• Published 17th Oct 2014
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Wolf Child - Pixel Berry

Fluttershy finds an unknown creature in the Everfree, with a kind heart, she decids to raise the creature to live among the equines. Well...secretly, I mean.

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Chapter 14: The Pranks

Yemei was sound asleep as it was the start of the weekend. The whole Friday she had before, she was trying to get her cutie mark. She started with physical talents, it being all types of sports. But sadly, they all resulted in some scrapes, bruises, and a worried mother. Yemei never told her mother why she was doing all this. But with unanswered questions, Fluttershy assumed that she just wanted to branch out her hidden skills within the filly. In all honesty, she was wondering if Yemei could even get a cutie mark since she isn't technically a pony.

As for school, Wild Heart works very hard and gets one of the more higher scores in worksheets and tests. On her first math test, she got a eighty five, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon getting a ninety. Wild only saw this as another reason to work even harder. In her mind, Diamond Tiara was her secret rival and she wanted to do everything to be better then her at something. She wanted to prove to Diamond Tiara that she can be better than a rich filly that can get anything with her words alone. Even if it was one thing, she would be the happiest filly in the whole class.

At the moment, Yemei was having a nice dream: running through a large field, the wind in her coat and the warm sun shining down on her. The day quickly turned into nightfall and Yemei was running up a hill, standing in front of it and about to howl at the moon as she always wanted to, but never did since Fluttershy used to tell her to not howl in the house. But before she could howl at the moon within her dream, a loud shriek was heard and she woke up suddenly, hearing the loud scream from outside. She looked out the window to see that her own mother was the source of the sound. It seemed that something was on the floor that made her mother scream. Yemei quickly ran down the stairs and out the door, not caring if she was still in her human form.

"Momma!" She called out as she was running to her mother.

Fluttershy quickly snapped out of whatever state she was in and turned to her daughter. "Y-Yemei." She quickly hugged the small human as the little girl could tell that she was crying.

"Momma? Why are you crying?" She asked.

Fluttershy touched her cheek to feel the wet fur on her cheeks. She then realized that Yemei was in her human form outside. "Th-that's not important. Let's go inside before anypony sees you." Fluttershy grabbed the human's hand by her wing and was guiding her back into the house.

Of course, that didn't stop the little girl from looking back.

Yemei's eyes widen in shock as she saw what she could tell was a duck. Only he was on the floor, not moving as she saw something red on and under it's neck, and other things she never saw before, within it's chest. Yemei wanted to ask what happened, but one look in Fluttershy's eyes told her that she shouldn't ask.

They were soon back inside and it seemed that Fluttershy was... different. Fluttershy asked Yemei to go get dressed while she was making breakfast. The little human did as told and got dressed. When she came back, Fluttershy was already halfway done with her food. Yemei was eating at her own pace as the shy pegasus was finished and was washing the dishes.

"Yemei? I'm going to be a bit busy today, so I want you to spend the day with Applejack and her family." She explained.

"Why can't I come with you?" Yemei asked as she finished her food. "Can I come?"

"I'm sorry sweetie, but I don't want you here for what I'm doing. Your going to get bored easily." Fluttershy lied at the last part. To be honest, she was going to bury the duck before going to the river and feed the animals by the river before sundown. When she thought about, she was a bit right thinking that Yemei would get bored over feeding animals.

"Oh, okay." Yemei looked away as she finished the last of her food and put her dish in the sink. "Do I have to be with the Apples again?"

"Well, you don't have to. But at least stay within the town so I know your safe." Fluttershy answered as she put a green saddle bag on with her cutie mark on the belt clasp.

"Okay then, I'll get my bag and see what Pinkie is doing." Yemei said with a small smile as she was on her way to do just that.

"Alright sweetie. Just stay safe." Fluttershy said as she put the clean bowl that Yemei used on the dish rack for it to dry. She waited for Yemei to be ready before the two left the cottage together. They decided to split when they arrived at the small park in Ponyville. Once they arrived, they stopped in front of a small fountain.

"Okay. Now that we're here, I have to go. Just remember to stay in the town so I know your safe. You can spend time with my other friends if you get bored or even find Apple Bloom and Twist." Fluttershy explained.

