• Published 17th Oct 2014
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Wolf Child - Pixel Berry

Fluttershy finds an unknown creature in the Everfree, with a kind heart, she decids to raise the creature to live among the equines. Well...secretly, I mean.

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Chapter 2: The Creature

"WHAT IS THAT!?" Rainbow Dash, a blue colored Pegasus shouted, making the creature start crying once more.

But as Fluttershy tried to stop the creature's cries, it was joined by more questions from her friends.

"Why do you have a thing like that?"

"Is it dangerous?"

"Where did you get it?"

"Does it like parties?"

"Why is it changing!?"

"We need to get rid of it!"

At that Fluttershy snapped.

"ENOUGH!" That made everypony quiet, even the creature itself.

"Just stop it!" She continued. "I know this creature seems a bit... odd. But it's just a baby."

Everypony now looked a bit interested.

"I found it in the Everfree in a basket with a letter. It only said 'To a Good Home'. Can't you see, it's an orphan."

Everypony let out a small gasp at that.

"Again, I know it looks a bit strange, but does it look dangerous?" Fluttershy brought the creature closer, everyone now seeing it's innocent face.

"Well," Rarity, a white unicorn mare, said. "It does look too young to cause any harm, and it's probably too weak to do any by the looks of it's... things." Rarity pointed one of her hooves at the creatures hands, resulting in the creature grabbing it and snuggling it.

"Oh! Who am ah kiddin'!" Applejack, an orange coated earth pony, shouted. "This thing won't even' hurt a fly!"

Pinkie Pie, the pink earth pony, nodded at that. "Yeah! And she's a real cutie!" Pinkie was in front of the creature, making silly faces to make it laugh.

"Wait, she?" Rainbow Dash questioned. "How do you know it's a she?"

"Well, its eyelashes are more around the female variety and its mane is super silky, like a little filly's." Pinkie explained.

"Well, let's not assume that." Rarity said. "Maybe later on Fluttershy can see if it's a she or a he."

"Anyways," Rainbow spoke out. "Why did it do... that?" Rainbow asked.

"Do what?" Applejack asked.

"When it changed into some wolf-thing." Rainbow said. "I never seen anything do that before."

"I'm as confused as you, Rainbow." Fluttershy admitted. "This is actually a first for me, but it won't make it any harder for me to handle."

"You're right about that." Rainbow mumbled.

"I'm just wondering, why are you four here in the first place?" Fluttershy asked, placing the creature in it's basket.

"My Pinkie-sense went off!" Pinkie said. "My hooves were super cold, and it only does that when somepony you unexpect come into someponies' life. The last time that happened, one of my three sisters were born."

"Yeah, what Pinkie said." Rainbow agreed. "She gathered all three of us and told us to meet at your house. But I'd never expect this." Rainbow hovered over to the creature, making the thing giggle.

But before anypony could say anything else, the creature just started crying randomly, scaring the rainbow-maned pegasus to the floor.

"What's wrong now?" Pinkie asked.

"Maybe it need ah bath!" Applejack assumed.

"Well it has been in the Everfree." Rarity said.

Fluttershy then picked up the creature, it still crying. Fluttershy then flew up the stairs, into the bathroom. She placed the creature on the floor and went to her bedroom.

She opened one of the closets, consisting of nothing but baby essentials. Why? Let's just say she's always prepared for newborn animals.

Fluttershy grabbed a fresh pair of diapers, foal powder, and foal oil. She then returned to the bathroom, but before she started the bath she flew back downstairs.

"I'm sorry but do you mind waiting?" Fluttershy asked.

All four of them shook there heads no.

"Thank you." She then returned to the bathroom, now filling up the tub with warm water.

As the tub filled up, Fluttershy placed the creature on the closed toilet, using it as a makeshift table. She gently removed the white nighty and just had a bare skinned creature with it's diaper. Fluttershy then took off the diaper, showing that the creature was female. Of course this didn't phase the shy mare, since she's been taking care of other animals since she moved to Ponyville.

Fluttershy then placed the creature in the tub, the water only reaching the thing's stomach. As Fluttershy lathered the soap with the rag, she watched as the creature started messing with the water, splashing both her and the yellow mare a little.

Fluttershy giggled at the creature's antics.

"Oh, would you like something to play with?" Fluttershy asked, only receiving a confused look from the creature, her head tilted to the side.

Fluttershy quickly grabbed a rubber ducky and placed it in the tub.

At first the creature just eyed it curiously, but then she tried to grab it with her hand, resulting in making a tiny wave moving the duck farther.

Fluttershy then pushed the toy closer with her wing. This time the creature grabbing it successfully.

As Fluttershy started bathing the creature, the creature herself examined the toy closer. The creature then pressed the toy deeper into the water, making air bubbled come out of the toy's beak. The creature then lifted the toy, feeling that the toy was now heavier. The creature then squeezed the toy, resulting in the toy shooting water at her face.

At first Fluttershy thought it would upset the creature, but she was surprised that it only made her giggle in enjoyment instead.


After the bath was finished, Fluttershy put on a new diaper on the creature, and placed the nighty back on.

When she finally returned downstairs, she saw that everypony was still there.

"Sorry if the bath was a bit long." Fluttershy spoke.

"Oh it was no bother to anypony here." Rarity said.

"Hey! Hey Fluttershy?" Pinkie called out.

"Y-yes?" Fluttershy said.

"What's her name, huh?" Pinkie asked.

"Her n-name?" Fluttershy asked. She knew that this creature didn't have a name; not that she knows, but she wasn't sure of what to name her. Of course it was suppose to be a mare's name, but it had to be unique for her.

"Yah, what's it's name?" Rainbow asked next.

"Are ya gunna give it a name?" Applejack asked.

"Why of course she's gonna give her a name! She found her." Pinkie said.

"W-well, how about Shy?" Fluttershy asked.

"Nah! It's too close to your name." Rainbow said.

"How about a name from somewhere else?" Rarity asked. "Some ponies have very odd names."

"Oh! I know!" Fluttershy said. "How about..."

Author's Note:

Mwahahaha! Now you will never know her name until I make the next chapter! I am truly evil! But seriously, next chapter will be cuter and a few weeks fast foreword. And maybe this creature might meet two adorable fillies.