cue to start catching some Z's." She said as she got up and went to Rarity's fainting couch and laid down on it. As soon as her face hit the decorative pillow, she was out like a light and snoring lightly.

"Well shoot, guess it's just you and me then Flutters." Applejack said as she looked at the yellow pegasus. She noticed that the shy mare was deep in thought. She had her hoof over her mouth as she looked down, her eyes looking focused and transfixed on the floor. Applejack waved a hoof in front of her and Fluttershy didn't move at all.

Applejack shrugged as she decided to not mess with her and go back to thinking names.

Another few minutes passed and the sound of hooves coming down the stairs were being heard. Applejack got up from the floor and urned to see Rarity and wolf pony Yemei...only, Yemei looked more pony and less of a wolf.

Both Yemei's mane, tail and coat were fixed to look better. Her eyes were still the same. She looked down to see her hooves covered in socks that were black and looking rather nice. She looked back to see that Yemei was also wearing a collar with a purple Opal gem in the center. She also had a brighter purple bow atop of her head.

"Rarity, ah know that ya own a boutique, but Twi only asked fer Yemei ta wear socks, not be a young super star." Applejack said.

"Oh, I know, but when I saw her looking at a purple garment I made for a client, I couldn't help but see that she looks absolutely divine in dark colors, especially purple." Rarity said. "I do hope that Fluttershy won't mind if I make a few outfits for little Yemei. I already made a few sketches while Yemei was trying on the items." She then turned to Yemei with a rather embarrassed look. "I'm sorry that I didn't help you out that much sweetie."

"It's okay aunt Rarity. I know that when your in the zone, you can't be disturbed." She said, in which she had a small pat on the head from the white unicorn.

"Aww~ Your such a dear." She nuzzled Yemei's cheek as the little filly blushed pink.

Yemei saw that her mother didn't see her yet and she went over to her. "Momma! How do I look?" Yemei asked as she smiled cutely at her mother.

Fluttershy snapped out of her thinking as she looked at her daughter and her new look. "You look so beautiful." She smiled. She then brought her daughter in a warm and gentle embrace as she nuzzled her head. Yemei smiled as she rubbed her cheek against the shy pegasus' chest. "My little Yemei." She mumbled.

After some time, she let go of Yemei and looked down at her. "Hey Yemei?" She got the wolf pony's attention. "I also thought of a new name for you."

Yemei's eyes widen. "What? A new name? Why would I need a new name." She tilted her head in confusion.

"Well, Yemei. You need a new name to go with your new form." She explained. "Some ponies may want to talk to you and your name isn't really, what we may call, normal. And we're also going to spend more time outside now that you can be with me and don't have to stay silent when we're out."

"R-really? Now we can spend more time outside?" She smiled.

Fluttershy only nodded to her question, in which the little filly started to hop around and cheer.

The other mares smiled at the sight while one of them was a bit nervous that she might ruin the socks.

That was when Twilight came in with a smile and a book in her levetational grasp. "I got it!" She shouted.

"Huh? Got what?" All the others said simultaneously.

"A spell that I can use to hide Yemei's wolf-like teeth." She said. "I'd never believe that somepony would make a spell like this, but it seems that once Starswirl met a pony kind that actually is carnivorous. They lived in the Badlands and due to the unfertilized soil they couldn't grow any crops, and instead had to live by eating the fishes in the river." Twilight then opened the book to read the information in the passage. "Of course, even with the food and water being dealt with, I would be lying if I said that their kind died long ago."

"Are you saying their still alive?" Rainbow asked, being awoken by Yemei's happy cheering.

"Well, Starswirl never said that they went extinct, but for all we know they could be in hiding all over Equestria. For all we know, the magic used to hide their teeth might be natural to them all these years now." She said. "Now! Yemei, can you please come over to me?"