"Don't worry mommy, I'll be a good filly until it's time to go home." Yemei said, now in her pony form with the socks and bow on.

"And you remember when, right?" Fluttershy asked.

Yemei nodded. "Before Celestia lowers the sun."

Fluttershy nodded at the answer. "Right you are. I love you." Fluttershy then brought the small filly into a gentle hug and the filly didn't waist a second to return it. After they separated, Fluttershy started walking away with her saddle bag on her back, on her way back to the cottage, but in a different direction to make her daughter think she was walking to the river. 'I'm so sorry for fooling you Yemei...' She thought.

Once Yemei realized that she was alone, she wasn't sure what to do exactly. She then decided to just explore the park to see if there was one of Fluttershy's friends around. She knew that it was a small chance, but it wouldn't hurt to look either way. When she explored the small area, she saw a pair of mares on a bench, a pony watering some of the flowers by a tree, and she was surprised to see not only one, but two of Fluttershy's friends. It was Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight was laying down on a bench as she was reading a book and Pinkie also looked as if she was talking to someone. Yemei assumed it was Twilight, but she saw it was rude for her to not pay attention to one of her close friends. The small filly then made her way to the two mares.

"-overload! She was like a stunt superstar, flying higher and higher, and then Rainbow Dash swooped down--swoosh--and right before she hit the ground--shoom-she pulled up--vrrrmmm!" Pinkie said as she was moving around to try and recreate whatever she was explaining to Twilight.

"Uh-huh." Twilight said as she still had her eyes on the book.

Yemei decided to intervene at this moment. "Hi Pinkie, hi Twilight." She greeted.

"Oh, hi Ye-" Twilight tried to reply to Yemei, but Pinkie was fast enough to quiet the unicorn with a hoof. Pinkie only shook her head at Twilight before she turned to the little pony.

"Hiya Wild Heart!" Pinkie said. "Whatcha doin' out here in the park? Is Fluttershy around?" Pinkie then started searching for the yellow pegasus as she looked through bushes and even under a rock.

"Sorry Pinkie, but mommy is out doing some errands." Wild Heart said.

"Oh, okay." Pinkie simply said as she was now back towards the unicorn and brown filly.

"What were you talking about anyways?" Yemei asked.

"I was talking about one of my bestest-best friends Rainbow Dash and how awesome she was showing her flying moves." Pinkie said. By now, Twilight was back to reading her book.

Wild Heart wanted to know what Rainbow did that was so awesome even towards Pinkie. Pinkie seemed to have read her mind as she started explaining on what Rainbow did two days ago. Wild was into the explanation while Twilight was still reading silently.

"And then she looped around and around like whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo!" Pinkie was moving her head quickly as she was trying to see something that was too fast for her to see before she fell onto her back and looked up at the sky, it seemed that she looked up at the sky just in time to see the very pony she was talking about. Without another word, she got up and started following the flying pegasus. Between that moment in time, Twilight let out another "Uh-huh" before she let out a relieved sigh and turned the page of her book with her muzzle. Wild Heart decided to follow Pinkie as she felt nothing amusing would happen while watching Twilight read.

Wild caught up just in time to see that Pinkie caught the rainbow-maned peasus' attention. She thought she heard a angered grunt by Rainbow, but decided to think more around it.

"Pinkie Pie? Not again." Rainbow then flew a bit faster. Pinkie noticed and then instead of trotting, she went on a full gallop.

"Rainbow Dash." Pinkie called out to her again. Now Wild Heart was having a bit of trouble catching up.

"Not now, Pinkie Pie." Rainbow responded as she flew even faster. Wild Heart could tell that Rainbow wasn't in the mood to talk to the pink party mare.

"But, but Rainbow Dash–" Pinkie tried to get her attention again. By her tone, she could tell the same thing, but it seemed that she needed to tell Rainbow something.

"I'm in the middle of something." Rainbow said as she now had her hooves out to make her be a bit swifter in the air and to pick up speed as well.

Wild caught Pinkie looking ahead of herself then back at Rainbow. "But–"

She was cut off by Rainbow raising her voice. "I said not now--" But before she could continue, she was met by a rock wall. Wild winced, knowing that it had to of hurt. Rainbow then started sliding down the mountain with the pained expression still on her face. Pinkie was already at the bottom as she saw the blue mare now on the floor, her wings splayed out and all four hooves on the floor, also splayed out.

"I was gonna tell you to look out for that mountain." Pinkie said as Rainbow finally listened to her. All that Rainbow could let out was a low grumble.

"Are you okay, Rainbow?" Wild Heart asked as she caught up with the two. Rainbow got up slowly as she folded her wings back to her sides as she looked over at the small filly.

"Oh, hey Wild Heart. It's alright. Just a small collision. It's not like I made those before, but thanks for asking. I gotta go now, see ya later." Before the two earth ponies could say anything, Rainbow quickly flew off as it seemed she wanted to be as far away from the two as possible.

"She may have amazing moves in the sky, but she is still as clumsy as any other pony in Ponyville." Pinkie then started making her way out the park.

"H-hey Pinkie. Do you mind if I spend the day with you?" Wild asked as she walked beside the pink mare.

"Not at all. To be honest, I just had a super duper idea. I wanted to tell Rainbow, but she said she was busy. Maybe we can stop for a treat at Sugarcube Corner before we go searching for her. By then, maybe she would be finish with whatever she's doing." Pinkie said as she kept on skipping her way through the town and on her way to Sugarcube Corner, Wild following slowly behind.


After a moment of eating treats and talking about random things, Pinkie thought that they spent enough time in the bakery. "Alrighty then. Now that we have some tasty treats in our pony bellies, I think now's a good enough time to go look for Dashie." Pinkie spoke.

"Uhm, aunt Pinkie? Why do you need Rainbow?" Wild Heart asked.

"Simple, silly. I need her for a prank." Pinkie simply answered.

"Wait, your going to prank somepony?" Wild asked another question.

"Yeppie-deppie! Of course, I could ask Fluttershy, but she's busy doing errands and I don't want to stop Flutters from doing what she has to do, so I need Rainbow for this prank. If we don't get her, the prank won't work at all!" Pinkie explained.

"O-oh, I think I know what you mean." Wild said, not really sure if she did.

"So, unless there is a cupcake we haven't finished, let's go!" Pinkie said as she happily skipped out of the sugary shop. Wild Heart quickly caught up as she had no other choice but to follow the pink party pony.

After what felt like fifteen minutes, they were already walking by the Ponyville Spa, Pinkie humming a small tune as Wild Heart followed behind her so she could at least stay with somepony she knew.

Pinkie then walked towards a gray pegasus with yellow eyes that one seemed to be looking in another direction. The pink pony then stopped her happy trot as she got the pegasus' attention, along with some other ponies that were with her, one of them being the pony running the stand. "Hi, I'm looking for Rainbow Dash. Have you seen her?"

The pegasus simply shook her head to show that she didn't. Another pony was walking by and it seemed that Pinkie thought she'd know where the blue pegasus was.

"Hi there, have you seen Rainbow Dash?" She got the same answer as the gray pegasus gave her. "Okay, thanks anyway." That was when she caught Twilight looking at a few books that were up to catch any bookworm's eyes. Pinkie then thought that obviously another close friend of Rainbow would know where the blue pegasus was. "Twilight, have you seen Rainbow Dash anywhere?"

Twilight raised an eyebrow as she gave a much different answer then a head shake. "Isn't she right up there?"

Both Pinkie and Wild Heart looked up to see the familiar cyan rump with an even more recognizable cutie mark and rainbow tail attached to it.

"Rainbow Dash." Pinkie called out as All three saw Rainbow poke her head out from within the cloud, a small puff of it being on her head a moment before she looked around frantically, then shoot off of the cloud, breaking the cloud as it disappeared within the wind. Yemei watched as Pinkie merely started doing her signature bouncing as she followed right behind the speeding pegasus. Wild Heart decided to wait by Twilight as she was a bit curious about why she was looking through the store window.

"What were you looking at anyways, Twilight?" She asked.