Yemei looked back at her mother, to which she nodded in approval as to tell her "It's fine. Go ahead." The small filly then got up and slowly came up to Twilight. She was still a bit nervous around her, but not to the point where she couldn't even talk to her at all. Twilight's smile only got a bit bigger as she was glad that Yemei would trust her enough to do this.

Once Yemei was close enough, she sat in front of her, waiting fr what she needed to do to make her look more normal.

"Show me your teeth Yemei." Twilight said, in which Yemei did so. Now Twilight could see her nice sharp teeth. In her head, she wished she could take notes and sketch out now the teeth and jaw line looked, but she knew it wouldn't be right to take notes behind her friend's back.

Twilight then took a steady breath, as she put the book on the floor and was now concentrating on the spell all together.

The other's watched in silence as the intelligent unicorn's horn started to glow, low at first, then brighter as the seconds passed. Yemei felt a bit weird as it felt as if something was in her mouth and she couldn't spit it out. Fluttershy was a bit nervous over the thought that the spell might not work or that something worse might happen.

Then, a huge beam of light shot out of Twilight's horn and into Yemei's mouth, shocking everypony but the said two. Twilight needed to concentrate while Yemei had to stay still, but who's to say that Yemei's widened eyes didn't show that she was surprised as well. Now she didn't feel anything and it looked as if her teeth were changing forms, but in reality, it was only a cloak to hide her real teeth. And when it looked like it was finally going to die off, a binding light covered the whole house and all the mares shouted in surprise.

They had their eyes covered as the light died down and they soon brought their hooves down to see what happened. They saw that Twilight was on the floor and out of breath while Yemei was still sitting where she was and covering her mouth and seemed to be cleaning something off of it.

"Yemei!" Fluttershy quickly went to the little filly while Applejack and Rarity went to check on Twilight.

"M-Mommy? Is Twilight okay?" Yemei looked over at the purple mare, seeing her slowly get up from the floor. It seemed that the smart mare heard her since she nodded and looked at Yemei.

"Yemei? Are you fine? Did the spell work?" Twilight asked as she slowly approached her, as did Applejack, Rarity and even Rainbow Dash.

"Does it looked like it worked?" She then showed a big smile as it showed that the spell worked and she looked like she had normal pony teeth. The others gasped as Twilight smiled just as big and Fluttershy only smiled a little.

"I can't believe it worked! I didn't believe that I did it!" Twilight said as she took a closer look. "But this doesn't mean that you can only eat plants now. If I didn't say this before, Starswirl's spell was just a cloak to the real fangs and teeth for the ponies." Twilight then started rambling on how he used one of the carnivorous ponies and even brought them to his village and how things worked in his town.

Fluttershy brought Yemei into another hug as she was glad she was okay. "I'm so glad that your okay, sweetie. I wouldn't know what to do if something happened." She then remembered something. "Oh! I forgot that I didn't tell you your new name yet. But, you should know that this is just a public name until we find a way to change you back."

"What do you mean, Momma? I can still change." As son as she finished that, she shifted back to her human form. She still had her human clothes on and even the socks were on her hands and feet, but it seemed that they changed from gloves to socks and her bow and collar were the same as before.

"Oh, my." Fluttershy said. Yemei then shifted back as she sat in front of her mom.

"So what's my pony name? Huh?Huh?Huh?" Yemei said, eager to know what she calls herself now.

"Simple, it's Wild Heart." She answered.

"Wild Heart? Why?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Well, it's cause your just like a little wolf pup, and since wolves are mostly wild, I decided to put that part in first. And because your such a sweet little thing and care for everyone, I added heart to the next part. And that's where Wild Heart was thought of." Fluttershy explained.

Ye-I mean, Wild Heart smiled as she hugged her mother. "Thanks Momma, I love that name."

Author's Note:

Hello evrypony! It's me again and I offically chosen a name for Yemei. Of course this wasn't all my doing and I want to thank Magthere for suggesting that name. Of course, some of them I liked as well and even some almost convinced me to change Yemei's name entirely. Anyways, thanks for reading so far!