"Hmm? Oh! I was just checking on the latest books to see if the Golden Oak has any of these already." Twilight said. "It seems that the library doesn't have one book, and I saw that it was here." She then pointed at a gray book with a neck tie on it. It was simply titled 'Fifty Shades of Neigh' by B.C. Flames.

"Fifty Shades of Neigh? What's it about?" Wild asked.

"Honestly. I'm not sure. That's why I'm going to purchase it and read it before I place it in the library." Twilight said. She then started walking in as Wild decided to follow and start looking around the shop. Their were small rows of different types of books of different types. She first went down an isle that had books called mangas and some themed Young Adult. Wild was more interested on the mangas since the front cover always caught her eye.

"Navy Sun? Mimi's Delivery Service? Spirit Consumer? One Key? What kind of titles are these?" Wild heart asked out loud.

"Well, that's just how the Japoneighs title their stories." A male voice answered as Wild turned her head to see a white unicorn stallion with black hair. He looked so simple, yet, so out of place. His cutie mark was of a strange creature with a black body, a white head, and tiny black horns on its head. It was in a position like it was waving at somepony.

"Japon...neigh?" Wild repeated.

"Mhm. They are by far the most creative ponies when it comes to literature." He said. "Are you interested in reading one?"

"I don't know. What if I don't like them?" She asked.

"If you don't like them, then that's alright." He said. With the power of his horn with a dark blue aura, he picked out a book that was small and pink. He brought it towards Wild Heart and saw the image of a pink colored mare with an orange mane that was curly on the end. She had a small red flower on her head as she was holding what Wild Heart could tell was a ferret. It was titled 'Peach Fuzz'.

"I think you'll like this one. Its easy to read and is for your age." He said.

Wild Heart took the pink book as the magical aura disappeared. "Why are you showing me this?" She asked.

"You just seem like a very curious filly that might want to venture into the imaginary word of mangas." He couldn't help but chuckle to himself. "Imagine if those books came to life and just started moving. That might be quite a sight."

Wild couldn't help but smile at that thought herself. "That might be really cool. Imagine just how they might sound like."

"Hmm. It's hard to think about it, but I bet they sound really nice or cool." He said. "Now I must be off, books won't be found on their own. I hope to see you soon little one." He smiled as he turned away and started walking further down the isle. Wild looked back at the book as she opened it and started reading it. Before long, Twilight was waving her hoof in front of the brown filly as it snapped her out of her trance.

"Wild Heart. Are you okay? You've had your muzzle in that book for ten minutes." Twilight said.

"Oh, uhm, sorry. I just started reading it and I love it so much." Wild said as she hugged the book a little.

Twilight smiled a little at that. "Don't I know that feeling. You know, if you want me to, I can get that book for you. And maybe the second part since I think your gonna finish that book fast."

"R-really? You don't have to. I can just put it back." She said as she was making her way before Twilight grabbed hold of her tail lightly.

"No, I insist." Twilight said as she levitated the book out of Wild Heart's hooves and took out the second part as she walked towards the counter. "Besides, I was going to let you pick a book out on your own since I know you can get bored at home. Considering what happened last time you were alone at home."

Wild Couldn't help but look down at the floor as her ears went down at that remark.

"I-I didn't mean that to be mean. I just don't want you to get bored next time you don't have anypony to be with." Twilight quickly said as she was nervous over hurting the filly's feelings.

"No. It's okay. I'm sorry for scaring you and everypony else." Wild said.

"Their's nothing to be sorry for, Wild Heart. Nopony saw this coming and we all know that you didn't do it intentionally." Twilight said as she draped a purple hoof over the filly for comfort.

Wild Heart could only look up the unicorn before giving her a small smile.

After the small moment of Twilight paying for the three books, she made the plan of seeing Fluttershy and giving her the two new books for Wild Heart so the shy mare could take it home with her then letting Wild carry the books all day.

And it seemed it was perfect timing as Pinkie returned with a rather exhausted Rainbow Dash. "Heya Wild Heart! Are ya ready to see what we got in store?" Pinkie asked the small filly as she lightly petted her head, making the said filly giggle at the touch.

"Mhm. I can't wait to see what it is." Wild said with a adorable smile.

"Well, I guess I'll just leave you with Pinkie and Rainbow. I'll give the books to Fluttershy or just bring them to your home. Are you okay with that?" Twilight spoke as she still had the two books in her magical grasp.

"You don't have to do that Twilight." She wanted to add more before she was cut off.

"Wild Heart, it's okay. I know it wouldn't be as fun as carrying books with you all day." Twilight insisted as she placed the books on her back with the books that she bought for herself. "And don't worry. I'll make sure not a single scratch or smudge is on it. And if your interested in these types of books, I wouldn't mind if you came to the library and read other types that you might enjoy." She smiled as she wanted to do what Pinkie did, but decided that she wasn't at that level of closeness to the pony disguised human.

"Oh, okay then. Thank you so much Twilight." She smiled as she approached the unicorn mare and gave one of her front hooves a gentle hug, Twilight blushing pink at the close and affectionate contact. Twilight only waited for the filly to let go before saying her final goodbye before walking off to do what she told Wild Heart.

"So, what's this thing that you have in store that I have to be dragged into." Rainbow spoke out as she was hovering with her wings, her front hooves crossed as it seemed she wasn't in a good mood.

"Oh, come on Rainbow. I said that this would be totally fun!" Pinkie said. "But first. Rainbow, can you get a cloud for me. Something not too big, or too small, and it has to be like any other cloud."

"Why would you need a cloud?" Wild Heart asked.

"It's for the totally cool plan that I wanted to do." Pinkie said with a smile as Rainbow got Pinkie a cloud without saying a word. "Thanks Dashie! Now, to the town hall!" Pinkie said as she started bouncing away without seeing of Rainbow or Wild was following her. But she didn't need to as the filly followed right behind her while Rainbow flew above them with the cloud still in her hooves.


Wild Heart sat next to Pinkie as the pink mare had her hooves up, her tongue sticking out in concentration as she had her eyes on the white thundercloud that Rainbow was flying next to. When she moved her hooves again, she spoke. "Over to the right." She stood up as Rainbow moved the cloud as Pinkie instructed. "No no, a little to the left." Pinkie quickly said as the rainbow mare was quick to fly to the other side and go the other way with the cloud. But she was halted as Pinkie spoke again. "Oh wait, back to the right." Rainbow didn't bother going to the other side as she gripped onto the cloud and flew backwards. "Now a little leftish while staying rightly." Pinkie said as Rainbow slowly moved forward with the cloud in her hooves. "Stop." Pinkie quickly said as Rainbow let go of the cloud. Pinkie had a smile on her face before she made a small 'Hmm' with her hoof on her chin. "Maybe a few inches to the south." Pinkie said with a small bounce. Rainbow slowly brought the cloud downwards when Pinkie spoke up again. "Now a couple centimeters north." Rainbow lifted up the cloud higher, Wild Heart noticing the irritated look on Rainbow's face as it seemed she wasn't enjoying this. "Okay. One more smidgimeter to the-- "

"Pinkie Pie!" Rainbow shouted as she was now fed up with Pinkies command on where to put the cloud.

Pinkie's eyes widened before she showed an apologetic look. "Uh, I mean, perfect. Now wait for my signal." Pinkie said as she also told Wild Heart to follow her, not wanting her 'victim' to notice the filly.

Pinkie, with Wild Heart by her side, slowly went up to the town hall as she went up the stairs and looked through one of the windows. Wild Heart did the same as she spotted Spike, Twilight's number one assistant, inside who was gathering a big tower of scrolls that were in his arms. She could faintly hear the purple dragon humming a small tune. Before he turned back to start walking out, Pinkie went under the window, pulling Wild Heart down with her as to not be seen.

Wild Heart glanced at Spike walking out of the building before she saw Pinkie give the signal, it her circling her hoof in the air before pointing at the pegasus. Pinkie already explained that the signal meant for Rainbow to hit the cloud. The pegasus mare, with a small smirk, gave a powerful kick to the cloud, it making the loud sound of thunder as Spike was halfway down the small stairs.

The reaction was immediate as Spike let out a loud 'D-aah!' as he dropped the scrolls and just stood there in shock. Pinkie came up to the dragon with a small smile. Not soon after, the small dragon let out a hiccup. Then another. And two more before Pinkie started to laugh.

"Oh Rainbow Dash, we startled Spike into getting the hiccups." Pinkie explained as Wild Heart couldn't help but smile at the endeavor. Rainbow only let out a small chuckle as Spike soon let out a small laugh of his own.

"Good one, Pinkie," He let out another hiccup. "Pie." He hiccupped again. "You're always pulling a fast one," He made his third hiccup. "on me." Pinkie could only show a smile that said she was proud of herself of what Spike said. The baby dragon picked up a scroll, starting to clean up the mess until he let out another hiccup, it accidentally bursting it to flames and a small smoke that started floating away. Spike let out a small 'Nnaa--' as the three ponies knew that what he really did was send the scroll to Princess Celestia.

"Oh no, you're not hurt are you?" Pinkie asked with a concerned look on her face, Wild showing the same look while Rainbow was just looking at the dragon, most likely seeing if she could spot anything wrong with him.

"Ne--" He hiccupped. "--eh, don't be," Another hiccup was heard. "silly, dragons are," The third hiccup returned. "fire-proof."


Within the large walls of the Canterlot Castle, Celestia was reading a scroll that showed how things were coming along in Saddle Arabia. But she was snapped out of her reading as a scroll puffed in front of her and fell to the floor, the look of surprise and confusion on her face.


"Oh, okay, good." Pinkie said before looking back at Rainbow with a smile, the two knew what they were thinking about as they both started to laugh.

Spike was finally done gathering the scrolls as she let out another hiccup, it sending all the scrolls to one location. " I wish the same thing," He hiccupped. "were true with scrolls." He finished.


Back in the castle, Celestia was reading the scroll that was sent to her, the princess seeing that they were notes from her student and her recent studies about the magic of friendship. But she was snapped out of her reading once again with another 'poofing' sound as she looked up, gasping as she saw tons of scrolls as she didn't have enough time to cover herself as the scrolls rained over her.


Both Rainbow and Pinkie were still laughing as Spike was left to pick up the remaining scrolls he didn't see, only to hiccup and send them off by mistake. Wild Heart wanted to help, but didn't know what to do. Her attention was soon brought back to Pinkie as she spoke.

"Have you ever seen anything more hilarious?" Pinkie asked as she was back to laughing and rolling around in the floor.

Rainbow showed a coy smile as she answered the pink mare's question. "I can think of one thing." She then gave another kick at the thundercloud, it making another loud sound of thunder as it caught Pinkie by surprise.

"Aah!" Pinkie showed a look of fright before she started to hiccup as well. Even while hiccupping, Pinkie was laughing and had a smile on her face. This time, Wild Heart couldn't help but laugh as well.

"I didn't take you for a prankster, Pinkie Pie." Rainbow finally said as she flew off the cloud and landed in front of the party pony.

"Are you," She hiccupped. "kidding?" She hiccupped again. "I love to pull pranks. It's all," Another hiccup. "in good fun, and Pinkie Pie lo--" Fourth hiccup. "--oves to have," Fifth hiccup. "fun!" She finished with another hiccup.

"You know Pinkie Pie, you're not as annoying as I thought." Rainbow said as Pinkie let out another hiccup. "You wanna hang out?" She asked as Pinkie showed a big smile before she hiccupped again, it making her jump higher as she was stuck in the air.

"That'd be," She hiccupped as it made her go into another direction, Rainbow watching her as she wanted to know what she said. "I'd really," She hiccupped again as she was back in front of Rainbow. "When do," She hiccupped a third time as she was whizzed into a different direction. "I mean," She hiccupped a fourth time as Rainbow shook her head as she realized she wouldn't hear what Pinkie said if this kept on going. "When would you," She hiccupped once more as Rainbow placed a hoof to stop Pinkie as it was placed in her muzzle when she was halted by the cyan mare's hoof.

"A simple nod would do." Rainbow said as Pinkie did just that with a small 'Mmm-hmm.' to go with it.

"You could tag along too Wild Heart. I know Pinkie doesn't want anypony to be left out." Rainbow told the small filly as she was silent the whole time.

"Really? This is gonna be so much fun." The small filly smiled as she bounced a little with her hooves.

"Of course silly billy!" Pinkie patted Wild Heart's mane. "The more the merrier. And we could also use you for some pranks we can't pull without some little hooves."

Wild Heart only giggled at the petting as today was starting to be more fun then how it started.


After getting some supplies from the town's prank shop, Wild Heart, Pinkie, and Rainbow Dash were ready to play pranks all over Ponyville, their first targets being their close friends. But their very first target was none other then Rarity. Pinkie had a bouquet of flowers set on the welcome mat on the fashionable mare's doorstep. Rainbow handed Wild Heart a blue container with a picture of a pony sneezing. 'Sneezing powder?' She thought. 'I guess this won't hurt.' She then tilted the container over the flowers as some of the pink powder fell into the flower pedals and blended in so that the pony wouldn't see it.

Once Pinkie signaled her to stop, all three of them hid behind a bush right after Pinkie ringed the doorbell.

"Is she even home?" Rainbow asked.

"I don't know." Pinkie answered before the top half of the front door opened. "This is gonna be gold." The two mares started giggling as Wild Heart had a smile on her muzzle as she was trying her best not to laugh.

"There she is." Rainbow said as Rarity walked into view as Pinkie and Rainbow went lower into the bush to not be seen.

"Ooo." Rarity said as she took a sniff at the flowers. But her muzzle was soon out of the bouquet of flowers as some of the powder was on her nose. She took in two short breaths before she started to sneeze. Not long after, the unicorn mare heard laughter as all three of the pranking ponies came out of the bush, Rainbow holding the container of sneezing powder. But Rainbow was quick to run off, dropping the sneezing powder as a puff of pink smoke hit Pinkie and Wild Heart. Pinkie let out a sneeze that even blew her away while Wild Heart was letting out rather adorable sneezes as she tried to fight the feeling, it being hard to run off while sneezing like crazy.

Rarity only raised a brow with an all knowing smirk, seeing as it was just Pinkie and Rainbow pulling a harmless prank on her.


Their second target was going to be Twilight. It seemed that she was finished delivering the books she got for Wild Heart as she was busy working on something. Before she even started, Pinkie was quiet and quick enough to replace her black ink with invisible ink. Twilight was looking at a flask of green liquid as she levitated it close to her. After the moment of just watching the green liquid, she turned to her parchment and quill as she quickly wrote something down.

While Twilight went back to her experiment. The thing she wrote down started to vanish. She was oblivious to what happened as she was pouring the green liquid into another flask that had blue liquid inside it instead. It quickly turned purple as it started to bubble as well. That was when she turned back to see her notes, but saw it was missing. Her eyes widened with a small "Hmm?". She turned back at the flask with the bubbling liquid as she turned right back at the blank parchment, putting her hoof on the sheet to see if she was just thinking it was gone. But she jumped in surprise as the purple liquid made a weird poof sound as some purple clouds were shown before they disappeared into thin air. She then looked at her ink jar before she heard the laughter off two mares and one filly.

Outside, Rainbow was holding the jar of invisible ink. All of them were busy cracking up as Twilight was showing the same smirk that Rarity was wearing, hearing around Ponyville that Pinkie pulls pranks and for her to watch out, but it was obvious that she got pranked good for her first time.


The next target was going to be Applejack in Sweet Apple Acres. This plan seemed rather difficult, but with Rainbow and Wild Heart working together, they were able to paint all the apples in different patterns and colors before Applejack came back to working. When the farm mare went out, her eyes widened in surprise as she let out a short gasp.

"Land sakes!" Applejack shouted as her ears went down. She heard some chuckling before she saw Pinkie, Wild Heart, and Rainbow wearing berets and holding pallets with some paint left on it. They were still chuckling, but it stopped as they saw that some of their 'work' was being chucked right at them.

They were quick to run off as Applejack had a hoof full of apples in one of her hooves while the other was throwing them. One of the apples went into the barrels of water as Applejack looked inside to see that it was just paint and she could just wash it off. The farm mare started to chuckle as she showed a smile that she should've known that Pinkie wouldn't ruin her apples for a silly prank.


Their last victim was one that none of them knew since they already set up the equipment used to prank whoever was at the wrong place at the wrong time. There, so called, equipment was a toy turtle that was stuffed with fluff and a little surprise inside that would quirt water at anypony who was in front of it. Rainbow was looking through a telescope while Pinkie was holding the trigger that would quirt the water using nothing but air force. Wild Heart was only watching from the sidelines as she didn't know anypony else she could stay with since she didn't like being alone after what happened with meeting Twilight as a human for the first time.

Pinkie was bouncing in excitement as she also made the trigger squeak with every bounce. "Is someone over there? Who're we gonna squirt? Who're we gonna squirt?" Pinkie said eagerly as some small squeaks were being heard by the small ball of air in her mouth.

Rainbow chuckled as she saw a familiar butter yellow pegasus. "Fluttershy." She answered without moving away from the telescope.

Both Wild Heart and Pinkie's eyes widened in surprise, but Pinkie was the one to speak. "WHAT?" She spat out the trigger as it fell to the floor with a small squeak. "Nononononono, we can't prank Fluttershy, I mean, she's so sensitive. It'll hurt her feelings, even our most harmless prank." Pinkie added, walking closer to the blue pegasus who was still looking through the telescope.

"Yeah, you're right." She moved away from the telescope as she blew a raspberry. "Huh. We need another victim who's made of tougher stuff." She looked through the scope again to see if maybe somepony else was there that they could prank on. Their was none.

Meanwhile, both Wild Heart and Pinkie were holding a laugh as they saw a black ink circle was around one of her eyes, more specifically the eye that looked through the telescope. Earlier when they were setting up for the prank, Pinkie put some black ink around the telescope with Twilight's ink that they swapped for the invisible one.

"So, who's it gonna be?" Rainbow asked as she still hasn't noticed the circle around her eye.

"Oh," Pinkie tried to start, but she couldn't help but chuckle a little, catching the blue mare's attention. "I've got someone in mind." Pinkie continued before she started chuckling once more. "The toughest around."

"Oh, awesome. Who? Who? Do I know them?" Rainbow asked a bit eager as she still didn't notice.

Pinkie approached the lake that was close to them. Pinkie started to giggle before she pointed at the lake. "Oh, yes." Rainbow followed as she saw her reflection and now seeing that she just got pranked herself. "You're very close." She giggled once more before Rainbow started chuckling herself.

"Good one, Pinkie Pie." She continued to laugh a little as she held a hoof out for Pinkie to hoofbump. Pinkie tried to bump it, but Rainbow moved her hoof just in time for the pink mare to miss. She tried again to meet the same results before she started to laugh, Rainbow and Wild Heart joining as they completely forgot about Fluttershy who was looking at the toy turtle. She bumped it, only for the turtle's head to be at an odd angle and stayed stuck that way.


Fluttershy gently tucked Yemei into bed as the small human was in such an exhaust state that she was already asleep. The shy mare was glad that Yemei wasn't alone all day as her daughter told her. She was also glad that the small human had such a great day with Pinkie and Rainbow. They haven't been spending enough time and today was just what the three needed to connect more. She smiled as she gently brushed the human's hair as she couldn't help but think back on this morning.

'What could've killed Bill. I know none of my animal friends have. I taught them well to not hurt each other and I give them enough food to not starve them to the brink of killing another animal.' She continued thinking as she slowly walked out of the bedroom and closed the door behind her using her one of her hind-hooves. 'Well, whatever killed him, they might come back for more. I think I'll bring Daisy and the little ducklings to the lake where they'll be much safer in their own environment.' She nodded as she made her mind on doing that tomorrow. 'I hope whatever did this only likes ducks and not any of my other animal friends... or Yemei.' Fluttershy's eyes widened a little as she thought about that. 'No. I won't let anypony or anything hurt her. She's my little pup.'

The yellow mares ears went down as she hoped that what she was telling herself was true. Meanwhile, a big black shadow was flying over the cottage as it was making it's way to a house in the clouds that actually was made out of clouds.

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